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  1. G

    iOS 13 Beta 1 Siri not working properly.

    Hey I haven't seen any Siri specific post in regards to iOS 13 Beta. iPadOS Siri is working as intended. New better Siri voice and Hey Siri are working but on iOS 13 Beta 1 on my iPhone XS Max Hey Siri is hit or miss and when going to choose Siri Voice it says "This Siri Voice will take effect...
  2. R

    Mac Mini + Airpods = Hey Siri?

    I just got the new airpods and have a new mac mini updated to the latest OS. I can't seem to get "Hey Siri" to work with this combination. Does anyone know if this is supported? Edit: Turns out you can enable this: Settings -> Siri -> Enable "Hey Siri" on Airpods.
  3. PumpkingKing

    Other Hey Siri While Playing Music

    Listed as a feature available on the apple website, as well as verified a feature by talking to apple support, it is almost impossible for me to activate Hey Siri while playing music above level 2 volume. Obviously the volume of the music interferes with the mic's ability to pick up voice, so my...
  4. 2

    HomePod HomePod "Hey Siri" needs an update

    I am living in a full fledge Apple ecosystem, I have iMac, MacBook, iPad Pro, iPhone XS, Apple TV, HomePod. Now saying Hey Siri will activate multiple devices which is annoying. I know you can disable them, but that's not a solution but just a workaround. I hope Apple can fix this of somehow...
  5. Codpeace

    6s Plus, "Hey Siri" has stopped working after update to iOS12

    Hey all, I could use some help. I updated to iOS12 on my 6s Plus. "Hey Siri" has stopped working. I've done everything I can think of, including: 1. Turned Siri on/off and retrained it many times. 2. Turned on/off dictation. 3. Hard-restarted the phone numerous times. 4. Various combinations...
  6. M

    MBP 2018- YouTube/Video Streaming/Audio Playback and 'Hey Siri' Issues

    I've been experiencing some weird issues on my 2018 MBP (13" i5, 16gb ram, 512gb). Issue #1: YouTube/Video Streaming/Audio Playback Issues What's Happening:While streaming videos online (a good example would be YouTube) my audio will just cut out randomly here and there, occasionally bringing...
  7. blewbot

    2018 MBP "Hey Siri" stopped working

    The Hey Siri on my New 2018 MBP was working great out of the box. But now all of the sudden it only works if i manually activate siri from the touch bar or menu bar and ask her something. then she listens for "Hey Siri" for follow up commands ONLY while the Siri dialogue is up. once it...
  8. I

    Hey Siri "You'll need to unlock your iPhone first"

    Updated to iOS 10.1 on my iPhone. Now Siri will not open any of my apps from the sleep state. With passcode set to require after 4 hours, and phone passcode unlocked, it does not work. In iOS 9.X I could say "Hey Siri, open maps" and the phone would wake up and maps would open. (assuming that...
  9. J

    How do you send "Hey Siri" messages without another siri prompt?

    I'm certainly learning to use Siri more now that i've got a S2 Watch. I'm finding composing messages difficult. If i say "hey Siri" or hold the Digital Crown and say "Message Andrew and say I'm on my way to you" unless i say his full name or use the nickname, the watch will bring up every...
  10. Lion007s

    Siri missing words on 6S dictation

    Every time I dictate to Siri using "Hey Siri" or by holding down the home button, Siri either misses the first word or two or comes up with a blank box completely. This is despite the iPhone actually picking up exactly what I've said (Look at attached screenshots). I tried different phrases...
  11. rosegxld

    Hey Siri Won't Set Up On iPhone 6s

    Hi, I can't set up Hey Siri on my iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3.2. I've shut off Siri, turned it on, hard reset my iPhone, taken my case off, and made sure my microphone is clear. What happens is I click set up, say "Hey Siri!" For the first prompt, and it makes the little bar go up and down showing...
  12. tardman91

    Hey Siri...?

    I thought Siri was supposed to learn your voice for the Hey Siri feature? Or was that just an iPhone thing? The reason I ask is because I bought my wife an Apple Watch since I liked mine so much, and while I was showing her some features I used Hey Siri, and her watch responded along with mine...