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apple silicon

  1. Edgecrusherr

    Parallels vs VMware Fusion (can we save money?)

    Intro So, with VMware Fusion Pro now being free, I wanted to do some testing to see if I can make the switch from Parallels, and save myself from having to renew my Parallels at the end of next month. I've been running Parallels on Appel Silicon since 2021, and VMware Fusion Player on Apple...
  2. MarckyG

    Recommended to get bigger SSD when choosing more RAM? / Hibernate on Mac

    Hey all, I'm curious how hibernate works on the MacBook Pros... I'm used to Windows reserving the amount of RAM in Gigabytes on the SSD, so that it can copy the content from the RAM to the SSD when hibernating. How does that work on the MacBook Pros / in MacOs? I'm about to buy a MacBook Pro...
  3. D

    Apple Silicon MBAs have left me without any options

    I'm writing this to check if there are more people that find themselves in my situation. I'd like a Mac because I prefer macOS over Windows (especially Windows 11, which is a mess). I'd use the device for work, which is office stuff (Word, Excel, tons of Safari tabs, etc.), and I need...
  4. dosdude1

    Apple Silicon Soldered SSD Upgrade Thread

    In this thread, we intend to share all relevant details, resources, and processes involved with upgrading soldered storage on Apple Silicon Macs. Notes All M1 systems utilize BGA110 "S5E" NANDs Some M2 systems use BGA110, while some use BGA315 Table of supported NAND configurations SSD...
  5. LaterWolf

    The rumored 12-inch MacBook with Apple Silicon - a 2024 perspective (Speculation Megathread?)

    The rumored 12-Inch MacBook with Apple Silicon, 2024 perspective and latest updates. Background: The 12-inch MacBook with Retina display, was a line of notebooks launched in 2015. It contained a sleek, thin design, with 4 colors at the time of the 2015 launch. It contained one USB-C port, the...
  6. jumpcutking

    Upgraded from M1 to M3 Max - any recommendations on best settings and apps?

    Long live the Touch Bar… Afterward, I had a good wine with some cheese regarding the pitfall of Apple’s creativity in the design of laptops. It looks like every other professional laptop now :( But the screen is absolutely gorgeous. It makes the monitor I have next to it look so bad… I just...
  7. E

    macbook air (m1) usb connecting/disconnecting

    hi, i have a macbook air (m1) and have some issues with it. i'm not sure if it began with the sonoma 14.1 update but i didn't have a problem with the previous macos. maybe it's because i'm not using usb for data transfer so much...
  8. hoorayforhollywood

    Can we accurately predict M3 Pro, Max and Ultra speeds when M3 base chip is released?

    I'm no chip expert - everything I know I learned from this site, pretty much. So this might be a simplistic, naive thread. But given the M3 will be the third generation will we be able to very accurately predict the performance of the M3 Pro, Max and Ultra as soon as the M3 base chip is tested...
  9. adib

    macOS Sonoma on Apple Silicon can't recognize encrypted HFS+ drives

    As per title. I have an external USB 3.0 hard drive (the rotating variant) formatted with HFS+ and encrypted via Core Storage. Plugging the drive into my M1 Mac Mini running Sonoma (14.0) could not mount the encrypted HFS+ partition. Disk Utility shows the partition as "unformatted."...
  10. arkmannj

    Mac Mini longevity

    Hello, I’m trying to decide if I should get a mac mini or another SFF Computer. I love the MM (or I wouldn’t be asking this question) I love the MM form factor, power and efficiency, ports, etc. But my two concerns are. 1) with soldered storage, what do we think the lifespan of that...
  11. LeoI07

    A19 and M5 chips confirmed by Apple's servers?

    If you follow aaronp613's X/Twitter, as I'm sure MacRumors editors do, you may have seen this post from him that quotes a post from Orangera1n. Said post contains a screenshot of a list of numbers that supposedly confirms Apple is working on A-series chips up to the A19 and M-series chips up to...
  12. davebot 0.9

    External drives continually sleeping and spinning up in M2 Pro Mac mini

    I have a mystery that is driving me nuts, and Apple Support wasn't much help. I have two HDDs in an external drive enclosure that continually sleep and then spin up -- over and over, every 1 - 3 minutes. They may also disconnect themselves while I'm away, but that is a fairly rare event. The...
  13. M

    Why do Apple Silicon Macs use swap even when there's plenty of RAM available?

    Have a look at this video: He's building an Xcode project which is using almost 16GB of RAM. Despite having 64GB total available, there's still 6.5MB of swap being utilized. I don't experience this at all on my 2019 16" with 64GB RAM (I do, however, experience heat and fan noise ;) )...
  14. A

    Perfomance on M1 and M2 Macbook Pros (14 inch models) on AI, such as Stable Diffusion, Tensorflow, LLama and other AI models

    I am currently looking at the base models of both of these computers and I would like to know how they perform on certain AI tasks, like the ones mentioned in the title. How do the base models hold up? Will I notice any difference between M1 and M2 on these task (just for clarity, I don't mean...
  15. S

    OS X Sims 4 now Apple Silicon native

    For those, like me, who may have missed this news: On April 18 EA released update version for The Sims 4 on Mac, bringing native support for Apple Silicon (M1/M2) processors. Seems a rather smart (if belated) move given the large base of casual gamers that The Sims 4 has. Here is...
  16. AlixSPQR

    Old mice working with Si?

    Does the black Apple Pro Mouse M5769 and/or the white Apple Mouse M5769 work with Apple Silicon Macs? I need to know since these are the computer mice I would like to continue to use, if possible. Thank you! :)
  17. eightace

    Recommend me a monitor for M2 Mac mini

    As per title - in UK and wanting best I can get for maximum £350. Any to go for or avoid?
  18. rraynor1980

    Pixel Perfect: Increase the text size of iPhone and iPad apps on Mac

    Say goodbye to small and blurry text! Pixel Perfect lets you run iPhone and iPad apps at native resolution with pixel-perfect graphics and razor sharp text. Download here:
  19. haralds

    VMware Heads Up

    I have been using Parallels Desktop on Apple Silicon and Intel. But I ran into a chip-related USB serial port issue on Apple Silicon. Other USB-C devices work well on it. In the past, I have used VMware Fusion and it is now out in Universal format as v 13.0.1. Updates appear to arrive slowly. I...