With Apple Music at 20M Users, Spotify Hits 50M Paying Subscriber Milestone

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    MP4 AAC blows away that outdated inferior cold MP3 codec.
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    The more I use Apple Music the more I am blown away by the vastness of amazing recordings to listen to. Interesting also that I only subscribed this year after buying a pair of Bose QC35's, which I only bought because of works in my house. I think this is why Apple bought Beats - they know there is a deep connection between headphones and subs.
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    I like Spotify (especially the CONNECT feature), but the way AM integrates into Apple's ecosystem can't be beat. Siri is the real game changer on iOS that Spotify and the other competitors can't compete with.

    I have an Apple Watch and iPhone and the way you can use the watch to control the phone is awesome. When I get in my car, my phone automatically connects via Bluetooth and starts playing the last thing I listened to. If I want to hear something else, I can just tell my Watch to play another option and it is playing on my speakers without getting the phone out of my backpack. I also use the watch and Siri to control the phone at work and it comes in handy when I don't want to interact directly with the phone.

    The Apple Music app can be setup as a complication on my Apple Watch face, so if I want to interact directly with the Watch app, I hit one button. From there, I can send audio to any AirPlay device in the house.

    AM also gets Siri control on the Mac and iPad. I use this all the time.

    The AppleTV Apple Music app is the easiest to use music app I have seen on any media streaming platform. I have used Spotify, Rdio, and SiriusXM on the Roku and all of them were missing a significant number of features.

    The other issue is that Spotify does not work properly with the Nav system in my car and Apple Music works to perfection.

    While I like Spotify, I think AM is a better option for a lot of people that are ingrained in the Apple ecosystem. In fairness, I should mention that Spotify would not even be my second choice. I also subscribe to Youtube Red, so if was on Android, I would just use Google Play.

    As a side note, the subscriber base is pretty much irrelevant for my use. Spotify is much more likely to go out of business or be absorbed into another company than AM, so the typical things I would worry about from a smaller user base, don't really apply here. It is actually just the opposite when you start looking at the profits these two companies make or don't make.

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