1. B

    Mac App Store Categories Tab?

    Where the Bloody Hell did this go? Cant find the categories section or tab in the Mac App Store. running OS 10.13.6 on a Trash Can. TIA.
  2. A

    iPhone is apple allowing cheaper prices now outside the App Store?

    Downloaded an app recently with a yearly sub after a trial period. Today I get an email about a discount. In app the price is still the same. Via the email it's a 25% discount to sign up outside the App Store.
  3. S

    iPad Pro Since iPadOS AppStore keeps asking for credentials

    Hello, Since the new OS, everytime I try to update my apps the Appstore is asking me for credentials. I was waiting patiently, maybe it will have been fixed with 13.1 or 13.2 etc. But the issue is still there and it is pretty annoying. If I press the "update" button on each app separately then...
  4. bogdanw

    iTunes on MacOS Catalina 10.15

    As of Catalina 10.15.4, the scripts no longer work. iTunes can be installed with Retroactive Retroactive thread on MacRumors...
  5. kylebing

    iPhone App store purchased apps list should not scroll when swipe an item ! Since iOS 11

    This problem has bothered me ever since iOS 11 released. It should not be scrollable when you swipe an item in the purchased apps list. it is so inhuman. it is so hard to hide apps now, hard to use, UITableView is nothing like this list. Do you have the same complaint?
  6. Luca_Iaconelli

    Jaamly - Create Screenshots and all you need to launch on App Store

    Hi guys, We are very proud to present Jaamly to all the MacRumors community. If you are a mobile app developer, a designer, startup or are in any way related to the world of app development, you should try Jaamly. Well, let’s be serious. Publishing apps on the App Store can be tricky...
  7. R

    Pay for icloud acct without it syncing into your phone for itunes/appstore?

    My friend just had his apple ID hacked with disastrous consequences, and someone kept trying to log into mine from China, so I changed pw and removed my card from my phone. Few days later I get notice that if I don't update my icloud card info, my icloud acct will downsize. So I go to icloud...
  8. Landlord Studio

    App Store Preview Templates

    Hey guys, I'm trying to hunt down a template that gives two screens across the app store like what this app is using which i think looks super slick I saw there was applaunchpad but they are still using the older devices, any one know...
  9. george13

    Web content is not displayed - just white screen

    Hi, I faced an issue on High Sierra that seems to be similar to problems reported in other threads months or years ago such as White screen of death, Safari does not render pages, but it is slightly different. For some obscure reason any web content on my MacBook turned into white screen. By web...
  10. Zelmung

    Universal Steam App vs Steam Link App

    I just read about the new AppStore guidelines that got published and am thoroughly confused about the whole thing. Can someone explain to me (1) why the Steam app is an approved app under the old rules (and presumably the new) despite its in-app Steam Store interface that allows individual...
  11. AppDiscovery

    Promotion: AppDiscovery Pro -> Semantic Search & apps gone free

    Search plays a huge role in how users discover and download content on the App Store. With millions apps currently available in the App Store, actually finding what you are looking for is a lot of harder than it should be. Sure, it’s pretty easy to find those brand name apps, like Twitter or...
  12. xavyx

    Universal CryptoManiac

    Watch your favorite cryptocurrency. It is also available for watchOS, macOS and tvOS. Download the app here Enjoy!!
  13. R

    Universal RandomCelebrity - CoreML celebrity doppelganger finder

    RandomCelebrity is new free app that uses live camera preview and CoreML to find celebrity doppelgangers and you can also share the results. It doesn't depend on remote servers and all the similarity detections are done within the gadget it is installed on. At the moment there are 250...
  14. loon3y

    iOS Catalog Apps: Rejected 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality

    I guess we can't upload any catalog apps anymore to the Appstore? Anyone get approved for an appstore that got uploaded recently? Its a pain because I do have an older source code that a clients wants rather than our new one that has e-commerce capability. (our iOS apps compliment our main ERP...
  15. trumpetmercenary

    iOS 11 + apps pestering you for feedback

    I apologize if this has already been asked but... Am I missing something? I thought one of the big announcements about iOS 11 was that you could stop apps from harassing you for feedback, yet, after turning this off, they're still bothering me. Like Priceline: Other apps have included...
  16. Crichton333

    Universal Space Station X

    Space Station X is live and FREE on the App Store. Download Link: • Space Station X • Tap on incoming objects to keep the Space Station intact. Use different pickups to help with the defense. Defend the last deep space...
  17. WolfSnap

    Old apps being “updated”

    I’ve been getting apps on my iPhone X 11.2 beta 3 & 4 being offered to me as an update, but the apps were last updated two years ago for iOS 9... The Room and The Room Two are just some of the apps being offered. Both advertise the fact that they are being updated to fix iOS 9 issues! Anyone...
  18. R

    AppStore wrong Language, right Region/Country

    Hi there So I got this problem with the Language of my AppStore on my iPhone 5s (iOS 11.1.1). My iPhone Language is set to German (Switzerland). But my AppStore shows everything in english. Even the Apps I download are in english. The Country/Region of the AppStore is Switzerland, but still...
  19. J

    Apps Apple Watch Custom Faces App

    Custom Faces is a nice little app that lets you set up personalized faces on your Apple Watch. It’s fun to have a favorite slogan or quote appear every time your flick your wrist. Custom Faces can also be a useful way to set up a reminder, whether it’s your garage code or some errand that must...
  20. E

    Universal TapEra new addictive game

    Hello guys, This is my first app, I just released it and I’d love to hear your opinion about it. It’s a simple game which has a button that appears randomly on the screen, each time you tap it the timer (the red line at the top) resets, the goal Is to reach the highest score you can. According...