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Apr 12, 2001

Apple made a wide range of hardware and software announcements during its WWDC keynote on Monday, introducing its long-awaited AR/VR headset Vision Pro, new Macs, iOS 17, macOS Sonoma, and much more. As always, there were many rumors leading up to the event that gave us an idea of what to expect, but not all of them were accurate.


Below, we have recapped some of the bigger hits and misses from the WWDC rumor mill.

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Article Link: WWDC 2023 Rumor Report Card: The Biggest Hits and Misses
I'm really surprised that Apple didn't push out fake leaks saying the headset would be $4000-$6000 in order to pull the iPad strategy again. I really expected it to shockingly come out at $2000 or less considering the $3000 rumor.
I think Apple did push out the fake leak by calling it xrOS. Apple was misleading people by using an internal software name. I’m glad Apple changed it to Vision OS.



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Oct 15, 2022


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Oct 8, 2020
I applaud Apple for calling it Vision Pro rather than Reality Pro.

We seem to often forget that virtual reality is heavily visual and audio based but our experience of reality goes way beyond those two senses. We have sense of proprioception, balance, location in relation to space, direction, smell, taste, temperature, humidity and so on.

What are called virtual reality head sets are mostly visual and sometimes with some audio. That’s largely it.
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