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May 15, 2014
The wifi calling on my iPhone 6s has already been activated and it works well on both my iPhone and iPad (wifi+Cellular). But on my MacBook Pro with High Sierra installed, it just won't work. In the "Calls From iPhone" settings it is the one that says "Use your iPhone cellular account to make and receive calls when your iPhone is near by and on Wi-Fi" and the button of "upgrade to wifi calling" is missing.

All my devices are signed in with the same Apple ID. This happened only after I freshly installed the High Sierra instead of upgrading it from previous version. I even tried to sign out and then sign in again, turn wifi calling off and on again on iPhone, and even change the password of my AID. But still the wifi calling option is not showing up on my laptop. Anyone has the same issue here? Is this a bug?

Details of my devices:
iPhone: 6s, unlocked version bought from Apple Store, iOS 11.0.3, with AT&T postpaid service (Wifi Calling is working)
iPad: 9.7" iPad Pro, Wifi+Cellular, iOS 11.0.3 (Wifi calling is working)
MacBook Pro: 15" MBP with Retina, late 2013, macOS 10.13(17A405) (Wifi Calling is NOT working)
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