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  1. netnative

    Data-only Lightning Cable

    Does anyone know of a data-only Lightning cable? I would use it for CarPlay connection.
  2. A

    CarPlay - Ford Fiesta wired very unreliable

    My wife just got a 2022 Ford Fiesta with a Sync 2.5 radio. It has CarPlay over usb that has so far been about 10% reliable. We’ve tried 3 or 4 lightning cables, a mixture of Apple, Amazon Basics and Anker. Also tried a brand new anker cable. None of them work reliably. We have to keep, plugging...
  3. I

    CarPlay Carplay not activating/working in Civic but Android Auto works

    So I have a 2019 Honda Civic with wired Carplay. As of last Saturday, in the middle of the day, my Carplay stopped working/connecting. I used it in the morning, came home synced one song via iTunes, then went back to my car and it hasn't worked since. Tried multiple cables, and restarted my...
  4. one more

    iOS 16 CarPlay supported vehicles

    Let’s list the car makes and models supporting the new CarPlay in iOS 16, perhaps listing them alphabetically by Make - Model - Release Year - New CarPlay available since (X):
  5. iantmcfarland

    CarPlay New Car is intentionally stretching CarPlay picture – anyone else seen this?

    I've been thirsting to have CarPlay at my disposal since it was first announced, but have been waiting for EVs to become more practical. That wait ended this weekend, when I purchased a 2022 Kia EV6. I excitedly plugged in my iPhone 13 mini and noticed the picture wasn't . . . great. After a...
  6. I

    iPhone 13 iOS 15.2 beta CarPlay issues still

    Since I have purchased my iPhone 13, I have difficulties getting my CarPlay (Pioneer 1400NEX) to work. This started with iOS 15. I have tried every beta to solve this problem including up to iOS 15.2 beta (I previously had an iPhone XS, which CarPlay worked previously, and it still works when...
  7. U

    Changes to Apple Maps via CarPlay on iOS 15 makes accessing features more-dangerous

    I'm using Apple Maps via CarPlay for integrated vehicle navigation. I've had it since iOS 14.x. It works well, and has been great. However a subtle change introduced in iOS15 seems to be a step-backwards in my opinion. Previously, iOS 14 provided a feature where if you wished to mute the...
  8. G

    Apple maps camera warning no longer working

    Apple Maps used on CarPlay used to notify me when a red light camera or speed camera was ahead (it would announce “Camera 1km ahead”) however since updating to iOS 15 I no longer receive these alerts. The camera icon appears on the map however no warning. I have the audio set to all...
  9. P

    CarPlay Start Waze navigation instead Apple Maps

    I have Waze installed and working in my car unit. But when I click wheel button to speak a destination, CarPlay opens Apple Maps instead of Waze. Is it possible to CarPlay use Waze always?
  10. M

    CarPlay Issue retrofitting CarPlay

    Carlinkit MMI, 2015 BMW 335i Hi all, I’m having an issue with an aftermarket MMI to add CarPlay to an older BMW. Everything works — audio, display, microphone — except I can’t switch between CarPlay and iDrive by holding ‘menu’ like I’m supposed to be able to. I’m hoping someone here has an...
  11. R

    CarPlay Google maps in Carplay suddenly stopped working properly

    Can anyone solve this problem for me? Google Maps has suddenly stopped working properly when I plug my iPhone into my car and use Carplay. I can type in a destination but, instead of the immediate route coming up on the screen with voice instructions, all I get is a map. As I go along the route...
  12. M

    CarPlay CarPlay outgoing call screen takeover

    Does it drive anyone else crazy that whenever you make an outgoing call from CarPlay, it takes you to the call screen? It's super frustrating when you are trying to follow directions in an area that you don't know particularly well, only to make an outgoing call and have to switch back to...
  13. kmichalec

    iPhone Apple Maps & Police Marking

    i Know with the release of iOS 14.5 Apple Maps has the ability to submit a “Speed Trap”. I’m curious what this actually means? I just tested Apple Maps out on a round trip drive from Detroit to Cleveland and back, and kept Waze running in the background while using Apple Maps in the foreground...
  14. I

    Wired Carplay in Honda not connecting after ios 14.6

    Hello, I got my first iphone (12) in January and have been using it in a Honda Civic with no issues. Both my personal and work phone (iPhone 8) were upgraded to 14.6 last Wednesday. Carplay worked once and now no more. It only charges the phone when plugged in. I tried Android Auto with a Pixel...
  15. T

    CarPlay CarPlay Buyer - Couple questions

    Hi folks, I'm looking into buying a CarPlay head unit and wanted to know if you all had recommendations about what to look for or specific model head units even. I'm not totally sure I understand how CarPlay works at this point so looking to get started into my research. I guess my main...
  16. MozMan68

    Apple Maps Thread - iOS 15

    This is a Wiki Thread for the latest updates to the Apple Maps app. Note that some of the updates listed below may only be available in the latest beta software and not necessarily publicly available until iOS15 is released. The thread for new Maps updates that occurred during iOS 14 can be...
  17. C

    iPhone Maps app does not show option titled Show parked location

    My wife and I just bought a new car and are learning to use Apple Maps with Apple CarPlay. I set up my iPhone 11 to show "Parked car location." Worked fine. However, when we went to set up her iPhone 11 for the same option, her phone did not show "Show Parked Location" as an option under...
  18. S

    CarPlay Problem with Audiobooks in CarPlay?

    Hey guys! First time posting here so apologies. Also already tried search and found nothing. ANYWAY I got a weird issue listening to audiobooks in Carplay using the iOS built-in Books app. I currently have my controls set to go back and forward a few seconds, instead of the chapter skip and...
  19. R

    CarPlay Apple Music weekly new albums

    I’ve just notice is that in the music app under browse in CarPlay, there was a new music section of the weekly new albums that came out. Now I don’t see it or it’s somewhere else. Anyway we can customize this section to show what we want. Probably not, it’s apple.
  20. A

    MagSafe mount without cable

    Hey, so this may be a bit of a weird one, but help is appreciated. I just got my iPhone 12 mini, and I want to mount it to the dashboard of my car so it’s kept safe whilst driving. However, I don’t want to buy a proper MagSafe cable as I can’t use it in my car (CarPlay requires a wired...