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  1. H

    Added a SSD on my 2019 Imac and now Bootcamp won't start

    Hey everyone. I just bought a 2019 Imac (MHK23BZ/A Intel Core I3 8GB 256GB SSD Retina 4K 21,5) and I asked my friend, who's a former Apple employee to install a 500 SSD drive (Western Digital Blue) and more RAM. I'm not in the US so Apple charges 4x what he charged me, anyway... Now Bootcamp...
  2. G

    Windows arm for M1 release?

    Does anyone have a clue when we could expect a more offical arm version of Windows for the M1? It's in technical preview / insider. I wonder how long it stays in that
  3. circatee

    Minimize apps or not?

    I am trying to start to use my MacBook Air more and more; coming from Windows. And, with that, curious, do YOU minimize windows/applications (pressing the yellow icon, top left corner of the app) when you are not using them, or leave them up? Does that even make a difference to the processing...
  4. blizzforte

    iPad Pro Documents app - Images don’t open in full size, movies stutter

    A lot but not all of my images don’t open in full size although they are big and should easily fill the screen. But when opened, they are small in the middle of the screen with black borders and I have to zoom in. I tried playing some movies and while some worked other ones stuttered or didn’t...
  5. BlankStar

    Hogwarts Legacy (All platforms)

    An open world game in the Harry Potter universe. I can imagine that I'm not the only one who will be playing this game. *edit* Game got postponed to 2022...
  6. voraciousvegan

    MP 1,1-5,1 Windows on PCIe SATA SSD?

    4,1->5,1. Can I boot W10 on a PCIe 2.5" SSD if I'm just cloning my current W10 over, not a clean install (as I understand, you can't clean install over PCIe)? When I was initially installing W10 on this Mac Pro, I remember it was impossible to do thru Bootcamp, although Bootcamp drivers were...
  7. J

    MBP, Big Sur, Windows very flaky

    2019 MBP, MacOS 11.1. Using Windows via Bootcamp, getting very flaky behavior. Have run Windows and Apple System updates on Windows side. Main issue: using MBP built-in keyboard and trackpad, basic navigation is wonky. Things that should take one click take two. Contextual menu appears every...
  8. voraciousvegan

    MP 1,1-5,1 cMP: MacOS + Bootcamp off Single PCIe Card?

    Can anyone confirm if I can run 2 bootable drives (Mac + Windows separately) off a single PCIe card, if I intend to clone the Bootcamp partition before popping it in the adapter? They're plain old SATA SSD drives.
  9. B

    Will Intel and the others catch up to match M1

    Now that we know the M1 chip is giving Apple a big advantage to the Intel/windows combo. When will Intel/windows start going the Arm route? This entry level M1 is beating some of Intel/AMD’s desktop chip. When the next iteration of the M1 chip comes out for the 16mbp, i mac and mac pro, I think...
  10. G

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 5,1 Windows 10 - No audio

    Hello, I have a separate SSD in one of my drive bays which has Windows 10 installed and working on it. I followed this post to install. This was installed form a fresh windows 10 ISO via DVD. Everything seems to work fine - internet, keyboard, mouse, bluetooth connects, etc. I used brigadier...
  11. AnitaRe

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 2020 compatible with Windows 10???

    Hi I m really confused about The compatiblity of iPad Pro (2020 version) and a Windows PC. I would Like to use my iPad Pro like graphic tablet, and I m gonna use programs for graphic, animation (Adobe Illustrator, Animate, Premiere, After Effects) toon boom, and video mapping art. Is It...
  12. R

    Clone Windows Partition

    Hi, I have MBP 2009 13inch with El Capitan & Windows 10. 2 partition on 1 SSD . Now I bought another SSD and I want to clone my Windows partition to the new ssd. How can I do that?
  13. ctjack

    Lenovo legion 5i 17 inch on sale for $1050 has a lenovo legion 5i 17" for $1050 - doorbuster. i7 10750h/1660ti/16gb ram/256+1tb I have grabbed one for myself, posting here to let you know about a good deal. Also free returns for 30 days and price match afterwards for 30 days. Stackable with cashback 10% raku + paypal payment...
  14. J

    Windows 10: how to uninstall MacBook Pro Bluetooth driver completely?

    I bought a bunch of Bluetooth USB dongles (some plain Bluetooth and some WiFi+Bluetooth combos). I cannot get the Bluetooth USB dongles working because they all have the yellow triangle on Device Manager / Bluetooth / Realtek Bluetooth Adapter (or similar). The dongle manufacturers say I have to...
  15. N

    Hide Other Windows Permanently?

    Never mind
  16. J

    MacBook Pro 16" (2019) and Windows 10: alternative drivers?

    I have a new MacBook Pro 16" (2019) with a clean Windows 10 installed, Boot Camp's default drivers. And I have critical problems with WiFi driver, Bluetooth driver and Display driver. Any suggestions on where to get new versions for these drivers? Maybe even beta versions or anything I could...
  17. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 Want to install windows 8.1 on 5,1 with bootcamp

    I am trying to install 8.1 on my 5,1 Mac Pro but bootcamp won't open and I keep getting this error. I erased the whole Mac and did a fresh install of High Sierra with no avail. I want to use bootcamp and not do it without it. Does anyone have a solution to this error message? attached it the...
  18. PieTunes

    How up to date are Boot Camp drivers?

    Greetings, For those who Boot Camped, I'm curious about something. I might do it after I get my 2020 iMac delivered. How up to date does Apple maintain the drivers? If I receive my machine and start the process, are the included drivers recent and compatible with the new hardware in the...
  19. amgff84


    I have done the unthinkable. I have turned a Macbook into a full-time Windows machine. My late 2008 Macbook 13" unibody is in perfect condition with minimal wear. The max os is El Capitan and Windows 7 in bootcamp. Under Mac OS, all versions, it will freeze randomly. Sometimes once a day...
  20. A

    USB-Stick working under MacOS and Windows -> which Format? Help plz

    Hi guys, rookie to MacOS, coming from Windows. I am sittin in front of the new MBA and we bought a "SanDisk Dual Drive USB-C" 64GB from the Apple Store as well. It's got those two swivelling sides. I can't get it to work on both machines. Here's what we want to do: Put it into a...