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Oct 30, 2015
Boston, MA
Apple's had many ad campaigns for many products over the years. Which advertisements are your favorite from Apple, Inc and why?

I have three favorites tied for the top spot.

1. The new iPad — This Good
This is a memorable ad for me. The narrator is saying how the screen is this good. And looking at what's being done on the iPad looking at these bright colorful turning up the vibrancy on these photos, you can see that it really is this good. The music compliments it well, the ad just really focuses on the strength and beauty of the iPad.

2. iPhone 5 — Photos Everyday
The music here is also good and it's just so tranquil which is why I like this one.

3. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus — Reveal
This ad is very sophisticated, includes a nice piece of music. It also has ocean sound effects, helping to bring out the ethereal feel to it, the imagery is crisp, squeaky clean and in high definition.


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Mar 21, 2011
Australia, Perth
I would say the the old Mac vs PC ad campaign. I remembered getting these from Itunes ages ago. I guess probably because most of them are true (at the time)
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Jun 8, 2007
This from was memorable for being so preposterous:



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Sep 7, 2014
The Apple Store
My favorite ad of all time is probably the commercials for the original iPhone. The ones where they show all of the features of the iPhone with someone talking over some soft music while holding the phone over a black background.

For my favorite Apple related video of all time, it's probably the Apple Watch reveal. The music, the intro, they way they show it off, all of it was just amazing.
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