Which MBP 2018 upgrades would be worth it for me?


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Jul 18, 2011
Hey there!

I'm looking at upgrading my old MBP to one of the 2018 15" versions and am struggling to decide which upgrades would be worth the expense.

I do a variety of weird content related things on my laptop, so I'm looking to be broadly covered for these. These include:

- Editing/Exporting podcasts of 2/3 hour length, editing both the audio in Logic (4 tracks) and also the video in DaVinci/FCP (1 camera, h.264, perhaps ProRes).
- Design work, specifically app design work in Photoshop/Sketch (multiple app screens, large canvas files etc).
- Photo editing in Lightroom/Photoshop (any should be fine for this tbf).
- Editing/Exporting of 4k ProRes video, perhaps Raw in DaVinci/FCP, including lut plugins and film-look colour correction etc.

From the research I've done, it seems a lot of the upgrades come down to a few seconds here or there with exporting. That doesn't necessarily bother me, in that it'd be great to be quicker but unless we're taking a big difference it won't change my life.

What I am concerned with is any situation that would stop me working whilst I wait for a computer to load.

Back in the day I was doing a lot more video editing and the moment I'd start adding colour correction, effects etc to videos they'd slow to a crawl and require lots of rendering which meant my projects took ages to complete.

Likewise, at the moment I majority spend my time in Photoshop designing things like app screens and it's equally annoying to have documents that just judder along and interrupt my ability to get things done quickly.

My expectation is that all the new MBP's would be a big improvement, so that's what I'm most excited about.

But I'm looking to see if there are any upgrades that would make a specific and significant improvement for the day to day workflow that I have, which as I said involves loads of random tasks to do.

- It looks like there isn't a massive reason to go with the i9 over the i7 2.6 given the thermal issues, speed tests with the two seem negligible
- SSD wise I'll be using external SSD's for media storage (video files, photos, audio files etc) so it also doesn't seem that it's really worth going for >512gb here
- 16gb vs 32gb of RAM is an interesting one I don't really know enough about. My current RAM usage seems to be around 11gb-14gb in Photoshop, so I'm not quite maxing it out but it's getting there.

As I said, my priority is not being slowed down whilst I'm working. I can wait an extra 20 seconds when I'm done and exporting, but I don't want my machine to be a limitation to my speed when I'm hustling to get things done and edited.

Can someone advise on what upgrades you'd suggest please? Thanks!


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Sep 16, 2018
Dependant on your usage middle range cpu is just fine, if you plan to do these things alltogether then 32 ram is a viable option, otherwise 16 would be just as good. But generally speaking usually we got more profit of bigger internal storage... considering it’s not swappable


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Feb 20, 2009
"Can someone advise on what upgrades you'd suggest please?"

For all the things you mentioned, I'd suggest a 27" iMac for "more power".

Keep the MBP that you have now for portability when you need it.
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Oct 24, 2013
Mid range with 32gb it sounds like your work load is fairly fluid so the 32gb may come in useful when you don’t expect it. If you aren’t using FCPX for video editing then you should swap to it, it’s very optimised for the hardware and it will fly.
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