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apple silicon

  1. S

    M1 MAX or M2 MAX? Need an advice.

    Hi guys! I don't know what to do. I found a really great bargain on a lightly used Macbook M1 MAX 64 GB 10 CPU 32 GPU - 5 battery cycles, used a couple of times. I use the laptop mainly for editing 4K videos. Today the M2 MAX came out. Let me recalculate for you how the prices look like in...
  2. S

    Macbook M1 MAX or wait for M2 MAX?

    Hi guys! I currently own a Macbook Pro M1 Pro 10 CPU 16 GPU and 16 GB RAM. I'm a filmmaker/video editor and as until a while this 16 GB ram was okay now I'm experiencing a slowdown, if I give a lot of effects it just lags and slows down my work, it just pisses me off because I don't have smooth...
  3. noeXzTi_

    Are MacBooks with Apple Silicon affected by "flexgate"?

    In Internet there are mixed opinions about whether MacBooks with Apple Silicon chips that have the 2016 MacBook Pro exterior design (MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro 13" M1/M2) are affected by the fatigue present on the display flex cable due to opening and closing the lid, so I would like to ask...
  4. 2

    MP All Models How will the apple silicon Mac Pro work with discrete graphics if M chips don't support eGPUs?

    Could Apple design a chip without an integrated GPU that could work with discrete GPUs inside of the next Mac Pro?
  5. P

    intermittent problem with apple trackpad needing `pkill bluetoothd `

    Setup: MBP 14" M1 Max 2021, macOS Monterey and now Ventura Caldigit TS4 with NEC 4K display connected via display port Apple latest wireless keyboard and trackpad used in clamshell mode (lift lid to power up, shut lid after seeing boot up apple logo, wait for cal digit and display lights to go...
  6. skylar3

    Has Apple forgotten the iMac?

    The iMac was once the desktop device that put apple back in the game of computing, the first major product design by Jony Ive and since then it has been one of apple's most iconic products. It has been widely used by creative professionals (whole architecture offices have been equipped with...
  7. LeoI07

    Should Apple bring back the Xserve with Apple silicon?

    In the 2000s, Apple sold the Xserve, a rack-mounted server system. In 2011, it was discontinued and replaced with server versions of the Mac mini and Mac Pro. Over a decade after the Xserve was discontinued, Apple is about to transition the Mac Pro to Apple silicon, with M2 Ultra or M2 Extreme...
  8. M

    How to store GarageBand and Logic extras on external hard drive

    I want to start using GarageBand again (after many years away), but don't have room on my hard drive for all the instruments and loops etc (M1 Mac Mini from 2001, with 256GB). I have an external 1TB SSD connected by USB-C and it is always connected. I want to use this for the many GB of data...
  9. tubuliferous

    OS X The future of Mac gaming is bright

    I’m writing this post on a decade-old 13-inch MacBook Pro with absolutely miserable graphics hardware that was miserable the day this computer was manufactured. It used to be that the 13-inch MacBook Pro, a very popular computer in the heyday of this particular model, was abysmal as a gaming...
  10. Hessel89

    Logic Pro 10.7.4 on M1 Pro freezes when opening, closing or moving third party plugins.

    hi, I’m on a brand-new 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021, and Logic Pro 10.7.4 keeps freezing when running third party plugins. These plugins are actually optimized for Apple Silicon. Whenever I try to open, close, or even just move a third party plugin up or down in a mixer-channel, I’m getting a 5...
  11. D

    Safari always using significant energy. How to fix this?

    I have a brand new MacBook Pro 16 inch with M1 Pro chip and 32 GB of RAM. Whenever I work on safari my battery stats always show that it is using significant energy even if only a single tab is open. Is it normal or something I should be worried about?
  12. Kaptajn Haddock

    My M1 Mac mini beats my Macbook Pro M1 pro, wtf?!

    I just ran a Speedometer test ( on my M1 Mac mini 16/512 vs my Macbook Pro M1 pro 14" 16/512, both freshly rebooted with no other apps running than Safari, and the mini (score 355) constantly beats the M1 pro (score 345). Wtf? Isn't the M1 pro supposed to...
  13. mattyjoe

    M2 MacBook Air throttling is being vastly over-exaggerated

    From the evidence I've seen, I believe firmly that people are vastly overhyping the effects of the throttling in the M2 MacBook Air. The YouTube review I've seen so far with the most thorough benchmarks is Dave2D's, and he went so far as to say that "if you're someone that wants a very powerful...
  14. A

    M2 Pro/Max Macbook Memory pricing

    Here's a pricing experiment: Since we now know the M2 chip is able to be loaded with up to 24gb of unified, with options of 8gb and 16gb, it stands to reason that the future M2 Pro/Max Macbooks will have up to 48gb and 96gb of unified memory respectively. Assuming M2 Pro MacBooks will have...
  15. tubuliferous

    To those who think the MacBook Air M2 isn't a good value...

    Out of genuine curiosity I looked at a Dell ultrabook to see how new PC offerings compare to the MacBook Air M2. The current-generation Dell Latitude 9330 seems like a...
  16. F

    New Macbook?

    Hi everyone! I posted a bit ago about my current 2015 Early 2015 Macbook Pro (2.9 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 w/ 8GB RAM & 512GB SSD). Thanks so much for all of the help and support - I upgraded the battery and while the device is running much better, I'm financially in a position where I'd like...
  17. H

    LG34WK95U suddenly in LowDPI again (M1 Max)

    Hi LG34WK95U owners, we all been through hard times with this nice display on Apple devices - especially on Apple Silicone. On My M1 Max MacBook Pro things went quite well so far. I'm connecting the display through a Sonnetech TB4 Hub which always worked great. Got some LowRes after Sleep a...
  18. jumpcutking

    MB Pro 13 m2 - touch bar is still here!

    I was very impressed that the Touch Bar survived into the next generation. Actually very glad. I’ve gotten to love it since it disappeared in the pro 14/16 models. What are your thoughts?
  19. WilliApple

    Why the M2 MacBook Air won't come at WWDC

    Alright. It did end up coming at WWDC. I was wrong :( I have been trying to avoid leaks and rumors a lot, but I keep accidentally seeing more than ever M2 MacBook Air at WWDC!!! Reason 1: Not out of stock Now one of the first reasons people said were, the M1 MacBook Air is out of stock. I...
  20. W

    I wish to be like Johny Srouji.

    I'm a computer engineering student and Apple Silicon is the very thing that inspired me to change my major from computer science to engineering. I heard about how Johny Srouji is in charge of the development of Apple Silicon and how he got really good grades all throughout primary, secondary...