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  1. L

    Apple Books dictionary word list?

    Please help! I am reading a couple books and am constantly looking up definitions to new vocabulary words. How can I make a list of the words/definition as I read? I would love to look back to learn these words throughly.
  2. A

    Create .dictionary file from .txt or other method

    Hi Guys! I already have a hungarian-english and english-hungarian dictionary, which is working fine with the original dictionary app (file extension: .dictionary). I would like to have a german-hungarian and hungarian-german dictionary too, but I've not found this type of dictionary file yet...
  3. Patolino

    Universal Fala Barato - Fun guide for those learning Portuguese from Brazil and Portugal

    Are you Learning Portuguese? European Portuguese (Portugal) and Brazilian Portuguese are in theory the same, but in fact, very different. For this reason, we have prepared this app, a kind of fun guide/dictionary that presents thousands of terms and idiomatic expressions used on both...
  4. Lacajenne

    iOS dictionaries

    Dear All, I am having some trouble with adding dictionaries to my iPad and iPhone. My native language is Italian. I live in Austria and I am learning German. I would like a German-Italian dictionary. I looked this up in the web, and the only thing I could find was to go to the settings and...
  5. maverick28

    Support of Wikipedia ended in Dictionary app

    It looks like just a couple of hours ago Wikipedia changed something on its end to drop support of several old versions, including Mavericks. I was able to read their articles as recently as today. Now, the window is empty when typing in search terms and keywords. The previous year they did that...
  6. R

    Can I move Dictionary app's dictionary files from Mac to another?

    I have a PowerPC iMac G4 running Leopard, and a newer Mac running a "post-feline operating system" (can't be more specific because it's being updated as we speak). Among other things, I use the iMac G4 for writing, and I've become an active user of the native Dictionary app. However, language...
  7. Chi Zhang

    The macOS dictionary app cannot add new build in dictionaries

    I just got my 16 inch MacBook Pro with macOS 10.15.1, I was trying to add a new build in dictionaries on the dictionary app in the macOS, but once I checked the corresponding box on the preferences of the app, it can not be checked. the box will automatically uncheck. Such as the dictionary "The...
  8. trumpetmercenary

    Latest Catalina beta breaks Wikipedia functionality in Dictionary?

    I just updated to 10.15.2 Beta (19C32e) on both of my Macs and Wikipedia articles no longer load in Dictionary. Does anyone else have this problem?
  9. S

    iphone 8 keyboard errors

    Good Afternoon everyone, Im looking for some advice regarding an ongoing issue a client of mine has. On an iphone 8, with the latest updates etc, the client is constantly sending emails with incorrect wordings, ie similar words swapped, odd incorrect letter. I have been through the phone and...
  10. K

    Custom dictionary

    Hello, I would like to add dictionary to my iPad so I can use it in iBooks etc. With “look up” tool. Unfortumately there are few dictionaries in settings -> dictionaries and the one I need is not awailable. How can I add “custom” dictionary to system? Thanks
  11. trumpetmercenary

    Is Dictionary behaving strangely for any other users

    Only displays a black background and blue links, no black text. Looks very strange. I've reported the issue. I'm using the 10.14 Beta (18A314k) on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015). I thought it might be a glitch related to dark mode, so I tried turning it on. but same thing.
  12. ackmondual

    iPad Seeking recommendations for Chinese-English dictionary

    This is for an iPad Mini 1, running ios9.35 For now, setting a budget of up to $20 (USD) REQUIREMENTS: --no ads --works offline --can pronounce/say out loud both Chinese and English text --can translate both ways (Chinese to English, and vice versa) --can translate phrases
  13. trumpetmercenary

    wtf happened to dictionaries in 10.13.4?

    After updating to High Sierra 10.13.4 the dictionary is rather bare; it only shows Wikipedia and has gotten rid of the English dictionary, Apple dictionary, thesaurus, and foreign language tabs: Also: clicking on any links in the dictionary now just opens a tab in your browser, which is super...
  14. F

    Did they break the 3-finger-tap dictionary shortcut?

    For years one of my absolute favorite things about the Mac trackpad was being able to 3-finger-tap while hovering the mouse over a particular word, and then the Mac would define that word for me in a small pop-up dictionary window. It seems that after Sierra, this feature broke for me. Now it's...
  15. katbird

    Force click - lookup in another language

    Since the dictionaries are so easy to access with force click, I was really hoping to use it with translations from another language. My primary dictionary is the Korean-English dictionary. but it only works when I lookup in English. Does anyone have a trick to make this work??
  16. Miguel Cunha

    Resolved Dictionary files in MacOS High Sierra 10.13

    Hello! Does anyone know where the system dictionary files are stored? In MacOS 10.11 they are stored in: /Library/Dictionaries/. However, in MacOS High Sierra, such directory doesn't exist. I already look for these files, but I'm unable to find their location. One other thing: is it possible...
  17. trumpetmercenary

    Dictionary Bugs

    Three main bugs, but only one is new in High Sierra New: 1) clicking on links in wikipedia articles gives the error "This page cannot be displayed in this application." Only way to get the wikipedia link to reload is to go to the search field and force it to re-load the page by typing...
  18. M

    Can't clear freq. used emoji when reset dictionary

    I don't know if there's another thread describing this problem, but in past iOS's when I would reset the dictionary on my iPhone SE (i.e. Settings>General>Reset>Reset Keyboard Dictionary) my frequently used emojis would reset too. But, for some reason I've noticed ever since updating to iOS...
  19. J

    Giving Dictionary permanent permission to open

    Hi, I'm on Sierra 10.12.3 (16D32). Whenever I hi-lite a word, right-click, and choose "Search Dictionary" I'm presented with a dialog box to allow or cancel this request: "Do you want to allow this page to open “Dictionary”?" Here's a screenshot: Why? Why, if Dictionary is an Apple...
  20. eran2366

    Dictionary/translator app

    hi, I need a English Hebrew dictionary or translator for iPad that if I stand on a word in text and push the English word I get the translate of it in Hebrew. Any suggestions for good one??