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apple silicon

  1. T

    Is M1 iMac faster than MacBook Pro 15 2017 (base model)?

    I would really like to buy Apple Display (the cheaper one, currently in development according to Mark Gurman) and MacBook Pro 16 M1X. But currently both are not yet released. So I am considering (in the meantime) to buy M1 iMac to replace my 2017 15 inch MacBook Pro. I am going to use it for...
  2. C

    Opinion on MacBook Pro Apple Silicon & Intel (x64)

    Hi, I would like your opinion about getting a new Mac. I already have a 2014 15" MacBook Pro (Core i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD). I also have a 2017 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (8GB, Core i5, 512GB SSD). Battery of both Macs are still good and 15" MacBook is still very responsive even with my...
  3. ocanalix

    2022 MacBook lineup

    Made this just for fun based on rumours and some speculation (although need help adding the right specs)…
  4. S

    Chrome keeps reverting from 'arm64' to 'x86_64 translated' on M1 MacBook Pro

    Im having a weird issue with Google Chrome on a new M1 MacBook Pro, what is happening is I have downloaded and installed the ARM version of Chrome from Google website and it installs as 'arm64', after some time for some reason Chrome reverts to 'x86_64 translated' and I can tell because the...
  5. mariogt

    PikoPixelM1 (pixel art app) M1/Intel Universal Binary

    Hi to all, I have ported the original PikoPixel App to an Apple Silicon/Intel Universal Binary ABOUT PikoPixelM1 PikoPixelM1 is a modernization effort to make the original PikoPixel Apple Silicon/M1/Intel Universal Binary compliant. Also to make possible his future development on Apple's...
  6. frustum

    GravityMark GPU Benchmark

    GravityMark is a free cross-platform and cross-API GPU benchmark with native support of Metal and Apple silicone. Check the stability of your systems and compare the performance of different platforms by drawing an enormous amount of asteroids.
  7. hkjazz

    M1 with OWC thunderbolt 4 hub

    I’m using OWC Thunderbolt 4 Hub with MacBook Air M1. I installed OWC Dock Ejector. When I boot Mac with OWC hub attach, Apple SuperDrive does not work. But I boot Mac then the hub attach, Apple SuperDrive works. Does anyone have same issue?
  8. EEzycade

    WWDC 2021 disappointment (then realization)

    As someone who is really looking forward to the 13/14 inch m2/m1x MacBook Pro, the rumors that it might be announced at WWDC were exciting to me, and convincing. When Apple did not announce the laptop I really want, I was honestly pretty bummed. But then I realized, or just remembered that it's...
  9. jumpcutking

    Expected MacBook Pro M1 - Teach me your ways

    So… I didn’t it. I should have waited but… I got Apple Silicon Envy! I have ordered a MacBoon Pro w 16g and an Apple Silicon. I’ve also gotten Final Cut, Motion, and Logic… yes. I may put my Adobe Premiere days and/or Adobe After Effect days behind me. Not sure it’s a good idea… but all the...
  10. T

    SSD Issue on ARM Macs

    Because there is a huge thread now, it’ll be hard to read what is discussed about this issue and what has helped. TL;DR: Update to 11.4 Big Sur as soon as you can to solve the SSD issue. As many are already aware (and to those who are new to this issue), the problem was largely fixed by macOS...
  11. jumpcutking

    Speculation: M1X/Mac Book Pro/Mac Mini Pro… Prices?

    Let’s speculate! How much would the new M1X devices be? Just curious, with 64g of ram an options… how much do you think apple will charge for the upcoming release?
  12. E

    Thoughts on dedicated GPU being present in refreshed 16" MacBook Pro?

    Hello all. I've been having some thoughts that I've been wanting to voice but I haven't been sure on how to put it and, more importantly, where. I haven't seen much discussion on this recently, so I figured I'd start a forum thread on it. I've been thinking quite a bit about the future of the...
  13. P

    M1ssing Register Access Controls Leak EL0 State

    My friend just sent me this website: (not sure if I can post this link here just like that) with quite a lot of information about a bug in M1 chip and I'm quite amazed that I didn't saw this topic here on macrumors, is this something that just came out? what do you think?
  14. DC41

    Is Microsoft Edge Apple Silicon or Not?

    Silicon Info reports that Microsoft Edge is M1 enabled, and says that it has been since version 88 (currently running 90). But check out my screenshot. It shows Edge as Intel. Have I downloaded the wrong version and have been running Rosette this whole time, or did some...
  15. I

    just ordered the MBA M1 with 8GB RAM is it enough for....? do some video and picture editing, office work, presentations, browsing and for watching videos ? or is it more like that I can run every program as good as with 16GB of RAM but can't open as many programs as on the 16GB RAM version? thank you.
  16. C

    Battery 88% MacBook Air M1 2020 16GB

    This seems like a huge decrease in battery health. Cycle count is 39. Coconut battery report below: Computer has been in daily use for six months and is usually always plugged in.
  17. jake_the_tester

    Paragon NTFS for Apple Silicon (M1) Frozen from hibernation

    Paragon NTFS for Apple Silicon works well but after waking up my M1 Mac from hibernation(sleep), I could not open the NTFS Drive folder from my desktop. The software will be frozen as a zombie process. I can hear my 8T HDD spinning so hard. Clicking the "Shut down" button won't even shut down...
  18. mariogt

    TabTopus - Get all your Safari, Chrome, Edge & Brave tabs data, FREE !!

    Hi to all, I just released TabTopus 4.2, now 100% free to use (DonationWare) TabTopus is a useful and lightweight macOS App (optimized for Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs), that lets you export the names and URLs of all your tabs actives, either in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge...
  19. jumpcutking

    Eta on 32g of Ram for M1/M2? When can we expect the new Mac Book Pro 16’?

    As a media guy, I’m looking to update to the latest innovation but I’m waiting for the M1/M2 chip to get 32g of ram support (or more). I’ll be fine with the current version if we could get a 16’ Mac Book Pro. Anyone anywhere got an idea when that might happen? WWDC? Fall? Anyone heard any...
  20. haralds

    VMware Virtualization Update - late and not worth waiting for!

    The VMware Product Manager is confident that they can deliver a Tech Preview BY THE END OF THIS YEAR! You read correctly, Parallels Desktop is shipping as a release and VMware will be diligently working for many more months. Will they make up for it by delivering the hoped for X86 emulation...