Why is my macbook doing this?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by emilyledm, Jun 14, 2018.

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    Jun 14, 2018
    Okay, so, I have a 13" 2011 macbook that I got in 2011. About a year and half ago it turned off suddenly and wouldn't reboot, I tried restarting the SMC and all the other stuff they recommend when this happens but nothing worked. Then about a year later I tried plugging it in and it turned on as soon as I plugged in the charger. The battery was at 0% and the time and date were reset to the year 2000, other than that everything was as i had left it a year previously. It worked fine for a couple weeks then turned off suddenly and wouldn't turn back on. I just got it to turn back on, I pressed and held the power button for a few seconds then when that didn't work, I plugged in the charger and it turned on by itself. Same deal, 0% battery, reset time, everything else fine. I know I should really just get a new computer, but I'm pretty poor right now and was hoping someone could at least tell me why this is happening?
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    Does the battery stay at 0% even after being plugged into the mains? Sounds like the battery could do with replacing or the charging circuit on the system board has failed.

    Have you tried going 'about this Mac' > 'System Report' > 'Power'? This might show if the battery is healthy or not.

    I'd go down the new battery route first then failing that I'd take it in to be looked at.
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    Failing battery can exhibit weird symptoms.
    I had a 2012 Macbook Air, and few years ago, even though the battery is still hovering above 80% cutoff, it started exhibiting weird symptoms like sudden shutdowns, even when the battery is still showing ~30%. Turning it back on after plugging it in to AC showed the battery to be at 0%. After minor arguments with Apple service center (they won't replace the battery, even if you want to pay for it, if it doesn't fail the battery test. They said Apple won't even allow them to order one), the lead tech finally allowed my Macbook to have its battery replaced. Now it's working fine.

    So I would go to Apple, have the battery checked, and maybe pay for new battery. It's batter than paying thousands of dollar for a new laptop, especially if this current one is still capable for the needs.

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