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  1. R

    UPDATED: Old Video Tapes Conversion via Thunderbolt / Firewire (for Camcorders, Video Decks and Players that supported ieee 1394, Firewire, iLink).

    UPDATED: June 14 2022 Thought I'd post this as a thread in case someone else searching for the method down the road regarding converting old videos on tapes if you have a old device that had a ieee 1394, firewire, iLink, type connector built into it -- such as my Sony DCR-TRV103 Camcorder did...
  2. purdnost

    Suggestions for Archiving iPhone Media Yearly?

    I use iCloud for syncing and short-term backups in the Photos app. I move all my photos and videos to an external hard drive for archiving yearly. In previous years, I would allow the Photos app for macOS auto sync and download all original files to a library on an external drive. I’ve been...
  3. purdnost

    iCloud Drive Vs. Photos for Photo/Video Storage

    Curious if anyone has opted to use iCloud Drive instead of Apple Photos Library to store their photos and videos (especially old archives). Apple Photos is a great way to to sync recent media across all my devices. I archive my media library to an external hard drive every year, so I only have...
  4. T

    Downloading/Archiving Purchased & Ripped Music from Apple Servers

    I am certain this topic has been discussed but I don't think I'm using the correct search terms to solve my issue. Here goes... Over the years, I purchased, ripped from CDs, downloaded from Napster/Limewire (LOL) many songs (1000s?). At some point (was it Apple Match?) I uploaded all those...
  5. T

    Sharing a huge photo archive with family

    I'm currently scanning a lot of old negatives of my family to share them with my family. Currently all these files are TIFF, which are stored in one folder per film or event. I need them to be converted to JPEG and and I need them to be uploaded somehow so that I can share them safely with my...
  6. S

    Old Apple Videos

    Hey all, I'm the creator of the Unofficial Apple Archive and I'm planning on launching a fully updated, public version of my archive in the summer. I've exhausted YouTube and the Apple Podcasts stream of keynotes so I'm turning to you all to see if anyone has a huge amount of keynote video...
  7. cSalmon

    How to archive email receipts?

    Wondering how others are archiving email receipts? I have folders of email receipts going back many years that I would like to save onto an archive hard drive(s). If there was a way to batch process the emails to save out as pdfs that would be preferred. I'm looking for suggestions and how...
  8. elnbrg

    Archive folder in Mail

    When setting up multiple POP3 accounts in macOS Mac (10.14.2), I see duplicate or more Archive folders 'On My Mac' with the same contents. If I delete a messages in one of them, it gets deleted in another one, so these 2 folders have the same contents and the same source of contents. If I set...
  9. invincible-guy

    Different versions of Keka - why?

    Current stable release of Keka (file archive utility) is 1.0.12 Official Website - offers latest/stable version for free. On other hand, at Mac App Store -, same thing is charged at 1.99 USD Why so?
  10. Heliotropen

    New gf; need to archive bunch of photos, iMsgs, fb msgs, mails and so on in an accessable way *help*

    Hey Guys I need some life saving advice here. So I got this new gf; but is not ready to totally torch all memories from the exes (esp since one of them died in a car accident, and I like to look and remember her once on a blue monday - okay right now she is background on my iphone, ipad and...
  11. Strawberry Watch

    rar software that lets me put each file in it's own archive?

    Hi I'd like to find a software on MacOS that has similar functionality to this feature here in Winrar on Windows. Is there such software? I have found most rar software merely unzips them.
  12. Martin_IT

    Outlook 2016 Exchange Archiving with Folder Structure

    Hi MacRumors Community, I just upgraded someone to Sierra with Outlook 2016 and the user told me that they need to auto-archive their Exchange account and maintain the same folder/subfolder structure which is an easy option in Windows. I've searched online and there is no information in...
  13. Papa Goose

    Archive mail box has appeared?

    Hi all, We have an MBA, iMac, 3 iPads, and 3 iPhones in the house, all using gmail as email, accessed through mail. For some reason the iMac (El Capitan) and all the IOS devices had an Archive mailbox appear under trash recently, but not the MBA (running Mavericks). I checked on the iMac and...
  14. TDF

    Backup Archive / CrashPlan / Carbonite?

    Hey all, I am a musician and content creator with years of video, photo and music content. Some of my Photos Libraries are as big as 450GB and I have multiple others that are around 200GB. I am looking to add a cloud based storage incase I do get a lightning strike or power surge or...
  15. smacrumon

    Messages from iOS7 to Mac

    What are the best ways to transfer Messages in their entirely from iOS7 to Mac for reading and archiving? iTunes doesn't seem to have a solution for this to my knowledge. What are all the alternatives? (Thanks for your suggestions in advance!)
  16. zeropede

    Store in Cloud problem: Can certain folders be exempted?

    The automatic "Store in Cloud" in OSX Sierra is a great feature, and I'd like to keep it, but I'm running into a problem: I work as a video editor and sometimes folders that I need locally get uploaded to the cloud. They're things like textures that the software accesses infrequently, but which...
  17. D

    iOS 10 mail archive not working properly - sending mail to trash

    I have the 6S+ and have just upgraded to iOS 10. Both of my Gmail accounts are linked to iOS mail and in settings are set to archive to server (gmail's all mail) upon discard. Under IOS 9, one click in the archive icon at bottom of a mail in the mail app would immediately archive correctly. Now...
  18. Gamer9430

    What Apps Do You Use on OS X Tiger?

    THIS IS A WIKIPOST- Please add the apps you use on tiger to the list below! On behalf of @gavinstubbs09 and the rest of the PowerPC Archive Team, we're looking for apps that we can add to the Tiger section of the Archive. As anyone who has visited the website in search of software, most of it...
  19. TitanTiger

    Manually moving old Exchange emails from iPhone to Mac

    I started a new job about 3 months ago but still have my old work email set up on my phone. I don't still get new emails but I would like to move these emails (about 130 or so) to my Mac for archive purposes and get them off my phone. Is there a way to do this without having to individually...
  20. M

    Very long term digital storage?

    I am a technology teacher at an elementary school and we are celebrating our 50th anniversary of our school this year. We are planning on creating a time capsule to bury in our courtyard to open in another 50 years. We are having students create things to put in the time capsule and we would...