fan noise

  1. N

    MP 1,1-5,1 PSU & Fan Sounds on 2012 Mac Pro 5,1

    Hi there, I wondered if someone could help to clarify if the sounds in the following video were normal or potentially a sign of something wrong (headphones recommended): The PSU is making a fizzing sound up close. The fan is also emitting a low whirring sound that is...
  2. F

    Macbook air fans go loud when watching a Live Youtube video

    I have never had this problem before. The browser that I use is Google Chrome. When I stream non-live videos (such as Youtube rewind for example) my fans don't go so loud. However, when I watch a live video (such as a live New Years Eve event in Paris), my fans go really loud. Even when I...
  3. P

    Mac Pro 4,1 All Fans Running Full Speed

    Hello everyone, I’ve a Mac Pro 4,1 flashed to 5,1 that is running constantly all the fans in full speed (very loud). This happens even before the booting sound. So I downloaded TG Pro to see if all sensors and temperatures are OK. I got the PS, EXHAUST AND INTAKE fans in 0 RPM. But they’...
  4. A

    Advice on the best MacBook for using a virtual machine

    Hey guys! I'm choosing a new MacBook and persist in a quiet a confusion after several days of reading and thinking. :) I choose between 2018 rMBA and 2018 13' tbMBP. And specific configurations. The cornerstone of Mac's resources use is that I'm unfortunately forced to use a single (damn!)...
  5. K

    What is the quietest Time Capsule/Nas drive ?

    Need to buy a wireless back up system ( I get to carried away ) as well as manually backing up when I’m not so carried away . Was heading for the new time capsule but just read they’re quite noisy . I write record in the same room (big) but don’t want any added noise . Are any of yu using a NAS...
  6. V

    [MBP 2010 15"] How long is it appropriate to use the Macbook fan without a case?

    Hey, you see, this week I ran into a problem with my MacBook. From a few days to here I noticed that one of the fans was behaving erratically. It made a strange noise, like a buzzing sound or a car at the start, and the revolutions dropped abruptly and then went up, as if trying to return to its...
  7. J

    Macbook pro 2015 Fan Condition

    Hi guys, i'm looking for a new macbook pro to buy and doing some research since i'm considering the model 2016-2017 with touchbar 13 inch and 2015 15 inch. Well i do like the macbook pro 2015 inch more because i really hate the keyboard on the new macbook pro, its design is really sexy though...
  8. ThatSandWyrm

    iMac Pro 10.13.4 Update Changed The iMac Pro's Fan Behavior

    Updated to MacOS 10.13.4 last night, and I'm noticing quite a difference in the way the internal fan is working. Before, you'd never hear it at all until it kicked in under a HEAVY load, then it would run at maximum until it reached some preset temp, and would suddenly fade out. Now, the fan...
  9. F

    iMac 27 i5 2017 - Fan noise in idle - Tool to reduce fan to 1000rpm

    Hi there. Got my 27" 2017 3.5GHz i5 (500SSD) Mac delivered to replace my ageing Late 2009. Love the machine in general, but I am uneasy about the IDLE sound of the fan. I checked and it's currently at 1200rpm but I can easily hear it from a good 1.5m in front of the screen. Now, I read the...
  10. mariolyon

    With TurboBoost switched off, how does the mid-2017 13 inch macbook pro i7 models (Tb, nTb) compare?

    With TurboBoost disabled (using TurboBoost Switcher utility), how do the mid-2017 13 inch macbook pro i7, touchbar (14,2) and function keys (14,1) models, compare in terms of fan noise, temperature, and battery life? Background: I am developer and I want to get the best performant, most...
  11. Yousharesfc

    System Temp Issues / Fans - (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)

    Hi there, Does anyone happen to know how many fans are in a 2015 MacBook Pro 13" ?
  12. R

    i5 3.8 vs i7 4.2

    Hello all, Glad to be a part of this forum. I currently have a 2014 MBP13 and am very likely to upgrade to an iMac (not the pro) within the next month or so. I am not a gamer, so the big demand I will throw at the iMac will be Lightroom and Photoshop editing 24mb+ RAW image files. I am...
  13. B

    Macbook Pro fan suddenly turned off?

    I have a 2012 13-inch MBP w/ OSX 10.12.6, 2.5 i5 and 4GB ram I was running some cpu intensive applications, so the fan was spinning very fast and loudly. Suddenly, my mac made a loud clicking noise (I could feel it in the laptop as my hands were on the keyboard, it felt/sounded like something...
  14. S

    2017 5K iMac Fan Noise dB level ?

    Hey, how are you guys doing? I bought a 2017 5k iMac Mid Tier model a few weeks ago. 3,5 i5 CPU 8GB RAM The fan is pretty loud. Way above normal. I used thhe imac for a total of 7 hours maybe and theres already an electric buzz sound coming along with the fan noise. Unable to return it...
  15. T

    Fan Noise and 2017 MBP's

    Has anyone with a 2017 MBP (nTB 13") put in enough mileage to determine how loud/annoying the fan noise is? There's a lot of chatter on the interwebs on the subject, and I'm still torn between a nTB 13" and a 12" rMB mostly because of the fanless, quiet design despite performance/port...
  16. M

    RX480 fan noise after update

    Is anybody else here having fan problems with their RX480 after updating to 10.12.6? Mine are stuck at full speed. Usually you just run the old OpenGL extension viewer trick and things calm down but that's not working anymore. smcFanControl also does nothing. I'd have said that there was some...
  17. Z

    rMBP 2013: switched SSD, fans blasting full noise. Fix?

    I've recently lost my SSD chip on my 11,3 MacBook Pro Retina 13". I bought a used, compatible SSD chip on eBay, and installed it. Immediately the fans went up full speed. This new chip was a MacBook Air stock chip. I borrowed a rMBP SSD chip from a friend for testing. Fans worked normally. I...
  18. C

    2012 Mac Mini - Fan Noise considered normal at idle?

    Yesterday I found a great Mac Mini deal on Craigslist. It's the upgraded 2012 2.6 Quad Core. - 2012 Mac Mini - i7 Quad Core @ 2.6 GHz - 16 GB RAM - 512 GB SSD - 1 TB HDD I'm excited to have a real desktop Mac with a considerable amount of internal storage, both of which are firsts for me...
  19. dafish

    over heating mbp using Sierra

    Using Safari causes mbp to overheat and fan run at high speed. Activity monitor under CPU reads Safari 200 plus current web site 200. Yet using Firefox reads FF 200 current site only 20. Can somebody tell me how I might cool things down.
  20. Wolf.Raised

    Ancient (2008) Macbook Pro 17" Making Funny Noise

    My Macbook Pro is making unusual noise that is either associated with a fan or the hard drive. Is there a way to pinpoint which is the problem without taking it apart? Since I am a starving artist and am going to try to do repairs myself, I would like to have parts purchased prior to cracking...