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15" macbook pro

  1. rymack

    Help with deciding on a 15" MacBook Pro?

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry about another "which one should I buy" thread, but I am in need of some advice. I am trying to decide between: a base 15" MacBook Pro with upgraded RAM (32gb) and upgraded SSD (1tb) the higher-end 15" MacBook Pro with upgraded RAM (32gb) and the base 512gb SSD I need...
  2. Lukasrico

    Are more cores better for producing music?

    Im debating on whether to get the new 15 inch MacPro or the 13 inch. Im looking for the best processor, for when I'm producing music, but im not sure whether quad core or 6 core is better for producing on Logic Pro. Any ideas? Thanks :)
  3. G

    Fix 2013 13" Macbook pro vs Keep 2017 15" Macbook Pro

    Hi Guys, Im in a dilemma. Need your wonderful advice. I have a 2013 macbook pro, with 773 cycle count and my smart roommate decided to clean my screen while i was away with lysol and destroyed the screen. Apple said screen assembly + new battery would run me around 800 USD. (500ish for screen...
  4. S

    Will this MacBook do good? Is a dead pixel important?

    Hello. How good is this MacBook for studies, surfing the web, listening to music and maybe editing a video or two? (Low quality videos). Specs down below. I really want the MacBook to last a few years. MacBook Pro Retina, 2013. 8 GB Ram Intel Grapichs 4000 and Nvdia GeForce 650m Intel Core...
  5. D

    MacBook Pro 15" - 2015 vs 2016

    Hello, I have a hard time deciding between the 15-inch MacBook Pro, 2015 versus 2016 (base models). Recently my 15-inch 2011 MacBook Pro drew its last breath. It served me well for all these years, but unable to repair it myself and the repair cost being more than € 1200, I decided it would be...
  6. S

    Touchbar Macbook Pro & Java

    Hey everyone, I know that this might be a silly question, but I am wondering about putting Java on my new Macbook Pro 15" with touch bar as I occasionally like to play a game that requires it. I am just concerned about Java possibly harming my computer in someway or not being safe. If it is...
  7. martieda

    Can I edit 4K video with this MacBook Pro?

    Hello, I recently bought a 2015 MacBook Pro 15-inch four cores with Intel Iris Pro GPU at 2.5ghz (it doesn't have a dedicated gpu) can anyone tell me is this Mac is enough for video editing? What about 4K video? Thank you very much.
  8. J

    Dave Lee (Dave2D) review of loaded 15" MB

    Dave2D has his review up. He is a 2015 15" rMBP owner, student, and reviewer.
  9. D

    Best new MBP for video editing

    Hi, so i'm a bit torn between the new 15 inch MBP with 2.6ghz and the 2.9ghz.. i will certainly get the radeon pro 460 option but i'm wondering if the 2.9ghz processor is really that much faster and better than the 2.6 for 4k video editing. so what should i do?
  10. TasheRAWR

    Tote style bag for the 15"

    Hey everyone! :D I live in the UK and recently purchased a 15" Retina MacBook Pro 2015. :) I've tried looking at different brands, eBay, forums, etc. Unfortunately I can not find a brand that sells a tote styled laptop bag that either doesn't cost the same in shipping or the company sadly...