Will / Have You Preorder/ed Tiger?


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Dec 30, 2001
The SimCity Deli
Personally, I like the thrill of buying it in a long line at the Apple Store.

I might get iWork then, or perhaps there'll be an Office 2005 or Adobe CS 2 to add to the purchase?


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Apr 24, 2004
i'd like to goto a local apple store.. not that they're "local" the nearest one is like 90 minutes away i think... but i couldn't get my student discount on it.. so instead i think i'll just be ordering online.. preordering.. and spending my night online ... :-/ i'd love to goto a launch party .. but oh well.. if they'd give me my student discount i'd be happy to go


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Apr 30, 2002
I'd like to wait for it to be bundled with computers but I can't wait that long to get my PowerBook. So, I guess I'll pre-order it at the online Apple store.


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Apr 18, 2004
when tiger comes out ill be gettin it with ilife 05... hehe, stil on 04, which suite me fine btw.. but ill get it online b/c thats the only way i can take advantage of the education discount. :confused:


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Mar 3, 2004
the great OKLAHOMA....
I know the day the release it for pre-order... I am clicking it. I can't wait for Tiger, and i know it is going to change the Personal Computer market... Well at least- will make finding things of mine alot easier!



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Dec 19, 2004
To everyone saying you must use your educational discount online. You all can use them in the Apple Stores themselves, I used mine last June and was able to pick up my G5 on the spot. :)


May 26, 2004
Randy's House
velocityg4 said:
To everyone saying you must use your educational discount online. You all can use them in the Apple Stores themselves, I used mine last June and was able to pick up my G5 on the spot. :)
NOT with software.


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Jun 6, 2003
Solon, OH
I don't think I'll preorder Tiger. At the launch of Panther, I waited in line at the Legacy Village Apple Store in Lyndhurst, OH for a family pack. I plan to do the exact same thing for Tiger (and beyond).


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Jan 8, 2003
I would pre-order if I trusted Tiger would be in my hands faster. It really is anyone's guess. I remember with 10.3 people started getting them from Apple a day or two early.

I am so excited about Tiger--pretty pathetic for a grown man, I know--I am going to buy it at the Apple store. I assume they will have tons of copies, so I am going to buy it there.

My experience with iLife & iWork was I pre-ordered it, but it was at the Apple store first. So I ended up buying them both on the spot before the pre-order came. Then when the delivery came, I had duplicate copies, so I sold the second set on Craig's list for a 60 dollar loss. Pretty pathetic, I say.

So I am keeping destiny in my own hands, so to speak.

I'm really looking forward to Tiger. I keep reading about a lot of work which needs to be done, so I hope Apple is taking their time. While I would love it tomorrow, I'd much rather have a solid 10.4.0 release.

Sun Baked

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May 19, 2002
I'm debating the merits of using the PC-user method of software purchases, downloading the GM off the net and burning a DVD. :rolleyes:

Otherwise, haven't made up my mind -- since the release date hasn't been announced, and there are plenty of brick and mortar stores in the area.


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Jul 4, 2004
Jacksonville, FL
I am looking forward to my school taking pre-orders at a very reduced rate like they did with Panther. I got my copy for $29. They had an Apple night at the university computer store the night it was released with pizza and soda and one of the school's first G5s for us to mess with. Wow, I really am a dork, looking forward to events like this. :D


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May 3, 2003
San Antonio,TX
Forme pre-ordering is the way to go. #1 I get the edu. discount which is at near 50% off the regular price and #2 I don't pay anything for shipping and Apple delivers it to my door the hours before it goes on sale in the stores, sometimes you'll be lucky enough to get a day before it is released. Keeping in mind, there isn't an Apple store in my city yet, but with the two previous reasons don't justify waiting in line for me. But if your into being around fellow mac geeks in your area that you've never met, i understand why one might just wait to get in-store at the launch party.


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Aug 8, 2004
Yaaarggg...I've got me Panther dog tags hangin' above me monitor right at this moment.
I'll be waitin' in line at the Chicago Apple Store like a good laddie on the release date.