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  1. E

    Is an Apple Silicone MacBook the right option for my friend?

    I have a friend who is looking for a new laptop. They find the MacBook appealing and for what it's worth, the ARM MacBooks are very good for what they are. One issue that's come up is that she likes to play League of Legends as well as streaming her gameplay on Twitch. Would she be able to...
  2. E

    14 vs 16 Mini LED difference: A Question for Experts

    If I am not wrong both 14 and 16 inch displays have 10.000 mini LEDs. At this point; because of 16 inch has larger area, there are less number of leds per unit of area. For example 14 inch display has more mini LEDS in x cm square compared to 16 inch display. At this point is it possible to...
  3. W

    Intel Software Future

    First time poster and I apologize if this has been answered. With Apple moving all Mac devices to ARM architecture, does anyone understand or have a sense of what the future may hold for Intel-based Mac software? I am an architect and use a variety of software suites (Autodesk, Adobe, Trimble...
  4. A

    UK government intervenes in Nvidia takeover of ARM, cites 'national security'

    UK government intervenes in Nvidia takeover of ARM, cites 'national security' | AppleInsider
  5. C

    ARM v9 Instruction Set Officially Announced.

    Much like Grendel in the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf, the much talked about but rarely seen version 9 of the Arm instruction set has been officially announced. Simon Segars, Arm's CEO, did so on the company's website: Armv9 officially announced. For a third-party analysis, take a look at Andrei...
  6. T

    Is there an eficheck tool for Arm Macs?

    Earlier Macs had the possibility to check the EFI firmware or even create a complete dump of it from within the OS: This was...
  7. MiniApple

    Mini PCs (Windows)

    I’m looking for (ultra) small form factor Mini PCs recommendations Requirements Full System or Barebone ability to run Windows 10 Home or Pro AMD or ARM based chip (No Intel!) Silent (not louder than a Mac Mini M1) regardless if it has a fan or not. 1x M2 2280 storage slot (main or additional)...
  8. G

    Windows arm for M1 release?

    Does anyone have a clue when we could expect a more offical arm version of Windows for the M1? It's in technical preview / insider. I wonder how long it stays in that
  9. Ulfric

    Qualcomm to Acquire NUVIA

    SAN DIEGO, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire NUVIA for approximately $1.4 billion before working capital and other adjustments. The transaction is...
  10. smoking monkey

    All Aboard the AS Train!

    As somebody who held off buying a 16" intel as soon as I heard the rumors about AS, I was all aboard the AS train. There was no way I was going to buy an intel machine when Apple was coming out with new kit. Then WWDC happened in June and they officially introed AS. It seemed impressive and the...
  11. M

    Moving from x86 to arm: Is this really a breakthrough?

    Apple's new m1 chips are met with universal praise. And rightly so: They completely outclass the intel chips in previous macs. But I feel like there is some misrepresentation going on here. Was this made possible by the move from x86 to ARM? Or is it about engineering innovations and good chip...
  12. B

    Will Intel and the others catch up to match M1

    Now that we know the M1 chip is giving Apple a big advantage to the Intel/windows combo. When will Intel/windows start going the Arm route? This entry level M1 is beating some of Intel/AMD’s desktop chip. When the next iteration of the M1 chip comes out for the 16mbp, i mac and mac pro, I think...
  13. V

    M1 Macs for use with military?

    I ordered the new Macbook Air with M1 that will be here next week. I'm looking to use it to replace my current aging Windows laptop. The only thing I foresee being an issue (hopefully this is a good place to ask this) is that I access .mil sites daily. Getting a USB-C CAC reader shouldn't be too...
  14. peneaux

    Anyone tried ARM Linux with the M1 MacBook Air or Pro?

    For the ones who prefer Linux, any idea on how the new MacBook Air or Pro run Linux? I was looking for information specifically on ARM Fedora. Can we expect impressive performance and what about compatibility? Does it run smoothly with hardware acceleration and does it recognize all the...
  15. I

    Data science (R and SPSS 26 etc.) under Rosetta 2 / Apple silicon M1?

    I know there are tons of posts with benchmarks and tests whether a given software works, but I would like to dedicate this thread to data science apps e.g. R, RStudio, SPSS, Python (I know it will work natively), QGIS and additional software that researchers use to create illustrations as e.g...
  16. Graham King

    Best dock for new ARM 13" MBP

    I dove right in and ordered a maxed out 13" this morning. I'll be using it mostly in clamshell mode at my desk. What are some recommended docks? At minimum, I need all of these simultaneously: 3.5mm audio, gigabit ethernet, 4K monitor, charger, and at least 2 free USB ports for external storage...
  17. F

    Why does x86 exist?

    Sorry if I'm dumb, but Apple silicon is ,according to rumors, supposed to be more power efficient generate less heat but also more powerful (a14x better than core i9?) and also be cheaper. Then why has x86 ever become popular/the standard if Apple silicon/Arm is, I guess, better in every way?
  18. Pyroflash

    Shipments for some macbook pro and imac delayed to november 17th and december 1st

    As you can see in the image, new shipments for macbook pro (13 adn 16 inches) and iMac (21 and 27 inches) are delayed to the end of the month and the beginning of the next month. Will we see a whole new set of macbooks and imacs in the event of this month?
  19. ascender

    Apple Silicon Event - November 17th?

    Jon Prosser was tweeting this morning that he's hearing there will be an Apple Mac ARM event on the 17th November which may be confirmed by press release the Tuesday before, 10th November. Given his recent hit rate with rumours I think its as reliable a rumour as we'll get and does tie-in with...
  20. F23

    When to expect ARM Mac Mini?

    It seems like the first set of ARM macs will be MacBooks. With Apple saying the transition period will take around 2-3 years, when can we expect an ARM Mac Mini? They seem to have neglected it and it is due for an update having only 8th gen CPU atm. Only other current mac with 8th gen CPU is...