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Apr 12, 2001

The Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple's annual five-day-long conference to announce updates to its major operating systems, services, and sometimes hardware, is five months away. At this year's conference, we expect Apple to announce iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16.


iOS is Apple's most important operating system as it runs on the iPhone and shares many features with the iPad that runs iPadOS. Every year as WWDC gets closer, speculation brews over what new features and changes the next version of iOS will include. While it is one of several operating system updates that gets announced, it's undoubtedly the most anticipated one.


With iOS 15, Apple refined the experience by adding new system-wide features, such as Live Text and Translation. iOS 15 also expanded on Do Not Disturb with Focus modes and completely redid the notification experience. iOS 15 alongside macOS Monterey also introduced SharePlay to FaceTime, allowing friends and family to watch movies, listen to music, and play games together over a call.


A year prior, with iOS 14, Apple looked to further redesign the core iOS experience by introducing completely new widgets and placing widgets on the Home Screen. iOS 14 also introduced App Library, an automatic way for iOS to categorize users' apps. iOS 14 also brought with it a smaller Siri and call banner UI and new features to the Messages app, like pinned conversations.


Looking back two years, iOS 13 introduced dark mode to iOS. It was also the year Apple officially recognized the iPad as its unique platform and introduced iPadOS. iOS 13 also included updates to Maps, Photos, Reminders, CarPlay, AR, and more.


The current design of iOS was introduced with iOS 7, which was and has remained the most significant overall redesign of the iOS experience since its introduction. While Apple has continued to refine the design and the experience of its core apps, the design language has largely remained the same.

One fan-made concept that has garnered over a million views has envisioned iOS 16 redesigning the lock screen experience while also bringing Split Screen capabilities to the iPhone. With iOS 16 around six months away, Apple's software teams are likely still firming up plans for the next update and often may look to the community for ideas and inspiration.

So, with that spirit, we want to hear from the MacRumors community on what new features and changes you'd like to see in iOS 16? Let us know down in the comments and keep up with everything we’re hearing about iOS 16 in our dedicated roundup!

Article Link: With WWDC Five Months Away, What Do You Want to See in iOS 16?
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Aug 24, 2012
Spain, Europe
In decreasing order of desirability, this are my wishes for iOS 16.
Spoiler: no, I don't need a UI redesign.

1. Software improvements to Face ID algorithms to be able to unlock the devices with face masks on.
2. Always-on notifications on Lock Screen in OLED displays.
3. A special focus on system wide stability improvements and bug fixes.
4. Being able to change icons easily without having to use shortcuts.
5. Being able to select different video quality/resolution an other settings for Screen Recording.
6. True, interactive widgets, with different buttons and stuff.
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Jan 21, 2016
Northern California
An improved keyboard. An ability to customize that mostly-unused gray space at the bottom (to move it to the top, to add frequently-used emojis or symbols or some other customization). Potentially also a number row or numbers and some symbols available as a second option on the letter keys. The keyboard just seems so behind what’s available on Android right now and I can think of several ways it could be improved.

Infinite Vortex

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Mar 6, 2015
… and app setting in the app. I've never understood why settings need to be shoved away under the especially with Apple apps.

And the ability to change the badge numbers to something other than a number. I get that the phone wants to tell me stuff and wants me to be always looking at it but seeing all those numbers is infuriating. I know I have 16,000 unread emails and knew it was always going to be when I wen't past 10,000 unread emails and well, before. I don't need to be looking at it nor should I need to drill down to each app to switch that off.


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Apr 15, 2012
When they named iPadOS they just gave the same thingn a different name. Every device always had some adjustments before already.

So stop it with the PR stuff. Enable virtual memory so we can finally work in apps and not fear an app crash once the filesize gets bigger than the RAM.
And sideloading of course.


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Jul 16, 2020
Hoping iOS 16 will be what iOS 12 was... Stability-focused...

Minimum device supported A10 except iPod touch 7

why left iPod Touch 7? As far as I know, Apple stilling selling these. Only thing this will not get update is when Apple stop selling this before WWDC…
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