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  1. B

    Malware Free FB Vid Downloader

    What's the safest and fastest way to save vids from FB posts? thanks
  2. Avenged110

    Safari 7.1.8.pkg download?

    So my external SSD broke and I lost a few files I was hours away from backing up. One of those files was my Safari 7.1.8 installer (the last version for Mavericks before they jumped to 9.x and changed some visual elements). The direct download links from Apple's servers are dead, as with every...
  3. JackSlade96

    iPhone Downgrading

    Hi guys, New to all this but have jb a few times in the past. I currently have an iPhone 6 sat on 9.3.1 and really want to get my jb back! Ive tried to downgrade but it seems that apple have blocked all of this so it trys to extract the software then tells me it wont connect - not eligible or...
  4. melissapete24

    406 MB Game will Download without Wifi but not 300 MB Game

    Ok, so I have been looking EVERYWHERE for an answer for this, and I have found NOTHING. At work, I plug in my iPhone to my work computer so it charges, and I have crappy service (we are in a basement). I get right around two bars of 4G; if I'm lucky, I'll snag some LTE. My iPhone is the...
  5. G

    Downloading apps on someone elses iTunes ID

    Hi, If you have two iphone users (one iphone each) but share the same iTunes ID, whereby user 1 downloads a specific app but user 2 does not (download the specific app in question), is it self explanatory that user 1 will have the downloaded app on their phone only and NOT user 2? This may...
  6. jgelin

    MAS Updates stuck

    Hello all, I am trying to update to the new version of El Cap 10.11.4, and update my version of XCode to 7.3 I have been stuck at the waiting screen, and when it was working it was telling me 2 days 21 hours when my connection is indeed quite fast. I tried to do the Debug>Show downloads and...
  7. bbbc

    Looking for old version of Todoist for Lion 10.7

    I'm looking for a version of Todoist that works with Lion 10.7.5 . The Mac App Store 6.3.2 version requires Mavericks 10.9 . For those that hate the MAS, Softpedia has a direct download link, , to 6.0.3 , which I believe...
  8. slim96

    Universal Circlify Rainbow, a new free game!

    Hi to everyone, I'm glad to show you my new iOS game. It's an arcade game where you can shoot colorful balls to defend yourself and reach high scores. I hope you enjoy my work, let me know if I can improve something. Thanks to everyone! :)...
  9. Mr. Dee

    I had to resort to torrent to download El Capitan

    What is wrong with the OS X App Store? I bought a Early 2015 MacBook Pro in November. Working great with Yosemite, but I of course wanted the latest and greatest. Trying to download it over Wi-Fi at my brothers and at an Internet Café was not working. I invested in a Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter...
  10. C

    OS X Installing Old Game

    Hello, I want to install an old game I used to play as a kid (it's called Pirates: Captain's Quest). I was able to find a free download of it, for which I needed to also use an expander to access, so I downloaded Stuffit Expander. Stuffit Expander is open and looks like it's working, but...
  11. I

    Resolved [URGENT] I'm in a bad jam. (iPhone won't download/install things.)

    Hey guys, I'm in a bad jam. I really need some help, let me explain. > A long time ago. > iOS 8.2 comes out. > Jailbreaks iPhone 5s with Pangu and gets a bunch of tweaks. > Fast forward to last week. > Gets the tweak 'AppSync 3.1' and updates 'iAPCrazy' > Later tries to download app from the...
  12. LeshkoApps

    Evermusic - cloud music player & downloader, audio books from Dropbox, Box and more

    Meet Evermusic – tiny, but smart and powerful cloud music player. Evermusic is the perfect solution to access your favorite songs and entire music library stored in the cloud. Once you moved your music collection to the cloud, Evermusic connects to any of your cloud storage including...