headphone jack

  1. perky9988

    iPhone SE peculiar iPhone SE water damage

    Trying to diagnose my iPhone SE, help. The story started about a month ago, I went swimming with my iPhone SE in my pocket. I left it in a bowl of rice for a day but when it turned on, the power button was water logged making it continuously pressed and the screen was unresponsive with lots of...
  2. modene1

    Speech Mic through Headphone Jack

    Hi folks, Bought this speech mic and cannot get Mac to recognise it. Done some research to discover that: 1. Use Audio Port option has been dropped in Mojave 2. Preferences - Security which allowing access to apps doesn't solve the unrecognised problem. 3. Can't find any reference to Line In...
  3. U

    Sound issues

    Hey! I have a problem with sound through headphones on Chrome and Opera (possibly other programs too). You can reproduce the problem like this: 1. Open/restart Chrome 2. Go on Youtube (or Soundcloud, Twitch) 3. Start a video and plug in your headphones 4. Pull out the headphones and...
  4. E

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Sound stuck in headphone mode?

    So today, me being me, I dropped my phone in a fairly large puddle today. And again, me being me, I thought nothing of it. So when I went to play music through my phone (without the headphones) it says that it is still stuck in headphone mode? Once I actually put the headphones in, the music...
  5. 1rottenapple

    iPhone XS Resurrecting the headphone jack; it won’t happen again because of thei design choice? ....

    is it possible? I’m thinking no. Like many of you who were mad when Apple removed the jack (I know I was one) for reasons cited as “courage”, a yr later after iPhone 7, they came out with the X that was thin with edge or edge screen made possible by folding the screen on the bottom to allow...
  6. zedsdeadbaby

    Q: For 2018 MBP users working in Logic, Premiere, Live, etc

    I have a 2018 MacBook Pro I purchased this fall. I'm wondering if others with the same model, who use programs like Logic, Ableton or Pro Tools, or, Adobe Premiere are seeing the following behavior: The speakers and headphones no longer work as a single built-in audio device. (This does not...
  7. GrumpyMom

    Nokia 7.1 Looks Nice

    Android Central and Mr. Mobile have first looks at the Nokia 7.1. It’s a beautiful Android One phone available in the US and it’s very affordable at $350. This phone offers a nice lower cost opportunity for IPhone users to try Android that’s basically stock Android and still get warranty...
  8. iFirez

    iPad Pro USB-C Adapter for charging + headphones

    Hey all, Just got my iPad Pro 12.9" and loving it so far. One thing that's changed however is the removal of the headphone jack... so is there a USB-C Adapter that will let me charge the iPad and listen to music at the same time? Apple has this...
  9. dawindmg08

    Headphone output for USB mic (to avoid echo)?

    Hi all, I occasionally help my wife record VO demos and jobs in our home and I'm looking for advice on a particular bit of gear: I use a USB mic and Adobe Audition to record the VO. The mic is pretty good but it doesn't have it's own headphone jack; when I patch the output from Audition...
  10. Z

    Other Advise regarding post iPhone release date.

    When a new generation of iPhone's are released, how long do we typically have left to purchase the previous generation's models before they are taken off the shelves? Is there typically a time window? I assume the next generation may deprecate the oldest models, which are the only models to...
  11. J

    iPod touch Ipod display problems after replacement

    I acquired an ipod touch 4th gen for free since the guy didn't want to pay to fix it again. He had somebody replace the screen/digitizer assembly on it and while he was doing it he broke a piece of the glass off the top corner. After it was all reassembled the ipod turns on to a white screen...
  12. S

    iPhone 6s - distorted/skipping music in iTunes when headphones are plugged in

    iPhone 6s, iOS 11.3.1 About a month ago, this weird problem started with my phone. Whenever I use iTunes with headphones plugged in, songs skip and get distorted. This problem does *not* happen when I use any other apps with the headphones - Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, etc. It also doesn’t...
  13. midwestfisherma

    iPhone 8(+) Headphone Jack

    Just upgraded from a 6S to an 8+. At the risk of beating a dead horse.....damn I miss the headphone jack!
  14. S

    Internal Speakers not listed as Output Device?

    How are you guys doing? I have 2017 5k iMac and I switch between headphones and the internal speakers a lot but I always did this plugging in or unplugging the headphones. Then I remembered you can simply switch the output device in the System Preferences for Sound. Unfortunately when I have...
  15. V

    Beats by Dre replacement cable alternatives?

    I'm just wondering if you can use any audio cable to replace the one I had, even if it wasn't manufactured by the same company - just as long as the dimensions are the same (I hope I'm right in assuming both ends are 3.5 mm) and they work as well quality-wise.
  16. BvizioN

    Still no headphone jack?

    OK Ok! I know what you thinking just by reading this tittle. Apple removed 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone last year, they believe wireless is the future and also perhaps to make more space for cramped components inside iPhone. Of course they are not in a rush to remove it from iPad or...
  17. I

    iPhone 8+ case with Battery + headphone jack + stand + extended Memory

    Hey guys, Title says it all. I am on the hunt for a utility case for my 8+ and need a case that can provide me with the above. Unbox therapy had a video on his channel about the iXtra case that provided all of the above but the company just went underground and their last facebook post appears...
  18. T

    iPhone SE Will Apple get rid of the headphone jack on the next iPhone SE?

    I am planning to replace my iPhone 5 with an iPhone SE and I'm considering waiting for the next update coming reportedly in early 2018. I have no use of a larger screen but I do need a headphone jack to plug my pair of headphones. If the new model wouldn't have it then I'd just take the current...
  19. Sunny1990

    Bringing back the headphone jack in iPhone 7 [Real]

    Another video from this guy who made an iPhone in China video:
  20. cswifx

    Headphone jack audio distortion issue

    Hello fellow MacRumors forum users I've been having a rare but disturbing problem on my SE ever since upgrading to iOS 10.2 (can't really say cause I went straight to 10 after getting the device). Basically at some random point in time, the headphone jack would stop working, and after...