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Jul 15, 2016
Hi, I've recently noticed that there are scratchy green marks around my macbook pro's screen, around the black boarder and am wondering what they are/ whether it will harm my laptop? These marks started appearing after i had brought my laptop into a steamy bathroom, and are now permanently there- as i cannot not wipe them off! Attached on this post is a photo of my screen. If someone knows what these are, and knows how to fix it, please let me know!

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May 3, 2009
Wow, that's the worst case of that issue in a long time. Steam and computers don't mix, but I guess you know that now. Call apple, as others stated, there's a repair program occurring to address this.


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Feb 18, 2010
Terra Australis
I did a lot of research regarding this issue and it appears the issue is how the AR coating is applied - phase deposition. For the fact Apple have not admitted how / why this is occurring and instead replacing thousands of screens around the world when it occurs months down the track indicates this issue has yet to be resolved. In fact mine had a screen replacement in October 2015, and 6 months later it started to occur again. I convince Apple to replace my 2 year old system with a brand new system - latest model - no additional cost to me :)
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