control center

  1. J

    iPhone Wifi Issues

    This is going to sound weird - I have an XS Max and have had wifi issues since day one. 50% of the time, my phone lags on wifi. Gets much slower than LTE, despite having a fast 300mbps internet. The weird thing is - If I pull down the Control Center, it immediately speeds up. I can literally...
  2. K

    iPhone Control Center and Notifications not working since iOS 13 on iPhone X

    This has been driving me crazy trying to find a solution to this issue. Ever since updating to iOS13 my control center and notifications do not work anymore when the worked before the update just fine. I search for solutions, did all the typical troubleshoots and to no avail. I know it is not...
  3. D

    How does the Watch behave when cellular is never enabled to begin with?

    Title says it all... When cellular is never enabled on the Watch, does it behave the same as the GPS-only Watch? Is the icon for cell connection still present in Control Center?
  4. J

    iPhone X Control Center/Notification center not working? iOS 11.3.1.

    I just noticed this tonight, it was working fine earlier today. When you pull down from either one of the "ears" on my iPhone X, notification center AND control center do not seem to show up. It seems that the entire screen is working otherwise, but just not these two main functions/areas of the...
  5. S

    iPhone X Volume Control Confusion

    Call me dumb, but I'm confused about the volume controls on my new iPhone X with ios 11. The side buttons change one volume and the slider inside the control center changes a different volume. How do I know which changes what? And does it depend on whether I'm just on the home screen or inside...
  6. R

    General Wifi and BT in control center & battery usage

    Hello, I think everyone noticed about that little detail that apple introduced this time with control center and turning OFF Wifi and BT connections and I would like to know if leaving it on would impact a lot my battery life or nah. I am tired of manually going to settings and turning off both...
  7. T

    iOS 11 Control Center HomeKit Access

    Hey guys, Previously I was able to open control center and quickly adjust my lights, thermostat and see which motion sensor was triggered. Since updating I have the additional step of having to 3D Touch HomeKit to access these things and also sometimes it reports nothing is responding...
  8. rootee

    Poll: iOS 11.0 Control Center Bluetooth/WiFi Toggle Implementation

    I’m personally very, very, very (did I say very) annoyed by the new “disconnect” implementation of the Bluetooth and WiFi toggle switches in the latest iOS 11.0. I’d like to know how the good people of MacRumors feel about it.
  9. B

    iOS in the Classroom: first impressions

    I'm a high school teacher and have been mirroring my iPad screen via AppleTV for several years. All my students have iPads, too. Works great and allows me to walk around the room while teaching. Two things that have really annoyed me about iOS 11 thus far: 1. To disconnect screen...
  10. K

    iPhone iPhone 7 - Control Center - No Haptics

    Is it just me or they removed haptics for iPhone 7 on opening Control Center and Notification Center (or whatever it's called now)? While a minor item, I do miss a subtle tap I used to get on iOS 10 when opening these...
  11. D

    Control Center Order

    One of the new changes in watch OS 4 is an addition of new icons to the control center. The ones that I use the most is Silent mode and Water mode. Now both of those are below the fold. I can't find a way to re-order them. There isn't one, is there? A bit of a bummer.
  12. B

    iPhone Wireless & Bluetooth Control Center

    Hello, When pressing the Wireless & Bluetooth icons in control center they just disconnect from current connection not actually turning them off. This was present in many betas, and i tough it will be fixed at release date. Should this be considered a feature? And if yes, why? Thank you,
  13. F

    Wifi/Bluetooth in Control Center

    I don't know if anyone else noticed this but the new toggles in Control Center don't actually disable Bluetooth or Wifi they just disconnect you from whatever you're currently connected to. At least that's the way it is on my phone, is this the same for everyone else? Seems like a stupid thing...
  14. R

    Control Center Bluetooth settings

    I recently purchased a bluetooth adapter for an old speaker with the original iPod dock, which works great. (I got the Samsom BT30 that Wirecutter recommended.) However, I always have to manually reconnect it by going to Settings / Bluetooth / My Devices and selecting it there. It does not...
  15. C

    Control Center - Card Question

    Hello, all. Just a curious question really. If you swipe up to get to Control Center, and then swipe right, there's a second page I believe for more controls like music. When no music is playing, it still shows an app icon albeit greyed out. Is this just showing the last app used then? Any way...
  16. F

    Lock button missing from Control Center

    I updated my Apple Watch Series 2 a while back and ever since the Lock button is gone from the Control Center. Has this option been moved somewhere else or just removed altogether? I like to lock the display when going to bed so i don't accidentally open Apps. Hope someone can answer this for...
  17. AccPy

    Control Center Scrolling Issue

    Hey everyone, Is anyone else having an issue where if the swipe up for Control Center, it takes two swipes up to scroll (or alternatively pressing down a button [such as the battery life] to highlight it and then swiping to scroll)? I can't seem to lightly scroll down using the screen on the...
  18. K

    Control center Bluetooth Issue iPhone 7, iOs 10

    Anyone having a problem where, if you have no devices paired yet (or, all removed from bluetooth history) and turn off the bluetooth via settings and, turn set the bluetooth on via control center from the home screen, the top panel doesn't show the little bluetooth icon? Not sure if its an issue...
  19. jblagden

    Logitech Keymapping

    I have a Logitech F310 gamepad and I also have a mouse of the same brand which has a few extra buttons. I’d like to be able to make use of the gamepad and the extra buttons on the mouse. I used to use Gamepad Companion for the gamepad, but it eventually stopped working. I’ve tried Logitech...
  20. AndrewSalfinger

    iPad Pro 12.9 control panel and split view issue.

    Hello, I've been using my iPad Pro 12.9 for a couple of days now and have been having two issues. The first is a issue with controls panel if you have the iPad in portrait mode and swipe up from the home button the control window will not open (well it will but you have to do it a lot before...