horizontal lines

  1. E

    MacBook Pro 2011 is it Graphics card or screen itself?

    First, it was random glitchiness, then weeks later became sudden horizontal gray and white lines on screen, like corduroy, and had to reboot. Now, can't even use it. Tried recovery mode, PRAM reset. After PRAM reset, screen came up with short random alternating horizontal blue and white lines...
  2. DDistefano

    Imac mid 2010 21.5 Lines on screen

    Hi! Is anyone knowledgeable with this problem on an iMac screen? Please help before i decide to go an fix it if it's possible. Thanks in advance ;-)
  3. J

    Messed up my macbook pro retina (2015) display and more?

    laptop : macbook pro 13" retina display, early 2015 model I fell with my laptop in my hand and it didn't go so well. When I opened my laptop it was clear i broke a LED light in my screen as theres a black bar (on the right of my display). Apart from that my display is breaking into lines...
  4. V

    Horizontal lines on image in final cut prox 10.3

    Hi there, I have a very serious issue with my videos in final cut pro. I have done half of the editing and everything was fine, and suddenly horizontal lines appeared on my image - very noticeable. I have no idea what might have happened, cause a minute ago they were fine.... I've tried to read...