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iphone xs

  1. Azamato

    iPhone XS gets warm/hot

    Hey guys I bought an iPhone XS in early 2020 and I'm happy with it overall until the last couple of months. I always used a clear hard case for it so I never noticed this but one time I had an accident and the phone dropped shattering the screen. I replaced the screen but the provider said that...
  2. Sunshower

    iPhone XS iPhone XS - upgrade options for 2022

    Hi all, seeking a bit of upgrade advice! I have an iPhone XS which I'm planning to upgrade in the next few months - cracked screen and a few other issues along with battery life/speaker issues etc. I prefer a smaller phone overall and I'm not sure I need a Pro model anymore as I think an...
  3. M

    iPhone XS Water Damage

    i have been regularly washing my phone for years (iphone 7) and never have any problem by doing that, the phone often falls on hard surface and even have open crack on top right corner. (illustration photo) i recently got iphone xs from a friend, which takes much better care of his phone...
  4. ZircoBen

    iPhone 12 iPhone 12 > iPhone XS? "Quality of Life" improvements?

    Hello everyone! I upgraded from a XS to the 12 mini, and honestly I have been underwhelmed at the difference between the two phones. As I was transferring my data, I realized that I preferred a few things about the XS: The feel in hand (stainless steel, rounded) Display (color profile and...
  5. V

    iPhone XS Unknown Bluetooth connection

    I see this BT connection on my iPhone that I don’t recognize. Any idea what this may be? I recently purchased a Mac mini, is it the phone connection to the mini?
  6. sidas119

    iPhone XS iphone xs problem

    Hi , Iphone XS , phone is working and randomly shutdown and wont turn on until i place it on charge when hes turning on and again 10 minutes hes down and wont work until i plug in charge , this is started happining with old battery i was thinking this is battery problem so i replaced and its...
  7. Azamato

    Regarding iPhone XS and fast charging

    Hey guys, I used a MBP 13 from 2015 for a long time and I always charged my iPhone XS with the lightning/usb cable. It always charged pretty fast compared to when I use the USB on my PC. Now the MBP is dead and I got a M1 Macbook that only has USB C. I bought a USB C hub but when I charge the...
  8. M1Buddy

    iPhone 13 iPhone 13s are a bit overrated

    So I think this year is an easy pass to anyone who has an iPhone XS/XR or newer because ngl I believe that next year the whole lineup will have ProMotion and better batteries… I think this year for Apple was a mehh and next year will be the ground-breaking announcement. Even the iPad mini (which...
  9. J

    iPhone XS Opinion: Do you think 13 Pro is a big change from a XS?

    I've been using an iPhone XS since early 2019, and it's been a great phone. It was an incremental upgrade at the time, but the A12 has held up really well, and the revisions from the 2018 models seem to have ended up being the prerequisite for many of the later software features that would come...
  10. huge_apple_fangirl

    Third party screen issues

    I just had my cracked iPhone XS’ screen replaced by a third party repair shop. I don’t know if the guy was Apple authorized- the settings does NOT say that “Apple cannot verify this display”, but this screen has flashing issues, among other things. Does Apple refuse to service iPhones that have...
  11. N

    Strange iPhone XS display issue

    Hi everyone, please excuse my bad english, but I have noticed a strange issue with my „new“ but used XS: Is only when scrolling, when exactly this shade of gray is shifted over black background. Say the transition between gray and black. I only noticed it in this...
  12. henrikhelmers

    iPhone battery drain while sleeping

    Repeatedly, but not consistently, my phone has been draining from almost full at bedtime to almost empty in the morning. Usually it only use a little, say ~5-10%. The maximum capacity of this XS is currently 93%. Looking at foreground or background battery use I don't see anything that would...
  13. T

    iPhone XS battery life

    Dear Forum I was wondering, what your average battery life on your iPhone XS is. I mean the average active use time per day (to be seen unter settings->battery, if you switch on 10days overview) Mine doesn't go above 6hrs, which seem pretty low. The phone ist only 1 year old, it was never...
  14. M

    iPhone XS iPhone XS Touch Screen Not Working

    My just over two year old iPhone XS' touch screen is regularly becoming unresponsive. To me it seems highly coincidental with the iOS 14 update but I don't know how to be sure of that, it's just a hunch. The screen sometimes starts working again but other times not. Often it begins working again...
  15. ShawnyRHarvey

    Downgrade from iOS 14.2 Beta prior to new phone?

    Wondering if there is an easy way to downgrade from iOS 14.2 Beta on my iPhone XS prior to picking up my iPhone 12 Pro next Friday? What are the chances that Apple will add iPhone 12 devices to beta prior to October 23rd?
  16. D

    iPhone XS iPhone AppleCare+ unexpectedly extended

    While checking out the Apple Support app, I noticed something very unexpected. My wife & I both purchased iPhone XSs on 9/14/18 under the iPhone Upgrade Program. As such, AppleCare+ is included, and both had an expiration date of 9/14/20. My iPhone had serious accidental damage, so I utilized...
  17. Win7>SnowLeopard

    Other Is the S in iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, 6S, XS, XS Max Capitolized?

    Is the S in iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, 6S, XS, XS Max Capitalized? On Wikipedia it shows that after the iPhone 4S it becomes lowercased. Just wondering.
  18. T

    Iphone Xs Restart loop ONLY WHEN USED after "minor" liquid damage

    hello everyone, So last month I dipped my phone in the pool (i.e. not saltwater) for a brief moment and after that nothing happened just wanted to see that IP68 in action. After that I tried taking a video underwater of about 15 seconds long ( a week ago) . In the beginning, there was nothing...
  19. R

    iPhone XS I've been scratching my head about this issue for 2 weeks/ iPhone USB headset

    I am trying to get my older Sennheiser USB headset to work with my iPhone XS to make and take phone calls. However, I cannot get this to work. I am attaching the usb headset to apple's lightning to USB connector. The iPhone registers the product as headphones. I am able to listen to music...
  20. J

    iPhone XS Iphone XS screen went completely black during a call!!!

    How it seemed to start... I dropped my phone on it's face.. Not hard and it has a case on it to protect it. Everything was fine... I did spill a little water on it earlier that day, but shouldn't matter as it's an XS. So, after dropping it I was on a call and the screen started to flicker...