iPad Pro What Can't you do on your iPad Pro ?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by TheRealAlex, Feb 23, 2017.

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    Yeah, it is very surprising how good RDP/Jump Desktop is on my 10.5" - runs like it is native W10 at home, in the office, and with LTE on the go with at least two bars. There is no native W10 2 in 1 that comes close to the versatility and utility I experience with the iPad Pro. I receive my 11" on Monday and expect it to be an even better experience.

    If you can imagine hooking your iPad Pro up to an external screen and using Jump Desktop with the Citrix X1 mouse, you have a proper thin client workstation in a W10 (or macOS) environment when you really need it (development work, i.e. coding, or niche/legacy programs...printing from a corporate network printer, etc.)

    For the other 95%, you get the awesomely unique iPad experience that makes this device the only tablet worth having on the market today.
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    As a laptop replacement, yes. Not as a stand alone replacement for all computing.
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    A normal day with my PERFECT iPad (11" iPad, 4G, updated iOS with proper file management)
    - On the train to the airport I check my mail and get up to date on what has been going on since I left work yesterday
    - During the 1 hour flight with no Wifi/4G I plan my day and make a to-do-list
    - By the time Im on the train from the airport to the office the morning report is in - I go trough the report, highligt issues, and take notes in OneNote (or similar) to be prepared for the morning meeting.
    - At my desk plug the iPad in to my USB-C docking and full MacOS shows up on my dual 30" monitors. The notes Ive been taking during the morning shows up in OneNote on MacOS. Continuity makes sure all work done during my travel instantly is opened in MacOS.
    - During the day I unplug the iPad, it takes me back to iOS, and bring it to meetings to take notes etc.
    - On my way home from work I finish up some presentations. On the plane home Im sick and tired of work and fire up Civilization VI and order a cold beer.

    The ability to have an iPad on iOS when in standalone-mode and MacOS when docked would make it the perfect device for me.
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    Cannot find out how or if I can replace my old MacPro with a 12.9 iPP. Standing between an epson usb2 printer , 1TB usb3 ssd storage, 2TB usb3 archive plus standard Eizo display.
    Happy with editorial power of iPP with Affinity but unsure of connect ability, file access and printing?
    Have asked on other threads to no avail. No 'cloud' solutions please; I like my storage accessible. I am unable to connect to the printer via a hub (epson and British Telecom Hub do not play together).

    Thank you.
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    Jan 31, 2010
    Wish i could do this. Notice: supports Windows, Mac, and Android

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    I bought one of those, albeit a 500GB version. I use it with my FileHub, my Windows machines, and my 8" Galaxy Tab tablet (with an OTG cable). Very nice, very small, very fast.
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    I agree. There have been times that I would have liked to be able to open documents in Pages side by side. My "workaround" for that is to use Apple's stock note app for compiling research information and Pages for developing the actual presentation. I can run those apps side by side and use drag and drop. I've also found Luma Fusion to work great for my video editing needs. I haven't trued Pixelmator yet.
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    Jan 31, 2010
    Yesterday i had a word document with some text and pictures that i wanted to copy-paste in another word document.
    To do so i had to import document number 1 in Pages and paste stuff into document number 2 in Word. This is really basic functionality missing. It’s kinda ridiculous.
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    Why didn’t you just copy the material and then open up the other document and paste it in? Both docs don’t have to be open side by side for the clipboard to remain intact...
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    In Safari I log into a financial website where I have an account. I generate a pdf statement that I can view in Safari. I cannot then save that pdf as a file, unless I send it to Goodreader or some other app. If I try to send it in iMessage, it just takes the URL, not the actual pdf. iOS hates actual files.
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    Mar 19, 2011
    Trollhättan, Sweden
    Print it. In the resulting print preview, zoom in on the preview, and it becomes a PDF. This has been available since iOS 10. Now you can skip all that and in the share sheet select the option “create PDF” and it does the same thing.
  11. canesalato, Feb 8, 2019
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    You mean opening document 1, copy a portion of text, close document 1, open document 2, paste from the clipboard, close document 2, open document 1, scroll down, find the first picture, copy it, close document 1, re-open document 2, scroll down, paste the picture, close document 2, re-open document 1, scroll down, find the second picture, copy it, close document 1, re-open document 2, scroll down, paste the picture, etc?

    Unless you need to copy a single block of material, that’s even more cumbersome than importing into Pages to use split screen with Word. In my case, i had a 15 pages document with parts I wanted to copy, followed by parts I didn’t want to copy etc. It would have taken 1 minute on a Pc or a Mac and 10 minutes on an iPad.
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    Mar 19, 2011
    Trollhättan, Sweden
    Yes, your short description said you wanted to copy some text and pictures, not that you want to copy several separate sections. But yeah, you are totally right. That is one thing on my Wishlist. Two docs open at the same time the same app instance and an upgrade from what the Files.app is today to what the Finder.app is in macOS today.
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    Mar 1, 2018
    Fire up Intellij IDEA to create some things in Java.

    Neither can I work with Python, nor I can read from CSV files with Python.

    In my case, iPad is just expensive web browser and media consumption machine.

    ssh comments are unwelcome, that is just a horrible workaround. I do not hate myself that much.
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    Jan 31, 2010
    Agree! Sorry for not explaining myself well in my initial short description. =)
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    Jul 20, 2011
    Europe (what's left of it)
    IMHO a first step would be to allow multiple apps in multiple windows (e.g. let's open Word twice or Pages twice and Safari) with overlapping windows and that combined with a quick task switcher (and not some swipe gesture).

    The next step would to increase speed with input devices equal in speed to a mouse (precision) or a keyboard (quick movement and inputs due to lack of big gestures). More and more I come to the conclusion that swiping is nice but it isn't fast nor precise enough for pro functions. And neither does the Apple pencil do its trick.
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    Leuven, Belgium
    For me, that would ruin the whole iPad experience. Multi-window was designed with a mouse in mind. Also, it works best on large screens. I'm even using my MBP 13" in full screen mode a large part of the time.

    When you look at certain PDAs in the past (thinking about the Psion 5 here), they managed to do an incredible amount of stuff despite the limitations. What Apple needs to do is to redesign certain interactions (text selection, copy-paste, files) *within* the full-screen, fingers and pencil context. Give it really powerful productivity features while keeping the paradigm. Adding windows would just turn it into a Samsung Dex, Chromebook or laptop and there's plenty of that already.
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    Jun 7, 2015
    Seattle WA
    Why would it ruin your whole iPad experience? Just because the functionality is available, you don't have to use it; you could continue to use the iPad as you do now.
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    Apr 19, 2014
    In email, how to
    1) highlight what you type
    2) insert a table
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    The Netherlands
    On an iPad I can't do Indesign, Illustrator or SolidWorks; software that I need right now. On my MacBook, I can't sketch like I can on my iPad in Procreate. I like how they complement each other and wouldn't want to do either of these tasks on the other device either.
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    Nov 2, 2013
    I love my iPad Pro. I’m typing this post right now from my 10.5” iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard. In fact, I sold my retina MacBook Pro two weeks ago and have been using iPad as my only mobile computing device. That said, there are still a ton of things that it can’t do. Here’s just a short list from just the past two weeks:

    Things that I can’t do on iPad:
    Transferring library books to my eReader (Kobo Aura H2O): This requires Adobe Digital Editions on a real PC, and requires the Kobo to be plugged in.

    Browser extensions:
    The two I use most heavily that have no analogue on iPad are OneTab, which allows you to close all open tabs and save them for later with one button, and Video Speed Controller, which allows you to speed up any video in a browser - I use this to speed up Netflix and other streaming services to 1.1x, which saves me 6 minutes every hour.

    Firmware upgrades for other devices: I have a few PowerLine Ethernet units in the house, and in the past two weeks they needed a firmware update. To do this, I have to plug them into Ethernet and run their updater. I have an Ethernet dongle for my iPad but obviously there’s no way to update the firmware from an iPad.

    Things that I can’t do on an iPad that could be fixed by app developers:
    There’s a super long list here, but I’m going to list the three most egregious examples that I encountered in just the past 48 hours. These are dead simple things and solved problems in other apps, so even though these aren’t Apple’s “fault” per se, they are still things I can do on other computers that I can’t do on iPad.

    1) My banking app (TD Bank in Canada) doesn’t support multitasking. No split screen, not even SlideOver. This is a non-starter for me because my workflow requires another app (a typical example is my budget in an Excel spreadsheet open while I’m paying bills in my banking app).

    2) Outlook for iOS doesn’t support the Files app as an attachment source. I know this is an app limitation and not an OS limitation because the regular Mail app supports it just fine.

    3) Limited extended display support. This is partly an app developer problem, and partly an iOS problem. I know this works at an app level because Jump Desktop lets you use a connected external display as a secondary display, but “real computers” (Mac, PC) have this functionality built into the operating system. Yes, this is a problem that can be overcome by developers on a per-app basis, but it’s also another example of the difference between an iOS device and a macOS or Windows device in basic functionality.

    Things I can technically do but are way more cumbersome:
    Splitting PDFs: Yes, I know about the workaround where you go to print, select the pages, pinch out on the selected pages, then use the share sheet. Not only is this is way more cumbersome than simply opening the file in Preview on a Mac and just dragging out the pages you need, but it’s also completely undiscoverable without someone telling you how to do it.

    Opening email attachments:
    I use the excellent FileBrowser app which supports basically any file type, but it’s not an ideal replacement for having file system access.

    Text selection: Selection without a pointing device is absolutely brutal. Keyboard shortcuts help a lot but they’re no substitute. Not having a pointing device in general is a huge shortcoming and would make tons of apps (Excel, Remote Desktop) much more usable.

    Excel: I didn’t put this in the previous section because while some of the Excel problems could theoretically be fixed by Microsoft (no Format Painter, no way to create Pivot Tables, limited manipulation of existing PivotTables etc.), the biggest ones - not being able to select non-contiguous cells due to no pointer support (among a host of other lack of pointer-related issues) and not being able to have more than one Excel file open at a time - are iOS problems.

    I still love my iPad Pro, and I don’t regret selling my MacBook Pro, but I would never have been able to do it if the iPad was my only computing device (I have a Windows PC at work, and a dual-boot macOS/Windows hackintosh desktop at home).

    This, I think, gets to the heart of the problem - Apple is marketing the iPad as a laptop replacement, but what they are actually doing is replacing the laptop as it was prior to 2013, when laptops used to last for less than 2 hours on battery and weren’t powerful enough to be more than a secondary computer. The problem is that for at least the past 5 years, a laptop for most people has become a primary computer, replacing desktops entirely. Apple’s marketing wants you to believe that iPad can replace your laptop the same way the laptop replaced the desktop - notice how there are no threads about “What can’t you do on a MacBook that you can do on a Mac Mini” because a laptop is basically a 1:1 replacement for a desktop. While iPad is great for what it is, it isn’t that, and Apple needs to stop marketing it that way.
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    Jul 30, 2017
    Garland, TX
    Can't do anything with a mouse (at least directly through the iOS factory stuff). The hardware would support it... but the maker doesn't... With mouse support, my 13" iPad Pro would be perfect for pretty much everything I do... Keep in mind, I'm not a professional computer user, so almost all of my is personal business and consumption and other entertainment (art work is pretty fun on the big glass iPad too)
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    Jan 21, 2019
    I recently purchased a brand-new iPP 10.5 256G on sale for $200 more than a 2018 iPad 9.7 128G. I tried the 2018 iPad 9.7 128G which was great, but the screen of the 10.5 side-by-side was slightly better, it was twice the storage, twice the RAM, and for $200 more seemed like a good deal. I also purchased an Apple Pencil, which I suspect won’t be used for much other than the very occasional signature or the rare need to mark up documents by hand. Still not sure whether I’m going to keep the Pencil.

    My previous iPad was an iPad 3 LTE, which at one time I used quite a bit for work-related tasks through remote desktop (LogMeIn). I put up with the small screen and other inconveniences because it had a 10 hour battery life, could be charged from a reasonably-sized power bank, provided connectivity wherever I had an LTE signal, and was small enough that it was easy to carry and stow. I did have an inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard which worked well with it.

    My main reason for buying a new iPad was the ability to have an ultra-portable computer which I could take around in the bag with my work laptop, so that I wasn’t tempted to do *any* personal work or browsing on my work laptop. I also have a 2008 MBP, which really needs replaced, but I didn’t want to lug around 2 laptops when traveling for work. So, I thought that perhaps the iPP could replace much of what I do on the MBP, while being small and light enough to be almost unnoticeable.

    Well, the iPad may be able to do many of the things I did on the MBP, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t insanely frustrating. The problem isn’t what you *can’t* do on the iPad, the problem is that the workflow is so poor that even many of the things that you *can* do without issue are clunky or take 2-3 times longer than they would on a laptop. This isn’t a problem which will be solved with multiple doc support, file system access, external device support, or mouse support, although I think that all of those things in some form would help. For crying out loud, even something as simple as *printing* doesn’t work as well as it does on the desktop. I can edit docs in Word or Excel, but not with any degree of complexity; I don’t need full-featured apps, but the ones which exist are so stripped down that they can hardly be considered productivity apps.

    I’ll provide some examples:

    1 — Create a small, relatively simple PowerPoint presentation using elements from another presentation. I can’t have two presentations open at once—fine. I’ll copy all the slides with elements that I need from one presentation to the one I’m working on, which takes a small amount of extra time, but nothing too onerous. Once I get the slides into the new presentation, selecting, copying, and manipulating elements between the slides quickly drives me to the edge of insanity. There is no way to select multiple elements by dragging a selector tool, though I can select all (Cmd-A from the keyboard), but I can’t then un-select the few elements that I don’t want to copy. Once the elements (in this case, multiple parts of a diagram) are in the new slide, I can’t select just those elements to reposition on the slide—again, it’s Cmd-A for all or nothing. I would have been done with this slide in less than a minute on a laptop, but I’m now 10-15 minutes invested between opening different docs, trying to select only the elements I want to copy, copying them, then trying to select only those same elements to reposition, and still not getting everything exactly where I want it on the slide. This is simple, basic productivity stuff that you can’t do [well] on the iPad, and I don’t consider it to be an app limitation—it’s a limitation of the system.

    2 — I posted a thread in the iOS Apps forum earlier today about the gymnastics involved in trying to print a Word doc with high-quality output. Again, not a problem from a laptop, but apparently impossible from an iPad.

    3 — In web pages or even Tapatalk here, since there is no system cursor, it is impossible to resize a text window despite the fact that there is plenty of screen real estate. As a result, I’m forced to type in a relatively small window and can’t see the larger part of what I’ve typed. This becomes maddening after a while. Tapatalk is worse in that the text box is small and it won’t respond to most cursor keys (i.e. if you scroll up using the keyboard, the text in the box doesn’t scroll). Using forum text entry boxes in Safari, not only can I not resize them, but text selection doesn’t work properly, often jumping across paragraphs and forcing me to select multiple sentences when I really only want to select and delete one.

    I outlined a use case above for how I was able to use an iPad 3 to enhance my productivity, but while laptops are now much lighter and have 10+ hour battery life, the iPad’s capabilities don’t appear to be much different today than they were back when I was using the iPad 3. That doesn’t even acknowledge the lost productivity and increased effort required to constantly raise your hand and arm from the keyboard to poke at various areas of the screen, whereas on a laptop everything can be done from the keyboard and nearby trackpad, while your arm or wrist remains comfortably resting.

    I may still keep the iPad Pro 10.5 because it has a size and weight advantage, a small battery life advantage, and a charging advantage since I have power banks and lots of USB-A to Lightning cables. It works just fine for much of what I do, which is web-based, email, and light document editing. The large storage capacity will permit me to essentially carry a backup of my photos and important documents (though requiring apps like Documents to do so.) For me, it is significantly more versatile than an iPhone, simply because of the larger screen real estate. However, if I had to do all of my daily work activity on an iPad, I’d be less productive by multitudes.
  23. MyopicPaideia macrumors 68000


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    Trollhättan, Sweden
    Sounds to me like you haven’t taken the time to learn the workflows or touch shortcuts. I was like that once. Lots of these things take a long time because you don’t know the best way to do them, just like learning any new OS or interface. Your presentation problem is easily solved by using multitouch to make multiple selections on the slide, for example. Hold a finger on the first selection and while
    You are holding it, tap on other elements, they will be added to the selection and then you can cut, copy and paste them grouped up just like you want.

    I’ve often used my phone for copying and pasting elements from one word doc to another, which is super convenient because the clip board is automatically shared between the devices.
  24. yellowbunny macrumors regular

    Jun 27, 2010
    I teach FCPX, obviously can’t do that. More frustratingly, I can get students to bring their files to class on usb stick and then copy to my hard drive. Very basic function missing.

    I can’t use cloud for this as I need to fatter actual files (that are sometimes Prores).

    Would love to be able to dock it with some USB ports to connect drives and also use a mouse..,
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    Jul 17, 2012
    I can't do any of the following:

    Use a mouse in Affinity Designer, the pencil is great but there are times when it gets in the way.

    Run Node so that I can use my Gulp setup to minify/lint/concatenate my CSS and JS files.

    Run Maven to compile projects.

    Run VMs for developing websites locally.

    Run a code editor, web browser, web browser dev tools on one screen.

    Manage files effectively.

    Plug in multiple external screens (this is only important if work is possible on an iPad, which in my case it isn't).

    All of the above is why my iPad Pro is mostly gathering dust on a shelf. I would buy an iPad mini with pencil to use as a notebook / sketchbook but of course Apple don't make those. There's no point in me carrying round my laptop AND a full sized tablet. So the notebook / sketchbook? My Note 9 does that job.

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