1. L

    1password vs lastpass

    I have been using lastpass for several years (free!) but recently having bought a MacBook Air, I find the lastpass app lacking. So I tried 1password, migrated my passwords and I kinda like it. But it costs, about 40 euro compared to Lastpass. I use both windows pc's, iPad, iPhone, Macbook etc so...
  2. blackxacto

    1Password users, why a red lock?

    To use 1P I must enter my 1P "master password" most times I want to use 1P. After my computer runs continuously all afternoon, working at home, if I choose the 1P icon in my menubar and enter my 1P password, I get the 1P RED LOCK and the password blank shakes. It's the same 1P Master password I...
  3. philpalmiero

    General Third Party Password Managers

    I am totally naive about password managers. I am not sure why anyone would have a third party password manager, especially when using iOS 12. Can you guys please explain why I would want to subscribe to 1Password when using iOS 12? Thanks.
  4. Jay-Jacob

    Exporting Passwords

    Hi. I can’t quite find info about this online. I have standalone 1Password on iOS device. I want try out Enpass on desktop cos it free and they seem quite good. Problem is exporting data I need desktop 1Password. 1Password trial website day unlimited use for 30 days but it ask email if I want...
  5. W

    Local Password Management App With Multiple Databases

    This should be an easy question to answer, or so I thought... I can't find anything good. Except keepass which is not really made for mac (and I don't even know how to install). I realize there is a "macpass" on github, but I'm not sure how secure that is as it seems to be maintained by a single...
  6. CoastalOR

    1Password will not launch without latest update

    1Password would not launch on our 3 Macs this morning. I got this error: Agilebits knows about the problem and 1Password 6.5.5 has to be downloaded and installed. Here is a link to information about the error that includes a link to download 1Password 6.5.5...
  7. theredensign

    iCloud Keychain VS 1Password

    Hi all, Many thanks for reading my message. Firstly, after reading a great deal on this forum and asking many questions, my first ever MacBook Pro arrived today. Safe to safe I'm very happy with my purchase! I read a few days ago that 1Password was a good password manager which could also...
  8. ClaveMan

    1Password for Family (Rental Required)?

    I have been using 1Password for 5 years. With DropBox sync from my Mac to my iPhone, it is as close to password vault bliss as you can get (AFAIK).. As I have done many times, I replaced my old iPhone with another. As always, I logged into DropBox iOS and then fired up 1Password for iOS. I...
  9. ivantwilliams

    Uninstalling an Application

    The other day I was testing 1Password, the new 'Family' option. I installed 1Password 6, and it was working fine. I then went to uninstall it, for the purpose of reinstalling it later. There were a few issues with the app missing a sync field. In doing so, when I'd try to reinstall it, or...
  10. Huntn

    1Password How To's

    Giving this program 1Password, a cross-platform password manager a try, thought I'd post some helpful links, and use the thread as a basis for asking questions to those knowledgeable. Questions to come. ;) 1Password How To’s __________________________________ Updates * 30 Jan- Added linke...
  11. M

    1Password (moving data to another Mac).

    Due to being away from home for a while, I would like to move my 1Password data from my iMac to my MBP to take with me, as the iMac will be going into storage. Not too keen on using iCloud or DropBox, so can anyone suggest another way to do this? The only other method I can think of is...