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  1. Alvin777

    Will Non-Apple Earbuds Get Damaged if Used on an iPhone SE?

    Hi Mac friends. I plan to swap (pray she says yes, I'll pay for both deliveries on my side and hers) my 'Like New' condition, rose gold iPhone SE (2016, 16GB) which I just bought from a Craigslist type (but she has 5 star reviews) shopping platform... plan to swap it with her 'Like New' gold...
  2. S

    MacOS 12.3 Bricking 2016 MacBook Pro

    I have a 2016 MacBook Pro that has had its logic board replaced in 2019. I attempted the macOS 12.3 update and got into the looping recovery mode cycle error. This is, every single time the computer restarts, turns on, etc… it force starts recovery mode. I have attempted disk utility first aid...
  3. marianodaniel

    Can anyone help me setup the best El Cap 2016 Macbook 12 possible?

    I've looked around the forums and found some tips, but I would like your help to put together a cool guideline to setup a kinda old computer, with a (now) very old OS. I know, security issues and all, but the reality is that I prefer to keep the highest internet hygiene possible, but not...
  4. K

    Is Catalina stable now?

    I have a 2016 MBP 13 with 16gb of ram. Is Catalina a stable now to upgrade? I am concerned that it slows down my Mac.
  5. Sverkel

    MacBook Pro 2016 USB problem

    Hello. 7 days ago I shut down my 2016 MacBook Pro with the touchbar, because I was going on a trip with my company. Today i'm back home and wan't to turn on my MacBook Pro again. The machine boots up as usual but when I plug in my charger or any other USB-C/Thunderbolt device it does nothing...
  6. W

    Update on my used MacBook Pro 13 2016

    Hi everyone! so I posted a thread about a used MacBook Pro 13 inch 2016 that I bought like a month ago, I been using it since then while still having available my previous one a 2015 13 inch MacBook Pro, my main concern was and still is the keyboard issues but more importantly the flex gate...
  7. SourceSunTom

    Macbook Pro Flexgate discussion [Merged]

    My 2016 macbook pro with Touch Bar that i owned since it was release, started a its "flexgate" issue a week ago. Flexgate appears to be an issue caused by very fragile lcd flex cables. The LCD itself is fine, i never dented it or forced on the screen while opening it or anything... Problem is...
  8. AjTee

    Plastic cover for MacBook Pro 2017 - question

    Hello, I would like to buy Tucano Plastic Cover for my MacBook 2017. I have found nice promo on our local shop, but on the website in title is: For MacBook Pro 2016 In my opinion both Mac's tase same dimensions. Will it fit?
  9. K

    MacBook Pro 2016 since its launch?

    Is there anyone with a MacBook Pro 2016 that has not had or has minimal problems after 2 years since its launch? I ask this since some people see these MBPs with shorter lifespan. Thanks
  10. Fun.gus

    Retrofitting MacBook 12" 2015 with 2016/2017 parts?

    Hi All, I may soon start to look into replacing the battery+case on a recently well priced 2015 rMB that I purchased for my SO. I know that the batteries in the 2015 are not the greatest so that got me thinking... can I buy a newer models battery+case online and replace this model's one? I...
  11. N

    MacBook Air (2017) vs MacBook (2016/17)

    Hi guys. I have a problem. I cannot decide which one to buy. I'm looking for a used mac up to $800. For that price I can buy used MacBook Air 2017 on craigslist, or sometimes even new (BestBuy discounts) or MacBook from 2016 or sometimes 2017. In most cases MB is around $100 more expensive than...
  12. bobsybob

    Would it be wise to get a USB-C compatible Monitor for MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016)??

    Hi, I need to buy an external monitor for my MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016). I will be using it for graphic and web design mainly. I was looking at the 34" curved wide screen options online. Can anyone steer me in the right direction on whether I should go for a monitor with a USB-C connection...
  13. L

    how do we prevent keyboard failure of the 2016/2017 mbps

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering what measures can be taken to prevent failure of the butterfly keys of the newer version macbooks and macbook pros. I wanted to know how long you've maintained your macbook/macbook pro keyboard and what you've done to maintain it! For those of you who have...
  14. Soccer5se

    Macbook Pro 15 Touch Bar 2016 vs 2017

    I am looking to upgrade my 2012 MacBook pro. In Korea the Macs are super expensive. However, a 2016 model with 516GB SD just popped up in the refurbished section. It's about $600 cheaper than a 2017 model. Is it worth it? How much of a difference are the 2016 models vs 2017? The most power...
  15. Dj64Mk7

    Cannot Install Windows Due to Error

    Hi. I have previously installed Windows, but I had to erase the partition because it wasn't booting. Then I went to reinstall Windows today, and the installer told me my product key was not valid. So I selected "I don't have a product key, and it gave me an error something about partitions and...
  16. J

    Conclusion of Keyboard Issue (MacBook Pro with Touch Bar)

    I've been had this issue since last year, I write down my conclusion about this issue. I tested 10 different 15' 2016 model, and 2 different 2017 15' Model. I personally had a connection with Engineer Team through Agency in Apple. This thread is for helping people who are struggling with this...
  17. N

    My MacBook Pro 2016 story (keyboard issues)

    Being a happy MBP owner since the very first generation, I bought the MacBook Pro 2016 (15" with Touch Bar) back in May. Immediately after unboxing I noticed issues with the spacebar that didn't register clicks uniformly — especially right side of the key was spongy and didn't behave...
  18. T

    MacBook Pro 2017 vs 2016

    Hello guys, I bought a new MacBook Pro 13.3" this weak. But I discovered that the device is an 2016 Model and is neither Early nor Mid 2017 Model. In other words, my device comes with the older Intel processors with integrated Intel Iris 550 Graphics Card. Whereas the new Model of 2017 comes...
  19. dieterdreist

    MS Excel looses connection to network share

    Hello everybody, I am experiencing some strange issues with MS Excel for Mac (both versions, 2011 and 2016, local full business version, not office 365 subscription) on OS-X 10.11 El Capitan, MBP 2014, when accessing a network share on a Synology NAS via CIFS. At first it works and I can open...
  20. Dj64Mk7

    Cannot use LG 27UD68 at 60Hz with 2016 15" MacBook Pro

    I have an LG 27UD68 that I cannot use at 60Hz with my brand new 2016 MacBook Pro. I have the discrete graphics, and my Mac is running the latest macOS. I don't know what to do; the issue is really bothering me.