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Oct 17, 2013
So I hate the new version of iTunes, specifically how Apps, Books, and Ringtones are not managed the way they were in the past. I've got a pretty good handle on how to transfer books and ringtones over, but here's my app issue.

I like getting updates for apps. But I don't like automatic updates. I like picking and choosing my updates, using caution. This is because, over the years, with all the different models of iPhone I've had, I have noticed that some apps get bloated and slow down. Some apps install features I do not like. And some apps get bought by other companies and completely change.

If I buy an app from my phone, I immediately open to iTunes and download it to my computer. I then take the file and copy it into a different folder. If I get an update and I like the update, I download and archive that, deleting the old, obsolete version.

The method is this: have app on my phone. Have same version of app in iTunes. See an update is available on phone. Update app on phone. Give it a few days. Do I hate it? No problem. Delete that version from my phone and re-install prior version that is still on my computer using iTunes.

I just bought an app. It works. I like it. I opened iTunes to download it so that I could have the app I paid for and I like saved on my computer. But lo, there's no place to download apps in iTunes anymore.

I might just be stupid, which I don't mind being, but can someone tell me how to download an app on my computer now? Is it from the App store on my Mac? Is there a way to do it using Windows (my preferred platform?) What can I do? What do YOU do?
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