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  1. Z

    DVD drive enclosures?

    I have an old 2008MBPro. Is it possible to uninstall its optical/DVD drive and place it in an enclosure, in order to make it an external optical/DVD drive?
  2. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 4,1 Case Same as 5,1?

    Hi, Does anyone know if a 4,1 (2009) case is exactly the same as a 5,1 (2010 - 2012) so components from a 4,1 model will fit into a 5,1 or vice versa? Cheers, Chris
  3. ondert

    Suggest me TB3 NVMe ssd enclosure

    Like the title says, I’m looking for a decent TB3 enclosure for a Sabrent 1TB NVMe pci-e 3.0 ssd. It’s a one sided model and has both writing and reading speeds over 3000 mb/s. I’ve already checked the forum but most of the topics were from previous years. The comments on Amazon are also...
  4. nemoryoliver

    USB 3.1 Gen 2 External SSD as Boot Drive

    Anyone here using a 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 SSD Enclosure with NVMe PCIe SSD as the Boot Drive? Is building a drive like this better than using a Samsung T5 you think? Will this be reliable for long term?
  5. goslowjoe

    SSUBX SSD in external enclosure slow

    Maybe someone can help me with this one, based on your own experience. I have a 250GB SSUBX original Apple/Samsung SSD taken from another Mac. I want to use this as external storage and purchased a QNINE external enclosure (expensive at 86 USD), designed for the Apple SSD's pinout. The device...
  6. M

    eGPU for iMac

    Hey guys, Here are the specs of my iMac: iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) Processor 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB It is still a pretty capable machine (just annoyed by the black fogginess on the bottom of the screen), but I made the mistake...
  7. radiohead007

    OWC Thunderbay 4 enclosures - sleep issue

    Fyi for folks getting their new minis and using this enclosure route to house their hard drives (or have one of the effected models). I received my enclosure today (and my new Mini). But turns out there is a known sleep issue with the enclosure, and I got a note indicating that drives may "drop"...
  8. radiohead007

    External Drive enclosure for Mac Mini 18

    I will be migrating off of my 2008 Mac Pro with 4 bays of drives (1 SSD / 3 HD). Yes 10 years! Had a few questions on external storage on new mac mini that perhaps others may be contemplating. 1) Any recommendations on enclosures. Is the Thunderbay 4 from OWC reliable and speedy? Do I need the...
  9. A

    Chassis compatibility: 2006 - 2012

    I managed to snag a couple of Mac Pro early 2009 dual quad Xeon towers, for a good price, but the price was partly due to them both being a bit mangled, in the chassis department. Attempts to straighten one of them have failed and the other is, unfortunately, well past saving. Here in sunny...
  10. H

    HDD fail and question about new SSD solution

    Hello all, So yesterday after work my iMac (2012 27”) somehow reset itself to the options to boot a new Mac. I attempted to go through the steps to restore from TM backup and also as a new clean install. Both options were not able to find the internal HDD. I am assuming that is a bad thing. I...
  11. C

    Recommendations needed for USB 3.0/Thunderbolt enclosure for external 250GB SSD for iMac.

    AS per the title, anyone got any recommendations as to decent external enclosures for a 250GB SSD that I am planning to use on my iMac as a boot drive? I was very surprised to see that the enclosure can have a significant impact on the transfer speeds as I thought it would be simply a SATA and...
  12. ZapNZs

    OWC Qx2 Question - does it support SMART in JBOD mode?

    When being used in JBOD mode, does the Qx2 enclosure support SMART?
  13. S

    Dual-bay JBOD enclosure needed - USB 2/FW800

    I'm finding it hard to find a drive enclosure. I need a two bay enclosure that supports JBOD. I use this as a large volume for video editing. My current ensloure is about 5 years old and is having an issue with either power supply or the power port, as it keeps turning off after few seconds...
  14. J

    2017 iMac external SSD for Photography

    I’ve seen a lot of threads about external drives here and was wanting to jump in for a little more specific advice. I have a new 2017 iMac i7 3Tb Fusion drive and do a lot of Lightroom and Photoshop as well as occasional video editing. I’m coming from a 2012 and had the same 3TB drive and...
  15. T

    WD Blue 3.5" HDD is humming

    Hi all, I recently bought a WD Blue 3.5" HDD 7200 RPM and put it in an Orico HDD Enclosure to make it an external drive. However, when I turn on, the drive create a very annoying low frequency humming noise and it's pretty loud. I have never experienced that with my old Samsung drive in the...
  16. - rob -

    Looking to Build Rugged iPhone Enclosure / Case with Mount Possible DIY

    This is somewhat unusual of a request and I'm curious if there are any thoughts from this community. I have a project where I need to mount an iPhone to pole or sign and protect it from mild tampering attempts. The iPhone is going to run an app that uses the camera to capture vehicle...
  17. imrazor

    Suggestions for bootable Firewire 800 enclosure

    I have an older Mac that I'd like to speed up a bit. On of the most obvious things I can do is replace the internal 5400 RPM drive with an SSD. I've done it before, but cracking an iMac apart is a painful experience I'd rather not relive. So I hit upon the idea of putting the SSD in a Firewire...
  18. W

    Raid 5 enclosure benchmarks

    Hey everyone, Im looking to buy an external enclosure for my Mac Pro equipped with esata/USB 3 connections. I would like to set it up in raid 10 or 5 with carbon copy cloner. Wise choice, dumb decision, thoughts, recommendations? I was wondering if anyone has some benchmarks to share? Thanks, Matt
  19. T

    Enclosure for old Macbook Pro Battery to use as Power Bank

    hey there, My current battery on my Macbook Pro is now ready for replacement. It still will hold charge for about 2-3 hours of regular use, so I will be replacing it. But was wondering if there was an enclosure that the old battery could be put into to turn it into a battery power bank. If...
  20. E

    External SSD Case

    Not sure if this is the right subforum, but here goes... A few weeks ago, I broke my 2012 MBA while doing the whole "see if the computer can drink a glass of water" trick. I went to the Apple store and got the SSD card taken out since I don't have a pentalobe screwdriver, but they don't help...