1. A

    True Wireless Stereo earbuds. What is the deciding factor?

    Dear All, The TWS market is "booming" and nearly all respectable electronic brands will pull out TWS earbuds. Apple nailed it down with the AirPod Pro's and cover nearly all aspects of what a good TWS should be in my humble opinion. Nevertheless no TWS can have it all and one way or another...
  2. kotsoum

    Universal Earbuds & Headphones Finder

    Earbuds & Headphones Finder The most advanced & efficient Earbuds & Headphones Finder app is available on the AppStore! Using one of the most advanced BLE scanning engine, this headphone scanner app will help you find all of your lost bluetooth devices. Find your lost AirPods, earbuds...
  3. J

    Looking for Wireless Earbuds - Convenience and Battery Life

    I’m looking for a pair of earbuds / headphones to be my daily drivers, so to speak. Yes, I have an iPhone. Also an Apple Watch Series 4 What I already have: AudioTechnica M50x’s, mostly for around the house. I’d mostly be using a new set while out-and-about and am happy to sacrifice a bit of...
  4. T

    Is there a way to create an applescript that closes iTunes upon it opening

    My earbuds are acting up and they keep on playing music when every they want to. I have used applescript before but is only to open apps not close them.
  5. zipur

    Beat X is a no go for me, sticking with my Mw600

    Reading up on the Beats X and AirPods which I like but fear loosing one and no controls, I've decided to sit out this round. So I'm sticking its these; the Sony mw600. I use it with my Bose wired headset sounds great and works for me. I can switch out the ear peace with a variety of...
  6. MrXiro

    Airpod alternative; Thermaltake Luxa2

    Someone else posted a link on here the other day so I picked these up cause I'm just a geek for wireless headphones... anyway been using them for the last 2 days. OMG... Thermaltake Luxa2 I'm sure going to be returning my Airpods... At $40 on Amazon vs $160 for the Airpods these are a WAY...
  7. M

    Nuheara 'Intelligent' Hearing

    http://www.engadget.com/2016/04/06/nuheara-wireless-earbuds/ So it looks like these are the latest batch of wireless bluetooth headphones to hit the market. Engadget says that it 'blends ideas from Bragi's music and fitness-focused Dash, and Here's "active listening" experience.' Will this...
  8. nathan_reilly

    Anybody else have to buy 2 Magsafe's per Macbook?

    Hi all! I hate that I have bought at least two $79 Magsafe chargers for every Macbook I've ever owned, because they simply don't last. Am I alone here? I put together a little typeform survey to see if others agree that we need a solution This isn't only about Magsafe chargers, though! I've...
  9. AlliFlowers

    [Review] Mpow bluetooth earbuds

    Disclaimer: I was contacted by the company to review these earbuds. After using them for two weeks I have one bad thing to say about them, so we'll start with that. This is a magnetic necklace design. That means that you can hang it around your neck and not loose it, because the back of the...