My MacBook Pro 2016 story (keyboard issues)

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    Being a happy MBP owner since the very first generation, I bought the MacBook Pro 2016 (15" with Touch Bar) back in May. Immediately after unboxing I noticed issues with the spacebar that didn't register clicks uniformly — especially right side of the key was spongy and didn't behave accordingly. To prove my case in the shop, I made following video demonstrating the issue. They admitted to the issue and offered me a swap. Swapped it to a brand new model. Same issue. Tried a re-swap; 3rd unit seemed fine out of the box. Finally!

    A few months went by since I was very busy with CS exams and whatnot until recently, but more and more of the keys started to feel sticky and didn't register. The "." key also started to double click as I've read many others complain about.

    Before going on: I live in Denmark and we don't have any official Apple (Genuine) shops. Electronic stores can apply to be "official Apple resellers" and when you get problems you get referred to an Apple authorised service center that does the repairs per Apple's official guidelines.

    I visited the place of purchase and explained my story. I wouldn't expect a $3000+ machine to have this many keyboard issues. I got asked to visit an Apple service center and get it repaired. As I've read several places repairs doesn't seem to be a lasting solution as it appears to be a design flaw. I requested to speak to a technician since I was curious how they would fix a seemingly unresolvable, reoccurring problem. He told me Apple's official guidelines were to replace the entire top part of the computer (that includes a full swap of the keyboard). After a brief chat about the general keyboard issues that seems to be with their new butterfly mechanism (Apple has even written this article on how to avoid sticky keys by cleaning with compressed air), the technician told me that he didn't expect the repair procedure to work. Yes—I just got told by an official Apple authorised service technician that the repair (top part swap) probably won't fix the problem and it will remain a issue until Apple directly admits to the mistake and swaps out the machine to a redesigned, functioning model in a programme. The onlyguideline they follow at the moment is to swap the top part endlessly until it works — Apple certified.

    So here I am - unable to demand a refund nor having any outlooks to a functioning keyboard on my $3000+ MacBook Pro—going through repairs or not. Very frustrating when coding for a living is what I do!

    I can only hope this thread can make some noise and make it clear to Apple that they need to act on this issue. I would love to hear from as many fellow MacBook Pro 2016/2017 users as possible that also has similar keyboard issues.

    TL;DR — After two swaps I seem to be stuck with a MacBook Pro 2016 (Touch Bar) with reoccuring keyboard issues. I got told by an Apple approved technician repairs won't be a lasting solution. Do you also have problems with your MacBook Pro 2016/2017?
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    At least check the post before copy-pasting it on various platforms to garner public attention. Subreddit.. tells me you have the same text there as well, first, and then began looking for avenues to post the same.

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    My "b" key double types sometimes. Quite annoying.
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    I've posted this topic on the two most common platforms to discuss MacBook on the internet because I feel this issue needs even further attention so I cannot see what the problem should be.

    Thanks for your concern, though.
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    This issue needs attention, true. All I was saying was to make requisite changes so it doesn't come out so obvious copy-paste.
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    Macbook 13" 2016 and Macbook 15" 2017 - no issues what so ever.
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    How does the two compare? It's hard to find any hard evidence they should've improved the keyboards in the pro line from 2016 to 2017. Any noticeable difference in usage?

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