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  1. R

    iCloud Mac Mail email account will not connect to imap server

    On all our earlier iMac's, Mac Book Pro, recently our iCloud email accounts, all of them, will not connect to the IMAP server. There is no way to manually edit the imap server since it is automatically configured with the iCloud internet account setup...
  2. L

    iPad Pro Mail - IMAP erratic Inbox behaviour (Outlook account)

    Hello guys, I have a last gen iPad Pro (system & apps up to date) on which I use Mail to get my emails. My main email account is a Outlook (formerly Hotmail) account, with an additional alias, so I did set up this account as an IMAP account (and not an Outlook/Exchange account) so that I could...
  3. I

    How to save time working with 70gb IMAP email data on local email client?

    I have accumulated 190,000 emails (70gb) over the decades in my gmail account. Besides using gmail on the web, I also use a local mail client (Apple Mail) on my Mac to view/manage my emails. The obvious reason is that when I am writing an intense email that requires looking up data from other...
  4. U

    All Devices Unable to Move eMails on Apple Mail (iOS) from an imap account folder to Exchange/ account Folder

    On the native mail app of ios, can't move emails from any imap account folder to my Exchange / mail account, On native mail app of ios. the Exchange/ mail account appears greyed out. I have no problem moving emails from the Office 365 Exchange account or
  5. CMeed

    Universal MobileMe... Returns ?

    Hi All, I have recently been using my mac email address to flow emails to a new laptop and using outlook so i set up my mac email to the outlook computer. All good so far works as expected.... But In the folder list I've got folders I've not seen for a loooong time- since the tinted glow of the...
  6. tekfranz

    iCloud Mail & Windows 10 Mail App creates Duplicate Sent and Deleted Folders

    It is very easy to setup Windows 10 Mail to work with email. It uses an iMap connection to MobileMe. However it seems like Windows 10 Mail is somehow triggering iCloud to make duplicate Sent and Deleted Folders. I think this happens because Mail cannot access the correctly name...
  7. Kevin_chuca

    Unwished POP connections

    Hi, following the requirements of my university, I have changed the configuration of my email account from POP to IMAP. The problem is that parasite POP requests still remain, deleting my emails after 30 days from the server automatically. I followed any advice from the people in charge of the...
  8. W

    Problems with Gmail since Sierra

    A couple weeks ago, I updated my iMac from MacOS 10.10 Yosemite to MacOS 10.12 Sierra. In doing so, I encountered a confusing and vexing glitch. I have a personal Gmail account, set to IMAP. I have the Gmail account setup as an internet account on my iMac. I also have my Gmail set up to work...
  9. M

    Mail app messed up IMAP account definitions on upgrade to Sierra

    Mail app IMAP accounts got messed up after upgrade to Sierra completed (from Mavericks). One IMAP account got completely lost, e-mail messages saved to privat and local message boxes are saved. Few other messes in accounts definitions more. Is it possible to import manually accounts definitions...
  10. BluefireArts

    Moving emails in (imap) not working

    Hi, I´m new to the mac and to macOS. Bought a macbook (13" 2015) last month and I´ve run into a problem that i can't seem to fix. Maybe someone here has had something similar and can help me :D I use an imap email account from I configured to connect to it and mapped...
  11. N

    Need Help with Apple Mail, IMAP, and Gmail

    Up to this point, I have been using POP3 for my email accounts, yes I know this is awful, and I need to switch everything to IMAP as well as copy all of my emails over. I started with my Gmail accounts and have noticed that the Inbox and Sent sync, but the trash does not. It's important that I...
  12. di1in

    Archiving Emails with Mac Mail

    Hi everybody, I have an IMAP connection with the Google Apps email account that I use for work. I routinely end up hitting the 15GB cap (10-12 months worth of emails) and my company does not want to upgrade the capacity for the Google Apps account. They suggested I set up POP, but that will be...
  13. sailmac

    Mail can’t delete reserved folders on IMAP account

    One of my email accounts is served by Comcast. When setting up the account in Mail it automatically added folders I have no interest in using. I try to delete them but it turns out they are “reserved” folders on Comcast so the action fails. Am I stuck with these or is there a method to remove...
  14. threepmdesign

    Setting up email accounts in Mail from IMAP/POP3

    Hi, I am new to MacRumors, but have been a Mac user my entire life. This is the first thing has frustrated me to no end. Forgive me if this has already been addressed in a past forum post: I am trying to install a new email account in my Mail from my company's hosting company. Right now, I...
  15. buddhaman

    I am confused about pop mail vs imap in Apple Mail

    I have had my email set up through cox for years using pop. All mail downloads nicely. But now I can only add an email with imap set up. My apple mail will not download the new imap email through this account except when I first start apple mail. So right now I have to restart it all day long...
  16. baryon

    Constant connection problems with until I restart WiFi

    El Capitan 10.11.3, 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro (late 2013). I never had any issues with Mail until recently. I have the app constantly open on a separate space. 50% of the times I check it, it shows an exclamation mark in the sidebar, like this: I have a Gmail and iCloud account, and it...