1. OverSpun

    MacOS 11.2.3's Mail now keeps asking for Exchange password?

    I use exchange for my work email. This has not been happening before, it may be from a recent update. I deleted all old passwords from keychain in an attempt to fix it but that did not resolve the issue. Has anyone else dealt with this issue?
  2. W

    Mail Issues after Mojave upgrade

    Hi, I recently helped a friend with a 2015 iMac upgrade to Mojave; it was on Yosemite. I ran a backup, performed the install, did the updates; all good. I then opened Mail, where she has 3 exchange accounts, and Mail would crash every time I made one in particular go online. I tried all sorts...
  3. D stuck copying messages is stuck copying messages from an Exchange account to an iCloud account. I've tried re-adding the Exchange account several times to no avail. I suspect it's because of a single message. Is there any way to find out which particular message is the culprit? doesn't seem to...
  4. Y

    High Sierra Mac mail not syncing with Exchange/Office 365

    About a week ago my 2011 iMac running High Sierra (cannot update to newer than that) stopped syncing with my Exchange/Office 365 account. Strangely it seems to sync my junk folder, but not my inbox or sent items. I can send from the account and that sent email then appears on my other devices...
  5. daijholt

    Old Exchange & Google Accounts keep reappearing

    Set my new Mac up as new this week, so I could leave some old accounts behind as I no longer work for the company they were associated with, however every time I set my Mac up I get all these old inactive accounts pre-populated in my mail account settings (see attached screenshot). They're a mix...
  6. U

    All Devices Unable to Move eMails on Apple Mail (iOS) from an imap account folder to Exchange/ account Folder

    On the native mail app of ios, can't move emails from any imap account folder to my Exchange / mail account, On native mail app of ios. the Exchange/ mail account appears greyed out. I have no problem moving emails from the Office 365 Exchange account or
  7. scottsavi

    Exchange Disconnection

    Hey. I have got my MacBook connected to my company wifi and all set up for pick up my exchange emails which works like a dream however... there are some random times when the connection to the server seems to drop and will not then reconnect. This issue only effects Outlook and my machine can...
  8. 1

    Apple Watch Calendar Missing Events - Am I the Only One?

    First, the tech specs: Apple Watch Series 5 with LTE, watchOS 6.1.1 iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS 13.3 I'm posting this in hopes to hear that I'm not the only person with this issue. I have a strange problem, where the native Calendar app on my watch will not display about 90% of my calendar events -...
  9. bonjourx

    Will apple let me exchange just the Apple Watch band?

    So Ive ordered an Apple watch series 5 LTE stainless steel gold with the Aubergine Modern buckle in Small, now im afraid that the small wouldn't fit me! Would I be able to just exchange the band in store? I know the aubergine isn't available anytime soon right now so im thinking of exchanging it...
  10. F

    iPhone Possible Glitch in iOS12

    Since installing iOS 12, two glitches have appeared that may or may not be related: 1) Items entered in my Exchange calendar on other computers do not appear on my iPhone calendar. 2) The small bluetooth icon that append in the upper right portion of the screen has disappeared even though...
  11. Kove

    Exchanging MacBook After Back to School

    Hello All, Long time lurker, decided to finally make an account. I recently bought a MacBook 12 as part of the back to school offer. I have my beats here but am currently considering on exchanging the MacBook for a MBP 13 inch. Since the back to school sale has finished, would I need to return...
  12. T

    Other Mini review + 2 returns to get flawless XS Max (Camera-lenses issues)

    Hi all, Thought I'd share this. Walked into the Apple Store in Los Angeles to get a XS Max yesterday. Didn't realize until this morning but my unit had a speck of dust or some sort of glass impurity in the camera lens right in the middle which was totally visible in photos during the day...
  13. lewis_cooper

    iPhone 8(+) Will Apple Swap iPhone 8 if new model launched shortly after?

    Hi all, As we all know, we'll very likely (almost guaranteed to) see new iPhones in September. My question is, do Apple allow you to return your newly purchased iPhone if a new model is announced shortly after you do so? For example if I bought an iPhone 8 on September 3rd and they announce the...
  14. truedeck

    [ANN] TrueDeck (TDP) market is listed on Mercatox.

    Finally the wait is over. TrueDeck (TDP) market is listed on Mercatox. TDP/BTC and TDP/ETH are available for trading. TrueDeck (TDP) contract is 0x4221eb87b28de194e916f2b09274471fb0b01b1c
  15. S

    iPhone Exchange calendar events show wrong time zone on iPhone 7+

    Fair warning: not sure if he's on iOS 10 or 11. I can try to find out if need be, though Hello, got a user who has their work Exchange account on their iPhone 7+, including calendar. When looking at their Exchange calendar on the phone, the previews of calendar events are showing the wrong time...
  16. epmadsen

    Who is responsible for broken Autodiscover?

    Hi - I have several clients on Rackspace Hosted Exchange. Recently, after updating to iOS 11, Autodiscover is no longer working for these people. They must manually enter all their server information - which sort of defeats the purpose of why I have them stationed there. I spoke to a...
  17. - rob -

    iPhone X: In 14-day window on Apple IUP, Return 64GB for 256GB?

    I got the iPhone X on 11/3 and have enjoyed it so far. Unfortunately, I have been getting run out of space errors for the first time in years. I had previously been running a 64GB iPhone 7, so I'm not sure what's up. I am realizing that I'm taking more photos and sending more video, so perhaps...
  18. bwintx

    Getting push notification from Exchange draft?

    Don't know if this is an iOS 11.1 thing, but I noticed it for the first time today after upgrading my iPhone to iOS 11.1 yesterday. Here's my question: is it normal behavior for a mobile device's email client to receive push notifications when drafts are auto-saved to an Exchange 2016 server...
  19. S

    iPhone Fantasy Trader 2.0

    If you enjoy Stock Exchange frenzy and even ready to stay up late at night just to check the latest stock picks then Fantasy Trader app is for you! With Fantasy Trader you will become a professional stock trader. Now the Stock Exchange is literally at your fingertips and you can enjoy this...
  20. P

    Mail crashes when selecting Exchange address to compose email

    This is an odd one. I have added an Exchange email account to Mail, and it has received email perfectly, downloading around 2,500 emails. When I compose a new email it defaults to my normal POP account, but when I select – immediately I select – the Exchange email account as the sender, Mail...