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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference 2005 is quickly approaching. The upcoming conference starts on June 6th and runs until June 10th in San Francisco.

The rumor mill has been notable quiet over the past few weeks. Few detailed rumors reflecting WWDC announcements have been leaked. Traditional sources have been silent.

Perpetual tablet and intel rumors have made their way to the surface again, but little additional substance has been offered.

In some ways, there may be less expected due to recent updates across the product line. The iBook remains the only product line that is overdue for an update -- clocking in 222 days since their last update, with a historic average of 158 days.

Some Mac users have questioned the lack of WWDC speculation amongst the Mac web, and a Macintouch letter from May 19th provides some insight into the workings of Apple and the mainstream Mac Web.

In regards to the WWDC rumor question, it's a widely known "secret" that Apple pays for the silence of various Mac news web sites by having those sites advertise WWDC. They also post Apple-approved WWDC stories and, by signing contracts with Apple, guarantee they will not speculate about WWDC. The sites then get product from Apple based on the number of click-throughs they generate.

The product they get is not minor, either. Dual 2.5Gig G5's, Cinema Displays, Powerbooks, iMacs, etc., are all given out in quantity to the participating web sites.

You can see which sites are involved in this program by looking at their WWDC stories/advertising - they all have "websitename.html" so Apple can track their clickthroughs.

That being said, rumor sites have also been relatively silent.

Steve Jobs will kick off WWDC on June 6th with a keynote as usual. WWDC keynotes have not historically been webcast, and there have been no announcements or hints that things will be different this time.

As always, MacRumors will provide coverage.


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Oct 4, 2000
Nor Cal
Between the lines.... there WAS something

fredwick said:
there has to be something :rolleyes:

Reading between the lines in the article... it ends with "that said - rumor sites have been quiet"

Let's start the "What did Mac Rumors get to stay silent thread" :p


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May 28, 2002
morse said:
Lets hope there's an update to the iBooks. This seems to be the longest wait ever for an update... perhaps a redesign?

Boy, that would just about be the let down of the year. We're all sitting around holding our breaths for something... and what? Powerbook g5, 3GHz, dual core... something... anything but a modest iBook update.

Perhaps they could up the CPU's to 1.47 GHz and throw a superdrive in the top model.... stocking the next rung down with a combo drive @ $200 less. yawn.


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Apr 9, 2001
runninmac said:
Hmm i never knew apple paided sites to shut up. Im thinkin that something big is gonna happen. Or atleast i hope.

Apple does it every year. this year is no different. It was not meant to imply they were hiding something in particular... just in general.


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Apr 6, 2004
agreed . soooomthing all new has to surface - beeing apexpress2 or a redesigned / compact ibook .. soooomthing pleeeeease . we havnt had anything big and "all new" since the imac .. *sigh* :rolleyes:


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May 25, 2004
Why would Steve go a keynotes on nothing. THeir has to be nothing. If he just talks about tiger and ipod sales and demos of tiger, i will be mad. I want a new ipod, my 3g ipod battery is dying and would rather get a new color ipod.


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May 29, 2005
San Luis Obispo
I doubt a new iPod, they just came out with new specs for the 2G photos and minis... If they were planning an update so soon, why new specs?

I know something will happen... every year in the past something has (I think).


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Mar 31, 2004
It's about time they put those Freescale G4 chips into the portables.

Looking for a dual dual core PowerMac (somebody once suggested HyperMac or something like that).


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Mar 8, 2005
South Florida
Hiroshige said:
It's about time they put those Freescale G4 chips into the portables.

Looking for a dual dual core PowerMac (somebody once suggested HyperMac or something like that).

LoL, HyperMac. Is that like the PowerMac with ADD?


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Mar 8, 2005
Washington D.C
id like a ebook( low end laptop) startig at 699
17'' screen 499
iBook update
ipod photo becoming the ipod
Id liek to see soemthign new like a new product


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Dec 27, 2004
Belfast, Northern Ireland
i'd quite like to see a ibook update, as i'm thinking about buying one... but i think the previous hints at the garageband asteroid device is quite certain maybe as nothing has surfaced so far?

ipod 5th gen?? hehe! (i would love to see built in bt and wireless headphones! ) :D
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