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  1. dantay

    Loving Guava On White With Green Leather Wallet - Clashtastic!

    The White 15 Pro goes with any colour……so paired with Guava Silicone and Green Leather Wallet. Anyone else on here with this or a similar combo?
  2. Svetlin

    Tons of perfectly usable Macs bricked!

    Recently i have starting looking into a potential issue about Apple's software design. I'm talking about iCloud's activation lock and how it affects Tons of usable machines! A refurbisher (@RDKLInc on twitter) has been sharing stories of numerous locked T2 enabled Intel Macs, and now even M1...
  3. The Clark

    I regret buying the Green S7

    I love the S7 AW. It's amazing, but I really shouldn't have committed to the green color. I've owned it for about 6 or 7 months and after the first few weeks I was over the color. The Midnight or even blue look so much better and I feel like they're easier to color coordinate bands with. The...
  4. Alvin777

    Canon MP280 on Windows 11, Prints Green Instead of Pure Yellow & Violet Instead of Pure Magenta

    Hello Windows friends. On Windows 11 PC, not Windows Boot Camp (latest build, latest updates), after I've done three deep cleaning, alignment, test prints and nozzle check to the Canon Pixma MP280 with original ink/s (bought from Canon's official store), whenever I print a one whole Letter size...
  5. M

    Green squares glitch

    Hello, I would like to ask if any of you have had the same issue. Since the day I bought my MBA 2020 (i3) in September 2020 I am having an issue with the screen. It shows QR Code-looking green squares in two, maybe three spots on the screen. It happens randomly, sometimes twice a day, sometimes...
  6. D

    Brand new 2020 MacBook 13'' 16GB 10gen - green pixels on the screen

    Finally decided to replace my 2013 13" rMBP. Got myself a 2020 MacBook, 10 gen, 13" 16GB with 4 Thunderbolt ports. Took it out of the packaging, within 20 minutes of use (not from backup) started seeing these: Green pixels The "weird" pixels appear in darker areas of the screen. This effect...
  7. L

    iPhone 11 Pro My 11 Pro Max's Screen is Dimmer and Greener Than My XS Max?!

    Been using the 11 Pro Max for a day now, and compared a few times, and found the white balance to be quite off. Both with and without True Tone. Even weirder is that it is definitely not as bright as my XS Max. There's less contrast, and less shadow detail (possibly as a result of lower...
  8. H

    iPhone X iPHONE X is the wicked witch of the west now?

    Okay so I got my iPhone X mid December, and it was working fine until this morning when I set it down on my desk, but when I picked it up a few minutes later 75% of the screen was covered by bright green. All it does is flicker in bright green. I can't turn it off or unlock the phone. I am still...
  9. O

    Green filter on photos on iphone 8 - Error?

    Hi All, I have a problem with an Iphone 8, namely that all photos taken with the back camera have something that looks like a green filter. No filters are applied and its mostly visible in darker environments. If the flash is used they are fine, also the front camera seems ok. Do you have any...
  10. Z

    blue and green sent msg's

    In iOS9, in the Messages app when i send msgs some are coloured with a green color, others are colored with a blue and i have no clue what is the difference between those two colors, what do they stand for?
  11. V

    Scratchy marks on Macbook pro screen

    Hi, I've recently noticed that there are scratchy green marks around my macbook pro's screen, around the black boarder and am wondering what they are/ whether it will harm my laptop? These marks started appearing after i had brought my laptop into a steamy bathroom, and are now permanently...
  12. Fiona999

    Movie 11 Problem-Events show in thumbnail but blank green if try to play

    Hi-I am really struggling!! I have IMovie 11 on my iMac and have used now for years. I have recently updated to El Capitan. I don't know if this started before or after I upgraded to El Capitan but many of my IMovie events now won't play properly. The images all show in the thumbnail events but...