1. Apple Music Problems

    How to stop Apple Music/iTunes downloading songs from playlists?

    Hello there, I first want to say sorry if this isn't posted in the right place, I am completely new to this website. My problem is that every time my saved playlists (New Music Mix and Chill Music Mix specifically) are updated with new songs, these songs are automatically downloaded to my...
  2. Z

    unable to download a video

    Not sure if i should be asking this question in this thread, but i cant find an appropriate one to ask :) So here goes... can this video be downloaded and how?
  3. Z

    fb live streams downloader

    Is there a downloader for live streams that are published in facebook?
  4. U

    download location of software update on macOS Catalina?

    Where are the download files stored after running the command in Terminal: softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version
  5. pedzsan

    Download Xcode 11.3

    The bandwidth to my house is metered. I'd like to go somewhere with my iPad (because its more convenient), download the latest Xcode (11.3 in this case) and then plop the package on my Mac and install it. Is that possible? I'm curious both in this specific case and also in the general case...
  6. A

    problem : ingame download

    hello guys my problem is i must ingame download when i want open the game, whenever im already download ingame, this file always gone when i close the apps, im using Ip8+ and ios 13.2 any solution?
  7. I

    slow download

    Do you have problem with downloading macOS Catalina too? For me, system update showing 14 hours reamining (8.09GB)... Everything is slow - iTunes, App store and all update downloads... DO you have same problem? (Europe)
  8. P


    Hello, I was trying to download my images online but got disconnected. Now i have few files sitting on my mac with the below extensions Camera (150 MB) (875 MB) The file kind showing on the File Finder is Safari Download. Is there anyway i...
  9. E

    Apple Kills what for ripped mp3s?

    Very, very long-time iTunes user here for my 55,000+ MP3 files (I'm an ex-dj and massive music collector). Apple announced a general statement a few weeks ago that they are killing iTunes. So what happens to folks like me with numerous iPods, iPhones, and iPads on iOS 10-12 who still...
  10. haralds

    MailServe for Sierra for CutEdge Systems Download

    I just reverted my server from High Sierra to Sierra. I am not using the Apple Server imap server, but I would like to set up a simple SMTP server. In the past (since Leopard!) I have used the utility from CutEdge. But I am missing the Sierra app. It makes setting up postfix really easy, not...
  11. J

    I want to get my husband's Photos into a separate Photos library

    Hello, I would like to get my husband's photos from his iCloud collection onto my Mac in a Photos library that is separate from mine. So far, I think this is what I do: 1. Create a new Photos Library on my Mac (or do I first download his photos and have that create the library?), calling it...
  12. HappyDude20

    Can Anybody Recommend a Great VPN? (Preferably Free?)

    Hello all, I’m looking for a VPN to install to my new MBP. I feel like every other YouTube video has an influencer recommend another VPN service and I don’t know which to trust. Obviously one that is fast and reliable are preferred. Free would be spectacular.
  13. H

    iPhone Cercube v4.2.2.10 Download Time

    Been trying to download an audio only file and noticed it's taking FOREVER...and if the iPhone goes to sleep, the download stops and completely deletes. Suggestions? Back when I used YouTube++ or ProTube, this never happened as speeds were always under a minute or two.
  14. P

    Downloaded iCloud Photos still does not include Date of photo/video taken

    Does anyone know a way to download iCloud Photos and keep the file creation date the same as the photo shooting date, and not the downloaded file date? When I download photos or videos from iCloud website, or use any third app to do the same (like anytrans), the downloaded file EXIF data will...
  15. Sumleilmus

    Mojave 10.4.3 USB installer -- how?

    I have made external USB (or SD) installers for MacOS for years, and they have been very useful to me. I made one for Mojave 10.14 when I first downloaded it. Now, I find that unlike in previous versions of MacOS, I can only download an updater, not a full installation of of the installer...
  16. K

    How to download full resolution photos from icloud drive?

    Hello guys, I recently got the 200 GB icloud storage plan in order to make backups in the cloud and upload all of my photos there. All of my photos are already uploaded to the cloud its about 20 GB. I checked how much storage I used on my phone for photos its 20 GB as well. So I assume that all...
  17. P

    Do you have default voice file to download?

    Hi I deleted the whole directory /System/Library/Speech/Voices/ by mistake. Stupid I know... How do I get it back? Does someone have the default voice file to download? (there was an old post but the link is dead..) OSX = 10.10.5 Thanks! Liz
  18. W

    An app and malfunction

    So, there is this app on my ipad that wont dissapear no matter how many times I delete it. It's called scotch. I never downloaded it. My apple id isnt hooked into anything else and no one,excluding myself, knows the password. That's problem number one. The second issue is that the ipad died...
  19. seme332

    iCloud Drive Files not uploading/downloading

    Hey everyone, I have had a problem for the past few days where my files on Desktop and the Documents folder are not syncing correctly on macOS 10.13.5. Files don‘t get uploaded and are stuck on botch my iMac and my MacBook Pro. I have so far tried a restart and moved a few files that were not...
  20. Fall Out Ben

    iMessage in iCloud won't download

    Hey, my iMessages where a really mess over the last few years. Every device has shown multiple duplicate conversations etc... So my plan was to make the iPhone the "master". I downloaded 11.4 on it and enabled iMessage in iCloud. Then I downloaded the Updates for my iPad and the MacBook. I...