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There is NOT going to be an M2 iMac. All the rumours state the iMac is skipping M2 and going straight to M3.

I admit I will be somewhat disappointed if the upgraded iMac doesn’t come out by the end of the year. It’s long overdue.

I've seen those rumors but they seemed to align with a number of other Macs also rolling out with M3 in the Fall. In fact, they seemed to have people worrying about M3 coming too soon vs. recent M2 launches.

Now that that looks just about lost cause, you have this lone M1 Mac among a sea of M2s heading into the biggest revenue season... with expectations of the next upgrade cycle being perhaps Spring. Try to fire up some iMac revenue for the holidays or ignore it until Spring when wallets won't be nearly as opened and spending so freely? What would Apple beancounters choose? What would they want??? 💰💰💰

Apple wants to maximize holiday money. So if they want another event they need to bring something interesting. What's likely in the can now and ready? iMac upgrade, iPad Air upgrade, maybe some accessories?

I don't see M3 iMac hitting in October and then nothing else M3 until Spring. So I see the code for one more 2023 show as: if anything, then M2 iMac, else no event... followed by if M2 iMac, then probably press release it vs. having a big video show for an hour or two.

I suspect most of the remaining Lightning accessories get no show at all- just switched to USB-C as inventory of Lightning versions reach some threshold to sell out without a store losing any revenue while USB-C replacements are "on the way." While I'm quite happy to see Lightning GO, I don't think USB-C is show or newsworthy on accessories that sell in tiny fractions of volume compared to the 64,000 LB Gorilla that finally made the jump.

But we'll see. Anything can happen. Maybe they will all jump to M4 in October and be delivered in the Apple Car. ;)
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Aug 27, 2009
I at least hope there's a new iPad Air. My Air 3 is long in the tooth and now the minimum requirement for iPadOS 17, so I really need a new one.


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Apr 28, 2003
iPad updates in March / April 2024 with an M3 iMac?

I can't imagine an M3 introduction will be made with a press release so it'll be a video event. I wouldn't expect any M3 laptops before WWDC next year because of the recent 15" air and an desktop iMac isn't going to move the needle on Christmas sales.

EDIT: Oh I have a dumb / brilliant idea ... Apple loves to show off the iMac just wandering around the house fitting into peoples lives on kitchen counters / dining tables etc.

So what about this Christmas - an M2 iMac - with a battery. ;)
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Mar 24, 2007
I wonder if shaders were added to the A17 GPU (and presumably M3 GPU) for the Vision Pro. It seems an M3 Vision Pro might use shaders quite a bit for all the overlays they’re incorporating (as well as the merging of real world and virtual world). Could be a great plus for gaming on the Vision Pro as well! Hardware shaders would increase performance and likely noticeably reduce battery use. I tend to agree with those who expect the first Vision Pro to have an M3; announcing with M2 was just a placeholder to fill for an as-yet unannounced processor. Watch, they might even say they were able to boost performance by replacing the M2 with an M3 on the first model as if it wasn’t in the plans all along. It also could be they announced with an M2 in case there were problems with the M3. These processors are getting tremendously complex (though still RISC), and there’s a lot of opportunity for a design or manufacturing issue — particularly when using a brand-new silicon geometry. :)


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Apr 15, 2023
judging from the performance of the 3mn Chip in the iPhone 15 the M3 is gonna be a big let down.

No extra battery life or efficiency what so ever.

And very small gains in Geekbench.

Everyone hyped the M3 chip to be a huge increase in Performance.

WOW! cant wait for the 2nm Chip in 2026!! A whopping 10 percent increase! If that.




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Aug 23, 2011
Cylde Hill, WA
After Kuo said no M3 MacBook this year, Gurman basically walked back on his M3 October prediction in his chat with MacRumors.

I think Tim talking about the 15inch MacBook Air over and over at the iPhone event, as the best computer you can buy, clearly was to push holiday sales says no M3 this year.


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Sep 17, 2022
It's still too early to release the base M3 chip considering they released a new MacBook Air with the M2 chip a few months ago. I maybe expect an updated iPad Air or updated iPad mini. 2024 will be a massive year for Apple. M3 Macs, Vision Pro, AirPods, iPhone 16, biggest update to Apple Watch (hopefully with the squared edges), all new iPad Pros, and more accessories.


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Jan 3, 2008
It's also unclear if Apple wants to debut the M3 chip in the iMac. Given that Apple's upcoming Vision Pro is equipped with the M2 chip, another possibility is that Apple waits until after the headset launches in early 2024 to announce the M3 chip.
Vision Pro will ship with the M3. They just couldn't announce that at the same time they're launching new M2 Macs.


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
Without AI Apple is heading nowhere but a downward spiral.
AI is fun to play with but isn't really that useful right now because it so often produces inaccurate information.

Frankly I'm glad Apple is approaching AI in a careful manner. I'd much rather they wait until the technology is actually helpful and not misleading to downright dangerous.


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Jan 19, 2018

Now that Apple's annual iPhone and Apple Watch event is in the rear-view mirror, attention shifts towards what the company has planned for the remainder of the year. And based on the latest rumors, there might not be a whole lot coming, if anything.


At this point, the chances of an Apple event in October are looking quite unlikely, as supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that he does not expect Apple to release any new MacBooks or iPads between now and the end of 2023.

Kuo did not rule out new desktop Macs launching this year, so there is still a possibility of the long-awaited iMac with an M3 chip being announced with a press release on Apple's website next month, but there have not been any specific rumors suggesting this will happen. It's also unclear if Apple wants to debut the M3 chip in the iMac. Given that Apple's upcoming Vision Pro is equipped with the M2 chip, another possibility is that Apple waits until after the headset launches in early 2024 to announce the M3 chip. As for other desktop Macs, the Mac mini, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro were all already updated this year.

With the iPhone lineup, Apple Watch lineup, and AirPods Pro all updated last week, there are few if any remaining Apple products and accessories that are likely to be updated by the end of this year. A new HomePod mini, Apple TV, AirTag, and AirPods Max are expected to launch in 2024 at the earliest, the full-sized HomePod is still fairly new, and there are no rumors suggesting that new versions of the Studio Display or Pro Display XDR are imminent. Even the Beats lineup is up to date with the new Beats Studio Buds+ and Beats Studio Pro.

Apple could have some surprise announcements planned for later this year, but as of now it is looking like it could be rather quiet for the remainder of 2023.

Article Link: What Else to Expect From Apple This Year Following the iPhone Event
I suspect based on the small increase of performance on the A17, Apple won't be rushing to release anything with an M3 😏


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Jun 27, 2007
Central U.S.
Next we'll get a press release in October or November about the iPad Air getting the M2 chip and the iPad getting a spec bump as well to the A15. Early next year or Spring we'll probably see the standard AirPods with USB-C along with some more USB-C accessories for iPhone such as the MagSafe battery. We're definitely not seeing an M3 Mac until after the Vision Pro. Likely the MacBook Air in the Spring, along with the updated iMac. Then the M3 Pro, M3 Max, and M3 Ultra will be unveiled at WWDC for the MacBook Pro (Pro and Max), Mac mini (M and Pro) and Mac Studio (Max and Ultra) and go on sale later that month or early July. We might even get the M3 Extreme later next year or early 2025 in the Mac Pro as it seems like that was in the cards but was scrapped because they weren't able to make it work in time. I think going forward the iPad Pro will get the M Pro chips and the iPad Air will get the M chips, with the iPad Pro released in the summer and the iPad/iPad Air released in the autumn. Eventually they might transition the standard iPad to using an older M-series chip.

As for the cycle, I wonder if they've been shifting it on purpose to get it into alignment? Spread out the releases throughout the year? So you have:

  • January/February Vision Pro (although you would think eventually they would want that one lined up for the holidays, Probably November, perhaps after it drops in price more in the future)
  • March/April: iMac, MacBook Airs, possibly Mac mini, new Apple Watch bands and cases, new iPhone color, iPhone SE if updating that year
  • June/July: iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, possibly Mac mini if not in spring because of the M Pro chip
  • September: iPhone and Apple Watch, possibly new AirPods or HomePod if updating that year and new services
  • October/November: iPad, iPad Air, maybe have a small event or video for new services if not shown in September
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Oct 26, 2012
AI is fun to play with but isn't really that useful right now because it so often produces inaccurate information.

Frankly I'm glad Apple is approaching AI in a careful manner. I'd much rather they wait until the technology is actually helpful and not misleading to downright dangerous.
Not entirely true, it depends how you use it. It’s not a fact checking engine. I have personally used for rewriting business documentation, and assisting with code


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Jan 13, 2006
So disappointing. I've been sitting on some money to put towards an fully loaded MBP.

I miss the days when Apple would usually release new MBPs before the school year started. It made sense from a marketing point of view. These days they release stuff when the get around to it.

Tyler O'Bannon

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Nov 23, 2019
No way Apple would release the new M3 chip via press release in an iMac without a keynote...
I don’t think we’re going to see an M3 this year. It’s possible, but starting to seem further and further off.

I’m wondering if Vision Pro may actually debut M3 early next year.

If not, it’s going to be followed my M3 Macs, and that will be interesting. Since it has a separate chip for all the sensors, it’s not like the M2 is the only thing driving it, but it’s still gonna be strange months into it when it’s M2 while M3 is hitting Macs and iPad Pros.


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May 15, 2020
It wouldn’t make any sense for Apple to release Vision Pro on M2. They had to state that at the introduction, but now they should state the all new M3 in Vision Pro. It makes far more sense.

As far as the rest of the lineup, people would be pretty upset if they released the MBAs with M3 this year. Same with MBPs as both were released this year.

The only thing that would make sense is an updated iMac with M3, as it’s pretty old and they could get some holiday sales.
M3 iMac would make sense, yes, and it would not upset those who went from M1 to M2 MacBooks this year. Hate to think what the reaction of M2 15” MacBoor Air buyers would be if Apple released an M3 version in the same year.
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