1. P

    Will 2016 Macbook run El Capitan OSX 11.11

    Can you help me please? Will a 2016 Macbook run El Capitan? I have two programs that I need to use daily that don't run on Sierra. If it will work, how can I install El Capitan?
  2. Z

    Male Audio Jack to Female Lighting?

    Hello, I am waiting for my new MacBook Pro Late 2016 and for a few days now I am searching for the opposite adapter that came with my iPhone7, a 3,5mm male audio jack to female lighting. I never use my EarPods with my iPhone, although i like using headphones with my laptop. Because EarPods'...
  3. F

    2016 tMBP dGPU automatic switching and Apps

    Hi everyone, I have 2016 tMBP 15" 2.9 / 16G / 1TB / 460, and I have been using it for around 4 days. Unlikely most here, I have no problems with my battery life. I'm getting 7-10 hours as long as integrated graphics are kept on. Given this is my first Mac, I am quite impressed coming from 1-3...
  4. areskins

    A Macbook Pro for a Med Student

    Hey guys I just wanna know your opinion on which macbook to buy. I'm currently a med student in asia and would use my macbook for internet browsing, paper works, once or twice a year video editing for school projects, and ocassional gaming during semester breaks (love dem tycoon/sim games)...
  5. sebbbbb

    Macbook PRO 2016 External BOOTCAMP

    Hello, I have tried a lot of things but i don't seems to find the way to install windows with bootcamp assistant on a external SSD anyone with any tips for me ? Here's the most useful link I found but can't seems to get the 1st step right ! Thanks a lot
  6. PineAppleMac

    Dec 28th - Jan 5th MBP Deliveries

    I am sure there are some of us, who are waiting for their deliveries in this window. Let's place our configurations, status orders, and general discussion, while we are waiting for our shipments. Ordered: 28th November Expected delivery date: 28th Dec - 5th Jan Configuration: 15" MBP Touch Bar...
  7. JMac1996

    [Sleepmode] Is there a way to (completely) Shutdown the new Mcbook Pro by closing the lid?

    Hey Guys, ;) so as you can read I am interested if there is a way to shutdown the new Macbook Pro's 2016 by jsut closing the lid. Are there Apps, which allow this kind of actions? o_O Also I would like to get some more information about the stock sleep mode from Apple. When I close my...
  8. Antairez

    For anyone looking for USB-C dongles for office, I present you this

    Dell DA200, USB3.0 + Ethernet + VGA + HDMI 4 in 1. This dongle was made for XPS and is perfect for the macbook. With genuine Apple adapters they could easily cost over $100. The dell small and compact. One Amazon review confirmed that this works perfectly with 2016 MBP models. Great choice for...
  9. goldenfirered136

    MacBook Pro 15" (Late 2016) login issue

    When I try logging on to my MBP, I am presented with the login page where you see all the available profiles. When I click my profile, the screen suddenly slows down and fades to the next password page. Once there, I am unable to input my password, I can do nothing but either click the restart...
  10. Q

    Late 2016 TB MacBook Pro 15" Speaker Crackling

    Hi, I wonder if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue to myself, I just received my new MacBook Pro a couple of days ago and upon testing the speakers out the right speaker has awful muffled cracking sound when any type of audio is played above 70% volume. Its most apparent when playing...
  11. K

    Does anyone have one of the Batman Arkham games?

    How does it run on the 2016 MacBook Pro? I would appreciate input from owners of both the 13 and 15 inch. just curious how it runs. Also if you weren't aware, the game is Mac compatible and is in the App Store.
  12. Reflexiste

    Poll: Do you have Graphic Card Issue on New 2016 15" ?

    Thank you for sharing your opinion on your MBP 15" to identify the issue of the Graphic Card 2016.
  13. ckeck

    Trackpad / Touchpad issue on my 2016 15" MBP

    Curious to see if this is an isolated issue or something anyone else has experienced. And hoping it's software since I was lucky to pick up the $3499 configuration at a store yesterday, well ahead of the 4 week estimate with my online order. For reference, I also picked up a non-touch 13" MBP...
  14. thinkcatgame

    MacBook Pro with an updated Touch Bar(Screen)

    how about this design for the new MacBook Pro?
  15. R

    2016 15" Macbook Pro with Iris 580? Confused.

    Can anyone explain why this demo unit in an Apple store shows that it has an Iris Pro 580 and a Radeon Pro 550? See attached screen shot.
  16. R

    13" 2016 MBP runs hot

    First-time poster, long-time lurker. I picked up a 13" 2016 MBP with touch bar this morning and I'm finding it runs much hotter than I expected. It's maxed out with an i7 3.3 GHz CPU. The fans don't spin up often—in fact, they've only been audible when playing Civ 6—but the keyboard has been...
  17. D

    Triple Monitor with 13" 2016 MBP

    Hey there, I am currently running a triple 1440p Setup with my 15" rMBP. I am considering to sell the MBP and get a new 13" Model because I want something smaller and the compute power would be enough for me. However, will the 13" run the 3x 1440p Monitors. One post from yesterday stated...
  18. R

    Another help me choose post - 2016 MBP

    Hello all, I figured since the reviews and benchmarks that came out yesterday didn't help me make my decision as much as I had hoped, that I would ask the people of this forum for some advice. I currently have a 2012 13" rMBP with 2.5 i5, 8GB ram, and 256 ssd. It runs well still for basic...
  19. J

    13'' MacBook Pro Non-Touch Bar Configuration Options for Programmer

    Hi everyone, I am studying computer science in college next year, and I have decided to purchase a 2016 13'' MacBook Pro without the touch bar. I personally don't care for the touch bar, and I have decided the 2.9 GHz processor isn't worth it for me. I do however have a question about the...
  20. Reflexiste

    The Best USB C Dongles

    Hello, I would make this post with your best USB-C Dongles for MBP 2016. Thank you for your participation.