Whats life like at your job?


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Jan 7, 2008
I was trying to add a poll to this, but just couldnt really think of a good way to phrase the questions.

I am curious as to what the environment is like where others work.

I work in pharma, and things for me are just completely nuts. No time for lunch, ten hour work days (12 if you count my 50 minute commute to work). A year ago it was normal for people to be working on two projects, but now it is expected that you work on 4-5 projects. Ridiculous deadlines that people pull out of their ass. Having to be "flexible", which basically means having to deal with your boss telling you to drop whatever it is your doing right than and there and doing something else. Having a day filled with three-four hours of meetings and still be expected to do the work you normally would in 8 hours....

Anyone else care to share their fun?


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Similar experience when I worked in investment banking. I eventually learned to blow off meetings and purposely kept mine to 1/2 hr where possible with around 4 other people maximum. Towards the end I was 9 to 5 with 1/2 hour lunch. It was quite refreshing and the quality of my work improved although not the quantity.

Knowlege Bomb

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Feb 14, 2008
Madison, WI
Private security sector: Day is hectic until about 5pm at which point everybody goes home. After that you're on your own finding something to occupy your time.

Being a shift supervisor, I have several projects that the others on shift with me don't have to worry about but I can usually finish my daily work load with about 2 hours of concentrated time. The rest I spend reading news, walking or "interacting" here.


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Oct 15, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
I work for a company that does mostly contract based work (at least in my bussines unit) and the government is by far our biggest customer. As such things are highly political and the market can (and does) change at the drop of a hat. For example, there was a contract we were putting in a proposal for an had been working on for over 5 years (billions already spent by the government). Then, in April last year, Secretary Gates got up to the podium and announced the contract was cancelled. *poof* there it goes...

As you can imagine that aspect makes things really interesting. You have to stay on top of your skill set and make sure you are looking out for yourself.

Currently I am working on a contract that has already been awarded as opposed to a proposal. It is a contract that is across different companies Whig makes for a hectic environment since we are all so spread out. It's ridiculously political and beaurocratic. Luckily my direct managers and co-workers are simply awesome. I absolutely love my job, even on the days it is ******.


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Dec 29, 2007
Imagine having your schedule set by throwing 10-15 darts at a monthly calendar. Oh, and if the dart happens to hit the current date, drop everything you're doing, drive home, pack a bag for a potentially indefinite period of time, and head off to the airport.

But my office is kind of cool.


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May 25, 2004
I mostly work from home so its pretty relaxed and I get to take as many bathroom breaks as I want! :rolleyes:


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Feb 6, 2010
Wow, people that can hold a civil conversation.

I teach Japanese and Technologies to elementary school students at a private independent school. I'm hoping that our school receives a grant allowing us to purchase new equipment (MacBooks and iPads, please!) I've been waiting for this for over 3 years. We're on our 3rd head of school since I started.

I'm asked to do everythingunder the sun from clearing icicles from the gutters to sewing up security issues on our server. People think that because I teach technologies I can fix any computer problem known to man. It's like asking a pediatrician to do brain surgery. I understand the concept, but I don't know how to get the results you want, because I don't have that skill set. Exploitation is at an all time high and our pay has been cut. Despite all of this I still love my job, because I love sharing my knowledge and experiences for the Japanese language and culture. I love technology, too. I just want something new and exciting to work with instead of 10-year-old PCs.


Jan 2, 2009
The Evildrome Boozerama
I work in a small law office as secretary/office assistant/alpha geek/Man Friday. It's basically maintaining LawyerBoss' schedule, keeping the files current, entering the timesheets for billing, sending out the mail, fielding the phone calls, occasionally doing some minor documents (e.g. Proof of Service by Mail) and other projects. As it's a small office, it can be difficult to get a day off. Even during my ostensible lunch break, I have to keep an eye on the door and an ear for the phone.

Still, it's a pretty nice place to work. LawyerBoss and Office Manager actually have a pretty good sense of humor and I don't have to explain the cultural references in my jokes.

I do wish she would put the office on the internet, though...


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Jul 22, 2003
Clinical Pharmacy

I work as a clinical pharmacist in internal medicine at a hospital. I love my job as the environment can be pretty fast pace. Sometimes physicians do not like it when we disagree and things can get a bit tense, but majority of the time the team works well. Its always sad when you see things that you have no control over and the medical team is not of any help. But the environment is mostly positive and very satisfying.


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Dec 27, 2002
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I work in the radiation oncology department at a hospital. The large majority of patients have cancer, although we also get patients with keloids and other non-life-threatening diseases.

Co-workers are great. Like many hospitals, the work hours are really steady. I work around 8.5 hours per day, plus another 45 minutes for lunch. I only need to work 76 hours every 2 weeks, so we have things set up so that we only need to work 9 days every 2 weeks (instead of 10 days). :cool: That extra day off is really nice to have. :)

I work overtime often, but it's paid overtime. I usually ask my hours to be put in TIL, so instead of overtime pay, the extra hours aren't recorded. Instead, my boss owes me those hours (x 1.5). That way, if I have an errand to run one day for a few hours, I can just go. :)

I teach Japanese and Technologies to elementary school students at a private independent school.
Where do you live?


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Feb 6, 2010
Location, location, location

Where am I from? I find that an interesting question coming from someone who's location is classified. I guess my location will have to be classified as well. :)


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Feb 2, 2010
Pretty cool. I'm a Business Analyst, I spend about 2.5 hours a day commuting to/from work. Office is okay, job is interesting and very busy. Currently working on 4 projects. Work about 40 hours a week. Cant complain really :cool:


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Dec 27, 2002
Location Location Location
Where am I from? I find that an interesting question coming from someone who's location is classified. I guess my location will have to be classified as well. :)
I just wanted to know where (which country, city, whatever) they taught Japanese as an elective subject, that's all. I wasn't asking for your geographic coordinates or anything.

Doesn't matter I guess. It's just Japanese.


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May 7, 2002
2 Much Infinite Loops
at my workplace, since macs can install windows, i keep getting projects/assignments which has something to do with "repairing" windows.

basically on my contract, the company can ask you to do anything (research, buy, order, repair etc.), as long as an operating system can be installed on it or as long as an operating system runs on it.

interesting on one side, really stressful on another.


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Aug 16, 2007
I do post-rehab and personal training. It's a lot of taking injured and infirm people who are at 60-80% and getting them back to 100, and a lot of the time there's a weight loss or gain component as well — not an unusual problem after a major surgery. It's a very rewarding job, but the hours tend to be long and erratic. Lots of 12 hour days and 6 workday weeks. I love the gym, my boss, my co-workers and the job, so the hours are only a minor inconvenience.


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Jun 16, 2004
I work producing statistics on conceptions, mortality (infant, maternal and general) and cancer incidence and mortality.

Flexible hours, average pay, decent amount of leave and most of the people I work with are great!

I actually really like my job!


Jan 18, 2005
I'm self employed and work from home so it's kind of dull at times. Except the one time I groped myself and had a court summons.


Dec 12, 2007
I work part time as a DJ at a small radio station. I drive ten minutes to work, and about 25% of the time I have the office to myself. They're very easy with my schedule if things come up. This job has been therapeutic for me; I used to be as shy as a fencepost but have really come out of my shell having worked here for seven years. Doesn't pay much but I have a lot of fun. I love broadcasting.

The other part time I work from a home office handling graphic and web design projects. That's cool as well because I've got my own schedule. And workflow.


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Oct 8, 2008
I'm self employed and work from home so it's kind of dull at times. Except the one time I groped myself and had a court summons.
Do you have a restraining order against yourself?

I work from home and my office mates are real animals. Rawwwrrrrrr!


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Jul 20, 2008
my job consists of spending time on the beach. tan. have convos with foreign visitors.


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Aug 24, 2009
My job as a producer can go from all to nothing and back in a split second. One minute I'm just sat smoking and socialising, next minute I'm in the studio recording, mixing or mastering. Sometimes when I'm working as an Audio engineer, there is a lot of traveling, sleeping in the day after being up all night and O/Ding on caffeine to keep awake.

And I wouldn't have it any other way, I love my job. It gives my life a roller-coster effect.


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May 31, 2006
New York
Right now, I do data entry for the Postal Service. It's a really easy job. I just sit and type for 8 hours. I don't have to talk to anyone, and I'm allowed to bring in my iPod. I've been doing my job for three years now, so at work my brain is on auto-pilot. I get to sit and listen to audiobooks, music, or podcasts for eight hours. We're closing down in May though, so I'm going to have to find another job for a few months.

This fall, I'm moving across the country to go to grad school, where I will be a TA. I still don't know all of the details, but it seems like I will be grading papers and tests.


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Dec 31, 2004
"No escape from Reality..."
I've worked in IT for over 20 years and was laid-off, yet again, last August.

I found a job at a school working with computers, but the pay is so low, and getting more and more hectic - it's not worth it anymore.

IT jobs here in the US are now a joke - the pay is low and the cap is low (before they just lay you off and hire someone for much cheaper). I was only going to get a miniscule raise (1%) over the next 2 years... :eek:

I found a part-time retail job in Aviation a month ago (working on the weekend), and absolutely love it!

They just offered me full-time matching what I make at the school, and without a doubt, I'm taking it.

No more IT/Computer jobs for me - Aviation (my life-long dream and passion) all the way!!!

Wooo, hooo!

NEVER, NEVER, give up your dreams and ALWAYS be on the watch for something better!