1. JhnsSch

    iPad Pro Will Apple charge 1,5k for iPad Pro self-destruction? - Stuck at Apple Logo - AppleCare

    Hey there, I was about to send my iPad Pro back to Apple yesterday, however the backup process kept repeating to send me the following message: My iPad Pro has 153GB of storage taken. Nevertheless, I kept getting the error message telling me I do not have enough available storage to finish the...
  2. N

    iPhone 7(+) iOS 10 Green Wave Wallpaper

    Can anyone with jailbreak or not send me the original iOS 10 wallaper? I can't find it in its original color, it is lighter everywhere than it should be and I don't like the lighter one. This is probably my favorite wallpaer and I very much want to have it in original resolution and original...
  3. Suffocation

    iPad Should I update to iOS 12.4.3?

    I have an Ipad Air 1, it's running iOS 10. Should I update to iOS 12.4.3? I've heard the battery would be worsened if I updated to iOS 12.4.3. I care a lot about battery life. Should I update? Will the battery truly be worsen? Or is it just a temporary thing and my battery would return to normal...
  4. apple_bg

    iPhone What is your favorite version of iOS and why?

    I started using the iPhone in 2018 and have only experience with iOS11 and iOS12, but have always been a fan of iOS10. In my opinion, this is the most optimized version with the most innovations.I also really liked the circuits showing the network signal, and frankly, I want them back again. I...
  5. I

    watchOS 6 and iPhone 6 Incompatible?

    So I have an iPhone XS with Watch Series 3. I've updated to iOS 13 and WatchOS 6 respectively. Now, I usually pass on my old tech to my parents. My mother is using my iPhone 6 on iOS 12. Does this mean my Watch Series 3 can no longer connect to the iPhone 6? If so can I roll back the WatchOS...
  6. torakaru

    iPhone Are you also suffering some kind of slightly overheating in iPhone 6s after iOS 12?

    Hi Folks, After updating my iPhone 6s from iOS10.3.3 to iOS12, even I got a faster response of it (no complains about it), I'm also suffering some kind of slightly overheating in the back (SoC area) when no so high performance apps: like switching between apps, writting a bit and watching some...
  7. timoteo88santos

    iPhone 5 or earlier Messages problem

    Hi. I'm from brazil, and i have a problem that i think some people had too. (Sorry for my poor english). But, my problem is: I can't receive confirmation codes from any app, nothing. Example: When i use whatsapp app, and he say to me that will send the confirmation code by sms, but, i don't...
  8. mispeled

    Install older versions of apps with iTunes

    So I hate the new version of iTunes, specifically how Apps, Books, and Ringtones are not managed the way they were in the past. I've got a pretty good handle on how to transfer books and ringtones over, but here's my app issue. I like getting updates for apps. But I don't like automatic...
  9. mispeled

    Suggested Keyboards annoyance

    This bothers me. And like most things, it's probably just a me problem, but thought I'd ask. I like being able to customize my phone and my experience with it. And I also seem to always hit the "n" key or the "." key when typing quickly instead of the space bar. I like having the space bar as...
  10. O

    Install watchOS 3 on new Watch?

    I am planning to buy an Apple Watch Series 3 but wouldn't like to update to iOS 11 on my iPhone 6 and I think watchOS 4 doesn't bring much to worth updating either. I've never had an Apple Watch so I don't know if it's possible to install an older software on a new device. So Apple Watch users...
  11. I

    App to disable outgoing calls

    Hi All, Can you suggest me some application that able to disable all outgoing calls? I know a code pattern that can do this, but in my country it needs pin2 code and I don't know it. Thanks for everything!
  12. Marinier

    iPhone 6S Apple Music low volume issue

    Does anyone know why iPhone 6S (iOS 10.3.1) has 2 levels (2 bars) lower the highest volume than the iPhone 4S and iPad mini 2 working on iOS 9.3.x? I've noticed that mini 2 and 4S have exactly the same highest volume level (16 out of 16 bars). It sounds the same loud. iPhone 6S has the highest...
  13. Djilkosh

    Other (explained) How to make your wifi always on even when phone is sleeping

    Well, all of you know that when you have your wifi on and phone goes to sleep, that wifi goes off in sleeping state (disconnects). I was arguing, well not arguing, lets say chating with some of MR members that they said that I'm lying etc. Now I can prove my point and two of my friends stated...
  14. R

    iPad mini 4 - strange wifi issues

    Hi. I will try to be brief. I have an iPad mini 4 128gb with sim card tray / 3g. Here are the errors: Wifi keeps disappearing. Not loosing signal strength or turning off. I mean the actual icon disappears along with the ability to search for any wifi networks. The options app can sometimes...
  15. Ben Harley

    Carrier messages glitch on iOS 10

    Hi guys I have been an iphone user since 2012, and have used 5, 6, 6s and now I use 7 plus. I was very content with the iOS and iphones untill this week, I am getting messages from my carrier service for every 10mb of internet usage, the sad part is, the message is displayed in a way that I...
  16. obargy

    BeatsX Battery Icon in iOS10

    Got my BeatsX early this morning. Satisfied with almost everything so far, except for a little issue I found in iOS10 ... For those who use BeatsX with iOS10 devices, have you guys noticed that the headphone icon at the top right corner doesn't show the battery status of BeatsX? Normally, there...
  17. Jensm

    Severe battery life + iOS9 downgrade

    Since iOS10, my iPhone 5S has had a comically bad battery life. I upgraded the day it was released — and the next morning I went on an 8hour drive along the west coast. I would have my phone running Google Maps, and charging in the car USB slot, and the battery would go DOWN 1% every five...
  18. ktmaxxx

    OLM Converter that Works

    Hi - I am after a recommendation for an OLM converter that works. Need to convert a OLM Outlook 2016 for Mac file to MBOX. I have tried one that failed and read reviews of others that don't bode well so before I continue I thought I'd ask around. Thanks in advance for your help.
  19. P

    Alerts advice please on iOS10

    Anyone know how to set alerts that are not just daily, weekly or monthly which are offered in app? I have monthly to pay certain bills etc., that usually work OK, from the 'Reminders' built in app, but I need to do an alert for Monday/Wednesday/Friday/ but every week rather than set them every...
  20. D

    No internet via Wifi on iPhone6 since IOS 10.2

    Since the installation of IOS 10.2On my iPhone6 I am having problems connecting to the internet via Wifi. The Wifi connection itself works fine, but there is no internet behind it. Resetting Wifi or resetting the iPhone will in some cases "solve" the problem, but only for a short while. I have...