1. Stuey3D

    iPhone Carplay Dashboard: Did I imagine this feature as I've not seen it working yet?

    With iOS 13.4 finally allowing 3rd party maps to be used in the Carplay Dashboard window it got me thinking I'm sure when Apple announced Carplay dashboard they said that the headunit would be able to feed data back to Carplay to update the now playing tab. I was under the impression that if...
  2. PCMacUser

    iPhone CarPlay Music Playback Pops/Micropauses

    Hi Everyone, I've been testing a couple of iPhones with CarPlay in my 2019 Subaru - which supports wired CarPlay (not wireless). What I've found is that during music playback (Spotify, Tidal), there are occasional 'pops' and micro-pauses. These might occur every few minutes, or sometimes...
  3. E

    CarPlay 2018 Nissan Leaf apple carplay is SLOW after ios 13 update

    Hello, New to this forum here and would appreciate anyone's input. My Leaf's carplay was working perfect before the new IOS update but since updating to ios 13.1, when I plug in my phone, carplay is absolutely slow and freezing. Can't even load maps or make a call or play music. I tried...
  4. clcnyc

    iPhone CarPlay no longer displaying reminders?

    I upgraded to iOS 13, then 13.1, and I've noticed that my reminders aren't showing up on my CarPlay display anymore. Anyone else having this issue? Are they no longer supporting that? Seems useless if it won't pop up on there like it did before iOS 13.
  5. mdavis501

    You’ll need to unlock your cellphone first

    For the last 9 months I’ve been able to press (while iPhone X screen is locked) the steering wheel voice button (hold down for 3 sec) and say send text message or check my schedule and Siri works. Now, if my phone screen is locked I get, “You’ll need to unlock your cellphone first, and I don’t...
  6. dmfresco

    CarPlay iPhone XS reliably connects to CarPlay but battery depletes

    I have a 2019 Honda HRV. Yesterday was the first lengthy road trip I took with this car. I had a new ParaCable brand USB to lightning cable in the 1.5ma USB port of the Honda, which is the one to use with CarPlay. My iPhone, which was running iOS 13.0 public beta connected fine all day, but...
  7. N

    iPhone CarPlay and 2 Garage doors

    I jumped on the iOS 13 Public Beta 6 and have this question: I have 2 Apple Homekit Garagedoor openers. How can I default one over the other? The main screen is defaulting to my wife's garage door vs mine. I could tell her to move over but I won't be that bossy.
  8. rnwebsterva1

    iPhone IOS 13 / Carplay / navigation

    With OS13 and Carplay / navigation will next turn info show up on instrument panel?
  9. sjinsjca

    Other How to prevent iPhone from switching audio to CarPlay?

    I have a hearing problem and can only use my phone via a Bluetooth assistive device. When I connect my phone to my car to use Maps or other functionality via CarPlay, it assumes I want my audio routed through the car’s sound system. No. I want (and need) it to stay connected through my...
  10. C

    All iPads iPad CarPlay Support in iPadOS / iOS 13?

    Does CarPlay now work with cellular iPad running iPadOS / iOS 13? Thanks. I really wanna use my cellular iPad mini 4 with CarPlay.
  11. Stuey3D

    iPhone A Do Not Disturb Whilst Driving/CarPlay limitation that could have been improved with iOS13

    So I think the automatic Do Not Disturb Whilst Driving mode is a great way to reduce distractions whilst driving especially if you have a 3rd party smart watch like I do. However there is one limitation that I feel should have been addressed and that is when the phone is unlocked and using a...
  12. F

    All Devices Find My - AirPods not displaying

    So I misplaced my AirPods a few days ago and I went to the Find My app to locate them as I usually do with the old find my iPhone app and... They don't appear in my list of devices. I've been running dev beta since day one and have used my AirPods multiple times with my apple devices since, so I...
  13. C

    CarPlay No verbal directions using Google Maps CarPlay

    We have found that if we use Google maps for CarPlay it provides turn by turn directions on the car screen but no verbal instructions. If I switch to Apple maps I get verbal instructions. Any ideas why and how to fix? Anyone else getting this? Thanks
  14. A

    iPhone 8(+) Bluetooth audio bug - anyone else get this?

    Hi all, This has been happening to me for literally years, so I'm wondering if anyone else gets it. I also want to try and figure out if getting a CarPlay unit will make it go away... So, every time I get in my Toyota Corolla with stock radio, the bluetooth auto-connects and audio starts...
  15. GIZBUG

    CarPlay Prevent CarPlay from playing music upon startup

    Seems like every time I get into my car, and hook up my phone to the CarPlay, music from my phone starts playing (wasn't playing prior to getting into the car). Any way to prevent this? Is it remembering what I was playing 2 days ago when I used the CarPlay? If so, whats the remedy? Close the...
  16. A

    CarPlay Cannot make Whatsapp audio call in Carplay using SIRI

    Hi Guys, I am new to carpaly. I have been using this for one week. I have iphone X and I am not able to place whatsapp calls from carpaly. Whenever i choose a recent whatsapp call from phone app in car play the call is not happening. It returns me to the home screen on carplay. The same happens...
  17. K

    CarPlay Carplay cannot handle a large music library

    I just bought Sony XAV-AX200 to use with my iPhone 7 plus in a 2007 Volkswagen Golf (Rabbit). And it turns out that carplay can’t deal with my 50 000 song icloud music library. I’m very disappointed with this as all the advertising led me to believe that carplay is akin to a projector for...
  18. calliex

    Other Podcasts app broken in CarPlay?

    My podcast app in apple CarPlay no longer functions right . The onscreen buttons no longer respond. I have to control app from my phone. Can not navigate, start/stop, etc. from CarPlay screen. Started when I upgraded iOS. Other functions seem to work OK (iTunes,Maps). Anybody else have an...
  19. HappyDude20

    iPhone 7(+) Best CarPlay Aftermarket Stereo? HELP ME SAVE $10K

    Hello all, So I saw and fell in love with the new 2019 Nissan Altima. Admittedly the main reason was the gorgeous new CarPlay screen that I think also supports Android. But man do I like this CarPlay system. Unfortunately the Altima will sell for $24,000 and I would much rather purchase a used...
  20. calliex

    Podcast app broken IOS12 in apple CarPlay

    I like to listen to podcasts on long trips. I took overnight trip and came back today. I listened to two podcasts and then stopped for gas. I tried to hit the stop button on the podcast app in apple CarPlay to stop the podcast before turning off the car. It would not work so I turned the car...