1. M

    how can i change Mac OS Sierra's font back to Helvetica Neue

    hi everyone, Ive installed OS X Sierra on my hackintosh build. I wanted to use Yosemite but my computer does not support Yosemite. Its my first time using Sierra and I see changes (obviously) than what Yosemite had. the first thing I've noticed was the hideous looking font that looks bad on my...
  2. FlameCoder

    Downgrade to Sierra on MB Pro that shipped with High Sierra

    We bought a MacBook Pro 2017 that shipped with Sierra 10.12. Two month later bought two more MacBook Pros 2017 that shipped with High Sierra. I have a bootable USB of Sierra. Will I be able to install it on the MacBooks that shipped with High Sierra?
  3. Xbfryfd

    Can't get XFX RX480 GPU working in Mac Pro 4,1 firmware upgraded to 5,1 on macOS Sierra 10.12

    I got an XFX RX 480 Graphics card (https://www.amazon.com/XFX-RX-480P836BM-Radeon-3Displayport-PCI-Express/dp/B01KCWZ0DM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496245661&sr=8-1&keywords=xfx+rx+480+8gb), and I can't seem to get it to fully work properly. I followed this guide...
  4. P

    10.13 Wishlist (May 2017 Edition, with rules)

    Let's try something. Let's post our wishlist items for the next version of MacOS, but only one wish per post. Then 'like' the posts that you agree this will benefit all of use if we sort the thread by the most liked posts so we can see which are the most popular wishlist items. It may seem...
  5. S

    macOS Sierra 10.12 black screen after boot - no cursor - no touch bar

    Hi guys I have a MacBook Pro with touch bar running 10.12.0 I've installed team viewer, use it for 10 minutes then uninstall it using the Clean My Mac app. After restart and loading bar finish to load I get a full back (dark blue) screen with no mouse cursor, no touch bar on, nothing. I have...
  6. PowerPCME

    Disabling the integrated graphics on Xserve 2,1

    I updated this Xserve to 10.12.2 using the patcher tool, It worked successfully however the integrated graphics no longer work due to driver issues. I installed a low-profile Nvidia GT 210 and installed drivers for it and it works perfectly. The problem is the ATI x1300 which is integrated in...
  7. D

    macOS Sierra: Dymo LabelManager PnP won't work

    Hi all! We use macOS Sierra, 10.12.1 with Dymo LabelManager PnP. It won't work printing out. Until 10.10.5 (Yosemite) it works fine. The following Dymo Software is used: - Dymo Label - Dymo Label Light Neither will work. It is impossible to add Dymo LabelManager PnP at...
  8. miggyyusay

    Reduce motion auto Log Out 10.12 & 10.12.1

    Been doing OK with Sierra on my 13 inch Macbook Pro 2011 (SSD and 8GB RAM). I love the new Reduce motion feature but after 20 minutes of using in fullscreen apps, I am presented with a black screen and logged out. This happens when i move my cursor to unhide the menu bar. I tested this many...
  9. M

    Sierra Memory Usage

    Since the upgrade, I've noticed macOS doesn't like to give up memory as easily. I currently have 32 GB of RAM installed, only have Safari (one tab), Activity Monitor, and 2 very lightweight non-leaky menu bar apps open, aside from system daemons and such but it shows that I'm using 14 GB of 32...
  10. C

    Sierra Broke Clock

    Hello, all! Searched everywhere for a solution and found nothing. Before Sierra my clock in OS X worked great... I.e. it told me the time and was never wrong. And I am literally just talking about the clock at the top right of the screen, the basic OS X clock. Anyway, whenever I wake my 2015...
  11. MacInTO

    Aperture - can't access metadata screen after Sierra update

    This is super annoying. When I go into full screen mode, Aperture stops and I have to force quit. Should I be reporting this to Apple? If so, how? [EDIT] This thread is now located here, https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/macos-10-12-sierra-post-bugs-and-fixes-here.1991731/page-6#post-23554718
  12. rubendepedro

    ionodecache CPU >100% and fans boosting

    Hi I upgrade from El Capitan to Sierra yesterday, and now I have a process called 'ionodecache' consuming more than 100% CPU usage since then. I thought it was indexing/caching something, but after 24h it continue very high on CPU usage and the fans are boosting non-stop all the time. Googling...
  13. D

    Sierra 10.12 Boot Camp ONLY supports windows 10

    In the Beta release 10.12, Sierra Boot Camp Assistant does not allow creation of Boot Camp partitions with any version of Windows older than v10. This contravenes many Apple advice pages on the internet such as: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201457 Use Windows 8.1 on your Mac with Boot...
  14. A

    Safari stops working

    Since first beta of macOS Sierra Safari stops working after some time. First everything is ok but after some time safari stops loading sites, hangs, ... Do you have the same problem?
  15. nick19

    Time Machine/Synology NAS

    Does anyone have Time Machine successfully backing up to a Synology NAS? I have a Synology NAS running DSM 6.0.1-7393 but Time Machine fails with the following error: The necessary capabilities are not fully supported on the selected network backup disk.
  16. S

    Mission Control in macOS Sierra

    So I just installed the dev preview on my MacBook, and I noticed that Mission Control now responds to where your fingers are on the trackpad when you activate it with a 3-finger swipe! If you don't know what I'm talking about, remember how in OS X Mountain Lion and Lion when you spread your...
  17. A

    Needed Improvements:

    Here is my list: App Stores (Mac App Store, iTunes Music & Movie Store, iBooks Store) Optional larger font size - please! Contacts: Larger font size options. Currently the fonts are so small many adult students have to switch glasses when they use Contacts. Custom Fields - Not having this...
  18. Shawzborne

    [Disk Utility] Apple Sparse Disk Image Mounted?

    Hi Everyone, What is this? I currently have no DMGs or any other devices mounted. Thank-you, Shawn
  19. geoff-codes

    What on earth is a .xip file?

    Hopefully I'm not breaking NDA here, but the Xcode 8 beta is being distributed as a "xip" file. Was this mentioned anywhere today? Or has this file format been around for a while, and I just missed it somehow? Interestingly, the 10.11 Archive Utility.app already knows about this file type...
  20. justinthesommer

    What Will OS X 10.12 Be Called?

    WWDC 2016 is coming up fast and that means the latest Mac operating system will be release. What do you think OS X 10.12 will be called?