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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by whartung, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Dec 29, 2014
    Two quick questions:

    1) was I not supposed to install Bootcamp setup once I made it to the Win10 desktop? I installed all the other drivers one by one, then double clicked on the Bootcamp Setup software and ran through that. And that was about when things got wonky. Few graphics glitches and such. I figured the drivers would sort themselves out when I rebooted. I found out then when I rebooted that the computer no longer recognized my keyboard (apple bluetooth) but it did still recognize the mouse (apple bluetooth).

    2) do you guys just constantly leave mac flashed GFX cards in the computer to swap between Win and OSX? I assumed that the bootcamp drivers would let me select "Reboot into OSX", which is why I tried installing them. I figured that was how everyone with the non-mac GFX cards swapped between operating systems easily - do you guys really just leave Mac cards in all the time?

    Anyway, I did the installation after removing all my Mac formatted HDs from the computer, so the only drive in there was the one I was installing to. Installation went smooth enough until keyboard wasn't recognized anymore. Now, the computer will sit on the Windows login screen for a minute, unable to get past it without a keyboard, until it shows me some weird error with a frowny face and turns off the computer.
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    I don't ever use Apple's drivers. They were always problematic for me. So instead I just install Windows and let Windows find and install the proper drivers on its own.

    For anything that Windows doesn't locate the proper driver, or if I want more recent drivers, I then visit the manufacturer for that part and download the most recent driver directly from them.

    As for start up selection (once everything is good), I always leave OS X as the default boot operating system. And then press and hold the option-key (or is it the command key) after the boot chime until the boot menu comes up. I then choose either OS X or Windows to boot.

    Stay away from boot camp for anything other than partitioning a hard drive.

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