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battery life

  1. Abstract

    iPhone 13 mini iPhone 13 Mini’s battery life has been awesome!

    I haven’t had my 13 Mini for that long, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to convince any “13 regular or Mini” fence-sitters that my Mini’s battery life has been awesome. I’m coming from an XR, which itself had phenomenal battery life by 2018 standards. I feel that the Mini is getting...
  2. E

    iPhone 13 Pro Max All Official iPhone 13 Battery Sizes!!!

    These battery sizes are a significant increase for all models of the 12 and 12 Pro! Apple was not joking! I was struggling to decide between the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max since they are the same except for, display size, display resolution, and battery. The 13 Pro Max has a 39.9% larger battery...
  3. jollino

    iPhone Optimized Wireless Battery Charging

    Hey everyone, I currently have an iPhone 11, and I've been using a fast charger with a Lightning cable since I got it. Optimized Battery Charging has been doing its thing as expected: I plug it in when I go to bed (say 2 am) and it generally finishes charging by 8:30 am. So far, so good. I...
  4. Boneslasher

    Beats Studio3 Wireless Issues & Questions

    Dear all, I have received a new pair of Beats Studio3 Wireless today. Incredible packaging, the best ever, pairing seamless. Upon pairing the battery level was given as 100%. I used them from 8.30pm to 12.15am tonight during a long meeting over Discord on Mac. Around 11.30pm they reached 5%...
  5. S

    Battery life of the MacBook Pro M1 while rendering / processing video

    I thought you might all find this interesting. I did a test today where I charged my MacBook Pro M1 to 100%, then after disconnecting it I converted a bunch of videos using Handbreak (quite an intensive task). I left Handbreak converting videos until the battery was almost empty. It lasted more...
  6. S

    Using my MacBook Pro 13" in a desktop setup

    The question is more about battery life. My MacBook is placed on a Twelve South's stand called BookArc, so it's closed all the time. In order for it to run/work with an external monitor I need the Mac to stay charged all the time. Is it ok to keep it charged all the time? Is it have an effect...
  7. D

    Other Powering 'on' iPhone how often (for long term storage)?

    So I bought an old iPhone 5s to use while my SE was being repaired. Now that I have my SE back, I'm gonna put away the 5s until the next time I need a backup phone. That honestly might not be for a year or two. I've read it'll ruin the iPhone's battery if you leave it turned off for a couple of...
  8. upintheclouds

    Tell Me About Battery Life PUBLIC Beta

    I just got a replacement iPhone X. Stellar battery life. I will say privacy is more important to me than battery life. If I jump eyes first into the public betas, what’s battery life looking like?
  9. honglong1976

    IOS 14 - iPhone 6S battery life

    Hi everyone, What’s everyone’s battery life on the iPhone 6S with IOS14? Here is a screenshot of mine. Thanks
  10. CheesegraterPro

    How big is the battery difference between the baseline MacBook Air and baseline MacBook Pro?

    Evening everyone, Due to an unfortunate circumstance I’ve had recently with a Dell laptop of mine I am currently in the market for a new machine. As my working environment is quite mobile, having good battery life is a must for me. I noticed that the current MacBook Air has a smaller battery by...
  11. L

    iPad Pro How’s Your 2020 iPad Pro Battery Life?

    My 2020 12.9” is getting me 8-10 hours of use. Random googling shows this to be around normal, while the 2018 model gets over 13 hours. Given that the soc is almost the same, as is the display, battery etc, I’m not sure why we see the reduced battery life. what are you guys getting?
  12. E

    Why does not Apple set different performance options?

    the worst thing about bad choices and outputs of mbp 16 is the battery life concern causes them. To promote the battery life on WWDC show, users suffer these kind of quality drops or choices. if i use a Pro labeled device, i have right to modify its performance settings, i should have right to...
  13. khalitzy

    I'm pretty disappointed with the MBP 16" battery health situation.

    So many people -myself included- report that their 16" battery health is less than 100% out of the box. Now that'd be okay if it was 99 or even 98. But for most, it's 95% or even less. Now that's all fine and dandy, discharge and charge and let it calibrate, it'll be fine and report correct...
  14. Suffocation

    iPad Should I update to iOS 12.4.3?

    I have an Ipad Air 1, it's running iOS 10. Should I update to iOS 12.4.3? I've heard the battery would be worsened if I updated to iOS 12.4.3. I care a lot about battery life. Should I update? Will the battery truly be worsen? Or is it just a temporary thing and my battery would return to normal...
  15. T

    Other Calling out Apple's iOS update Battery Shenanigans

    I've been derided for making this point in previous threads, but as an SE owner, and having bought two iphone 7 plus phones for my parents, this is really bothersome to me and I feel Apple needs to be called out on it. Whenever I or other posters bring up battery problems on older devices after...
  16. S

    iPhone 11 I'm I crazy for thinking on going to an 11 owning a XS Max?

    I can't find any comparisons on camera performance between the 11 (non pro) and the XS Max. I'm looking to lower my phone bill and switching my phones to the 11 will be a nice reduction on our monthly plan. I know the screen is not as nice but honestly my priorities are battery life and camera...
  17. Z

    achieving more battery life

    What features can i turn off or downsize in order to achieve more battery life for my 6S+ thats using iOS12?
  18. caspian915

    Amazon renewed Macbook (2017 12") battery seems to drain really quick

    Main question: Should I return this Amazon renewed item and just spend the extra money on a certified Apple refurbished if the battery seems suspect? I recently bought a renewed 2017 Macbook 12" off of Amazon. I asked around on reddit to see if there was anything I should be concerned about and...
  19. The Reasonable One

    Awful battery life on 2018 MBP: am I alone?

    hey like the tile says I am getting horrible battery life out of my 2018 MBP and have since if got it. I thought it was all of that years models being defective but after talking to people that’s not true. Anyway I need more specific data. How long do all of you programmers who use Xcode or...
  20. P

    iPhone XS Max Haven’t Charged my Phone Since Friday at 11 PM. Is this Acceptable Battery Life?

    So, meant to type this earlier. Phone was taken off the charger, at 100%, on Friday night. As of earlier today, Sunday, at like 1 PM, it still had 6% left. I had purchased this phone earlier this week. Was stuck between the XR, because of the battery, and the XS Max, because of what that phone...