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apple silicon

  1. Le0M

    Going into photo/video editing. Should I wait or should I buy?

    Hello everyone, I've been using my MacBook Air late 2010 since then, and in a few months I'll have the opportunity to start working on shooting with DLSRs and such, and then post editing full-hd (perhaps more), so I'll definitely have to get a way more powerful Mac. I'm really tempted by the 16...
  2. V

    Apple Silicon MacBooks and backlit logo

    One of the classic things ditched by Apple with the Intel transition was the glowing Apple backlit logo on their laptops. I don't know why this was removed (probably the thin lid). But do you think this classic backlit Apple logo makes a comeback with the new Apple Silicon based MacBooks?
  3. W

    Is buying a upgraded MacBook Pro now still make sense since Apple it moving to Apple Silicon?

    Hi you guys, I’m preparing to buy a new MacBook Pro 16, but now that I researched a little more, I’m a little concerned. If I’m getting a MBP16 now, is it worthy to upgrade to a higher CPU? Or 32GB ram? Or 8GB GPU? it will mainly be used for Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro, and I’m considering the...
  4. D

    Run your "Mac" from your iPhone or iPad?

    Dream scenario here: what if in the future Apple Silicon world you could run your typical desktop from a mobile device? IE: plug your "iPhone 12" device into a 27" 4k monitor using USB-C on both devices and use a bluetooth keyboard/mouse to bring up a full macOS envionrment? Has this idea been...
  5. aljawad

    Apple Silicon and the return of the Macintosh Server?

    Something has been nagging my brain since WWDC: the repeated mentions of Linux during the keynote. What if Apple was hinting at something major in the pipeline? For years the company attempted to enter the server market, think of the generations of Xserve from the G4 to Intel. Yet while the...
  6. A

    Mac Silicon - What do you expect from the first Mac SoCs?

    Hey everyone! Pretty new here! I'm excited to see what the Apple silicon team will deliver for the first Mac SoC. It's a chance for Apple's silicon team to take the Mac far beyond the capabilities and performance of generic x86 competition in the PC space. I feel many tech enthusiasts are...