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  1. N

    D/L MP4 Video Has No Sound?

    In the last few weeks I've been having a problem with downloaded MP4 video files. I can play them and cast them directly to my HT via Chromecast just fine, but after downloading them to my computer, they have no audio. The video is perfect, but when I try to convert them, the conversion programs...
  2. redllama

    Mac Os High Sierra steam download issues

    Is anyone experiencing really slow downloads on steam with mac os high sierra ? My downloads will be in the bytes/kbs area even though a speed test shows a 100mbps download speed. Using a Macbook Pro 2017 with function keys with steam up to date.
  3. F

    Pages for iOS 6

    Why is it Pages not compatible with my iOS 6 iPad 2? I've tried in many ways to download it, but i still can't do it. Please help!!!
  4. poetangel

    Approved Family Purchase Not Downloading

    I purchased the Endless Numbers app on an iPad with child profile (newest gen iPad). I approved the purchase from my iPhone when the notification popped up. The entire app with in-app purchase downloads fine on my iPhone 7Plus. However, on the iPad, which is where I most need the app, it still...
  5. andyx181x

    how to add songs back into purchased playlist

    HI there guys I got a minor problem in trying to re add an album that WAS in the purchased playlist (from iTunes desktop). I originally made a new playlist for this album and deleted the songs out of the purchased playlist and now I just want all the songs back in there again. I can't drag and...
  6. Fraserh02

    Cannot download or update apps in IOS 11

    Hello, Since updating to IOS 11 I am no longer able to install apps or download app updates. It doesn’t work on either wifi or mobile data. The only way I can see to install apps is through iTunes on my Mac which isn’t very efficient. Is anyone else getting this problem or has any fixes? I...
  7. V

    nsurlsessiond. How do I stop it?

    Hello. today when I booted my computer noticed that my internet was unusually slow, I read that this process manages some updates for some apps. Great. But I’m in a pretty low bandwidth, and I don’t want this process to queue up every single time slowing my other internet tasks. So I would like...
  8. M

    Linktunes iOS 10

    Hello, I just recently jailbroke my i7+ on ios 10.1. I downloaded linktunes 9 and it runs fine except for when I hit download and go to the downloads section, the process just remains on "Waiting..." and never downloads. I re-downloaded linktunes and appsync unified, Complete PPsync remover...
  9. L

    Have a chance to obtain Flash Spirit in Heroic Adventures

    During event time(Feb.24 to Mar.2),players have a chance to obtain Flash Spirit by killing monsters in Heroic Adventures Mine.

    SNATCH - the new app craze!

    If you liked Pokemon Go, or like treasure hunts, then come play SNATCH! Find parcels, or snatch them from others, and win REAL prizes! Check out the app store for the awesome reviews, or visit the Snatch Facebook page! Download the app now and get in with the new crowd...
  11. G

    iPhone sale; how-to, download text-messages, pictures.

    Is there a good app for downloading all my old stuff from my phone? Also, when I hit reset is everything deleted from my phone? I´m selling it and I don´t want people to find personal pics.
  12. Djilkosh

    AppStore slow stuck download (WiFi and LTE)

    Don't know 'bout you guys, but i'm having problem downloading and updating apps from store. US Store iP7, 10.2 Anyone else?
  13. bonjourx

    Resolved HELP please! MacBook Pro Non touch bar for sims 4?

    Hi!! I'm downloading the sims 4 right now from origin, I tried looking up if others that have MacBook Pro non touch bar base model have tried to play sims on their laptop, but I couldn't find any related post. I know my laptop is not really ideal for gaming, but My question is, would it be safe...
  14. Mac Guy Java

    Logic Pro X incomplete downloads taking up space, Please help!

    I started downloading the 50gb of additional content with about 60gb remaining on my disk. I came to my computer a few hours later to see a notification letting me know I had been disconnected from the internet. I tried to resume the download by navigating to Download Additional Content, and it...
  15. keysofanxiety

    Resolved Odd issue with download speeds (DELL server)

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post for a pure Windows machine, but I'm properly stumped on this one and I was hoping somebody could help! I have an old DELL OptiPlex 760 on Windows 10 that is permanently plugged into Ethernet as a seedbox/game(s) server. C2Quad Q8200, 8GB RAM...
  16. K

    Universal FREE app that let you download any YouTube video

    Easy Ringtone let you download any video from YouTube/Facebook/XXX or any other website... You can also convert it to audio and make ringtones... Try it for FREE
  17. T

    Trouble Installing iOS10 Beta Profile

    Hey guys.. So I'm trying to install the beta on my phone. I did the beta for iOS 9 last year, but that was with my 5c. I have a 6s Plus now and each time I click "Download Profile" it takes me to the page with the blue file. It "downloads" and then it gives me the option to upload the file to...
  18. Avenged110

    Resolved Safari 9.1.2 direct download

    I'm not familiar with the process for finding and utilizing unique URLs for software updates. Would be much appreciated if someone could link me to the direct download for the security update, Safari 9.1.2 for 10.9.5, that was released earlier today (since unlike system security updates, Apple...
  19. H

    Resolved [Resolved] I am currently facing two problems with my iPhone 6s.

    Hey everyone. I am currently facing two problems with my iPhone 6s. I am hoping that someone may have a solution for me. Any and all help would be much appreciated. The first is that when I connect to my Macbook Pro is that my iPhone is not always recognized and when it finally was and I went...
  20. bobesch

    Resolved Wish to change "ClickToPlugin's" default media-player to "CorePlayer"

    Change the default media-player within "ClickToPlugin" to "CorePlayer" - is that possible? First of all: many thanks to inspiration from this forum to find this fine stuff: - "ClickToPlugin" from or via Safari-extensions-download within...