apple watch 1st gen

  1. R

    Broken series 1 help!

    Hi my Apple Watch has started playing up and I can’t work out why I’ve tried cleaning the crown and checked the battery for swelling nothing! Any ideas?
  2. J

    Credit card in apple watch series 0 and iphone 5s.

    Good afternoon. MY partner has an apple watch series 0 and an iphone 5s (dosent work Apple pay). She is in a compatible bank with Apple Pay and we have searched some information and read about apple pay in a iphone 5/5c/5s with apple watch but dont say how to do it. Anyone knows how to do it...
  3. circusboy

    iPhone Apple Watch issues with iOS 13 GM

    I have S1 and a S4 Apple Watch and both have the same issues with the GM of iOS 13, both watches running the latest watchOS release, not watchOS 6 the issue is that both devices connect to the iPhone but the the info is not sync, I don’t get notifications or text activity info won’t update the...
  4. tonoboon

    I"m still happy with my first gen, but worried about battery.

    As I know if first gen battery capacity lower then 80% , we can pay for battery replacement just a few buck. Many customer get higher version of Apple Watch after battery replacement , I'm curious what happen to Apple Watch Edition all models, gold - ceramic , Any clue ? If Apple use precious...
  5. G

    ?:How accurate is Apple Watch heart rate reading?

    Hello, Hope everyone is doing well! Ive got a very low heart rate and have been to my cardiologist regularly to monitor it. On every piece of blood pressure equipment Ive been measured with my resting reading is usually between 35-40 beats per minute. My cardiologist says that I have a...
  6. A

    Staineless Steel Apple Watch 1st gen screen bleed

    Hey guys, Hope you are all good. I've bought my first Apple Watch Stainless Steel 42 back in March 2016. I've had no problems till this Thursday As you can see in the upper right corner the screen started to get burn. Have you seen this before? I've been to an Apple partner (NOUMAX...
  7. Sebastian79

    Good deal?

    Is $218 for an apple watch series 1 (brand new) a good deal? And should I get it or is it too outdated? Tnx
  8. H

    Lost fitness info

    in October, I upgraded from the iPhone 6 to 8. In the Sprint store, the 6 was deactivated without my watch being unpaired from it first. I did not know to do this and apparently neither did the tech working with me. Hours later, I discovered all fitness data - one year’s worth - was lost. After...

    Finally - This is the one I will consistently wear.

    I've owned a series 1,2 and now 3. The first two I wore for a few weeks then gave up on them, I found them to be bug ridden, and the over all experience quite frustrating. But this new series 3 LTE I've had for almost a week and its almost flawless. I keep third party apps to a minimum...
  10. Mohamed_Magdy

    Apple watch linked to icloud

    Hello all Please help me i bought an used apple watch seried 1 and it was with the box and all its accessories and it was in a very good condition. I looked everything and it was working perfectely however it didn’t want to start pairing as it needs wifi connection and i was in the street. When...
  11. E

    Series 0 not receiving notifications

    anyone have issues getting notifications? S0 is paired and seems to have no issues with dropping in and out with my iPhone 7 (both up to date with firmware). But over the last few days, whenever I get a text message, it goes to phone instead of watch. I’d say it’s probably 60/40 between the...
  12. Darthmactis

    New to apple watch

    Just got an Apple watch and my job doesn't allow me to bring my phone in with me. Is there a setting or something I can do to save battery life on the watch while I'm at work, so the watch doesn't constantly search for my iPhone?
  13. Mr.Wizard

    iPhone Calendar Notifications on your Iphone no longer work

    I just updated my iPhone 7 to the newest IOS11 release and my Apple watch series 1 to IOS 4 and now my Calendar notification on my IPhone no longer work (Sound or message) on a lock screen. Now if you go to your phone and click on the home button you will see the message just before it open...
  14. v1597psh

    Looking for swimmers with Watch Series0/1

    I'm looking for people who swim with their Apple Watch 1st generation or Series 1 on regular bases. How is your watch held up so far? I'm still debating on whether to upgrade from 1st gen to Series 3 or not just for swimming purposes. I found an app called that calculates how much I...
  15. L

    Apple watch notification vibration pattern issue

    Hey everyone, so I'm having a problem with my Apple watch series 1 vibration everytime I get a notification. For sake of example, I'm gunna use the letter V to simulate the vibration pattern. Normally, when I get a notification, the vibration would go, "vvvvv vv vv" so one long vibration and...
  16. MarshallKemp

    1st Gen Apple Watch Defects

    I think I have a defective Apple Watch. I put my apple watch on the charger one night when I went to sleep, when I woke up in the am the apple watch was extremely hot, very hot to the touch. I couldn't put it on my wrist it was so hot. I kept wearing the apple watch bc I have a crazy tannin...