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el capitain

  1. Doc69

    How to get Install OS X El

    I'm trying to install El Capitan on a 2007 MBP. I managed to download the .dmg file from apple but neet the .app file to make a bootable flash drive installer. When I right-click on the .pkg file in the .dmg I don't see "Show Package Content". I made a bootable flash drive from an "Install OS X...
  2. jasnw

    Phantom SMB Mount

    This problem is driving me crazy, and I’m hoping someone has seen this before and knows what’s going on. My main system is an old iMac running El Cap, and a few days ago I noticed that a home directory on another computer on my network (running Mojave) was being mounted by some unknown process...
  3. M

    Factory Reset Gone Wrong?

    I recently purchased an old Mid 2009 MacBook Pro from a friend, This is my first MacBook and Apple related device in general. He told me I would need to factory reset it so I looked up how to do so, I proceeded to erase the disk with Disk utility, but after doing that I cannot reinstall the OS X...
  4. jimmueller

    Google Chrome is hiding file extensions of downloaded images

    As it says on the tin, starting a few weeks ago Google Chrome (75.0.3770.142) defaults to hide file extensions when downloading images. There is a "Hide Extension" tickbox at the lower left of the Save dialogue and it is on by default. This happens only in Chrome. Safari also has this tickbox...
  5. B

    HD5770 Mac Pro 1.1 El Capitan Not Detected

    Hi Everyone I've jus upgraded my 2006 Mac Pro to run El Capitan using Pike's excellent installer and the guides from this site. Almost everything works like a charm but i'm struggling with the GPU. I bought a ATI Radeon HD 5770 off Ebay with the power lead but I can't get the mac to recognise...
  6. K

    Lost All Folders in Desktop!!

    Fellow humans, I was using Camtasia (video editing software) and it got stuck and I did force quite. Suddenly all folders in my desktop disappeared. I restarted my computer but it is still not there. These folders contained videos & audios so I may have overwhelmed the device, lesson learned...
  7. OldManJimbo

    No updates available ??

    I have a MacBookAir (2015) running El Capitan. When I search for updates the App Store screen says “no updates available.” On another MBAir (2012) running Sierra, the AppStore screen offers High Sierra. Why would the newer model be unable to update?
  8. P

    4K video card for Mac Pro 1,1 2,1

    i have a Mac Pro 1,1 which has the 2,1 firmware running on it. The machine is running el cap and currently has a Radeon HD 6870 PC Card which works fine but can’t drive a 4K monitor at 60hz. Are there any reasonably priced cards that would work in el cap and windows 10?
  9. earthwriter

    Atheros WLAN Card Driver Kext For Mac Pro 2.1 El Capitan?

    Hello recently our Wifi Dongle bit the the dust but we have an Atheros I think it's 39xx internal card it's working in a PC that we want to install in our Mac Pro, I went online searching for a driver for El Capitan 10.6.8 the closest thing I found was Kext file for Hackintosh, I tried to use a...
  10. 1960RebeccaJB

    replacing operating system

    I would like to get a new Apple Mac mini dual-core Intel Core i7 3.0GHz and replace the El Capitan with Yosemite, because my Adobe Suite 5 software InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. will all work with Yosemite ,but not El Capitan. Will this work on the newer Mac mini? Thank you for your help.
  11. S

    Trying to upgrade from El Capitan to Sierra - monitor goes to sleep permanently

    When Sierra came out, I tried to upgrade to it, but my monitor just showed nothing. When I used CMD+R and restarted from there, I could access Mac. Eventually had technician reinstall El Capitan, because no advice I read helped. Tried upgrading to Sierra again (using the Sierra button that sits...
  12. Spyrule

    You can't open this application powerpc, but only affects one user?

    Hello, We are trying to use Shipstation on a mac, and under one user (user 1) it works perfectly fine, however for one specific other user (user 2) on the same mac, they get that the application cant be launched because its a powerpc application. yet, if we flip back to user1, the application...
  13. fountaineer

    el capitain boot usb

    i want to clean install my macbook pro currently running Yosemite. It's el captain compatible. my main question is how do i download and save the el captain file from the app store? I see it in the app store and when i press "get" it prompts user password. I haven't done it yet because i...
  14. Filmboy490

    Very Slow MBP

    I just flew from Brooklyn to Berlin and found a snafu using my laptop for a time-sensitive film project. En route in Dusseldorf, I experienced a distinct slow speed of my laptop to process simple commands like opening a folder or shutting down. It was running just fine until I opened the laptop...
  15. A

    Sierra Sound Problems

    I guess I'm hoping this might well have been posted before and somebody can point me in the right direction as this is starting to my head in... My late 2009 27" iMac seems to have developed a problem where it insists a pair of headphones is plugged in and there's no internal audio option in...
  16. PhillyGuy72

    Security Update 10.11.6 on iMac Mid 2011 - Sleep / Reboot issue

    Odd issue overnight for my 2011 iMac on El Capitan. I did the update yesterday with no problems..that was until I put it into sleep mode around 12:30am. I fell sleep only to be awakened by my iMac "Apple startup tune" - bright white boot up screen at 2:05am. my Mac just randomly rebooted itself...
  17. aloum

    2008 IMac restore

    I have a 2008 IMac that boots into windows 7 Enterprise. I bought it used and don't know the password. I have tried so many things to reset the windows password but no luck, because it was linked to a domain and the both the Admin and the Administrator accounts are disabled. I went to restore it...
  18. kyurkchyan

    Load Mac OS X into VMWare from withing Windows Bootcamp

    Hi Guys I have MacBook Pro, Late 2013. I have 512Gb ssd, on which I have my El Capitan, and Windows 10 installed on bootcamp partition. From my El Capitan, I can install VMWare fusion and load the actual bootcamp partition into the vm, thus I can enter my Windows both as virtual machine from...
  19. A

    time machine backup on new hard drive questions

    I did a time machine backup to a usb drive. I am going to install a new hard drive today. Can I boot using that time machine backup? Or do I need to be able to use the recovery partition to select time machine backup?
  20. A

    anyone to save my files on macbook that won't boot

    Not sure what happened but my MBP pro won't boot up. I know I am going to have to install the OS again but if I pulled the hard drive out and loaded it into an enclosure would I be able to potential grab files through USB on another mac? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Image from Disk Utility