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ipad mini 4

  1. I

    iPad mini ipad mini 4 dark screen issue

    im using a ipad mini 4 Cellular version. Last week the screen suddenly got dark. Everything was working but no light. I tried to do hard reset by pressing power and home button but it wont work. I tried to increasee the brightness. But the screen is same dark no light at all. I made the reset...
  2. Z

    iPad mini iPad Mini 4 bricked by latest iOS?

    Was working fine with previous version or two, but I just did an update to the latest iOS (or iPadOS?), and it won't shut off or boot. The display is the white Apple logo; when I try to hard boot with the switch, it briefly goes black and then returns with logo. Otherwise, nothing. Tried...
  3. moobat

    iPhone iOS 13 - no iPhone 6 support, but iPad OS supports iPad Mini 4 when they have the same processor...

    I’m sure this is due to the fact that Apple have only just stopped selling the iPad Mini 4 this year, and it would be pretty bad for them to suddenly stop supporting it with software upgrades. But the iPhone 6 has the same A8 processor. And yet it won’t get an iOS 13 upgrade. I’m guessing...
  4. Buadhai

    iCloud Woes After a Few Days With No Internet

    I was on a dive boat for the past few days. For the first couple of days we had no cell service so no Internet. When we finally did get cell service and 4G data I discovered that many iCloud services on both my iPhone (6s) and iPad were messed up. Messages did not work on either device and...
  5. B

    prospect of a new (regular) iPad and iPad Mini in March 2019?

    Frankly, I don't think the regular iPad will be updated in March 2019. The difference between the early 2017 and early 2018 iPads was quite substantial. The difference between the early 2018 iPad and a possible early 2019 iPad would likely be too small. Wasn't there like two and a half years...
  6. MwRdK

    Other Upgrade my iPhone 7+ or iPad Mini 4?

    Ok this is probably asked before but here's my scenario so far: Would've moved up to iPhone XR if not for its roll back in performance from iPhone 7+; iPhone XS price is...well...shocking (not that I'm surprised but you know what I mean); Still happy overall with iPhone 7+, actually, with...
  7. B

    Glitch in Music App (iPad mini 4, iOS 11.0.3)

    Anyone else experiencing this toolbar glitch in Apple Music on an iPad mini 4? This only happens on app start in portrait mode with Apple Music enabled. Can be temporary fixed by switching between portrait and landscape mode. Comes back after restarting the app. I just want to know if I'm...
  8. royinla14

    Thinking of upgrading my mini 4

    I have been with each of the iPad mini ever since it was first introduced, mainly due to the form factor. Now after 2 years with the mini 4, I am at a point where it's becoming possibly little too small and slow. Assuming there will not be mini 5 coming out, I'm thinking of getting either the...
  9. B

    iPad Gliched Music App on iPad

    Every time I'm watching a video in the music app and use PiP, the "Now playing"-interface glitches and goes fullscreen. Any ideas how to fix this without reseting my iPad every time this happens? Restarting the App or tablet does not fix it.
  10. D

    Keep iPad mini with another iPad? if so, why?

    So i bought 10.5 iPad Pro last week after realizing i seriously need an upgrade in size from my mini 4. The iPP has been great! it is big, but not too big that it lose it's purpose for me. I'm struggling with a decision though; whether to keep my mini 4 in addition to my 10.5 iPP? I had...
  11. Ramoncheese

    iPad mini Buy an iPad mini 4 before it gets discontinued?

    I'm in a need of an iPad mini for travel and reading purposes. My fear is: -Buying and ipad mini 4 and in a few months, apple anouncing a new faster model. -ipad mini 4 has an A8 chip which is a 2015 processor and most likely struggle in speed if using ios11 , what about using ios12 or ios 13...
  12. Nessdufrat

    iPad mini 4 screen with weird red smudge on screen

    Hi there, This question is more about curiosity than about finding a solution for it, since it's not giving me troubles-yet. I inherited a nice iPad mini 4 because of that screen issue. A friend of mine had this iPad mini for about a year and noticed a big red "line" (more like a bold finger...
  13. A

    iPad mini 4 owners: I need your feedbacks

    Hi all guys, I'm searching for a tablet that would replace a classic personal organiser where I would take notes, schedule appointments, record revenue and expenditure and other small activites like these. Of course I'll also do some light web browsing, watch movies, play light games etc but NOT...
  14. iOSpecialist

    iPad mini iPad mini 5 specs

    Hey guys, I'm really hoping Apple will make another mini sized iPad sometime soon. I love the portability of my iPad mini 4 and it can handle most apps like a beast. What do you think the next iPad mini will be like (assuming it will be released in spring 2017)? This is not for you to tell me...
  15. B

    iPad mini 4 vs air 2 only in terms of specs

    Air 2 & mini 4 are the same prices now. So, other than the size aspect. How can the specs, build quality & quality of display compared and which to choose?
  16. owlulz

    iPad mini Apple sends me verification email, won't verify Apple ID account

    I just bought a new ipad mini 4 and tried to set up a new apple ID. Apple sent me a verification email and I clicked it to verify my account, however, Apple said the action was not possible and my account could not be verified. I tried to resend the verification email and tried to verify my...
  17. L

    iPad mini iPad mini 4 case & keyboard recommendations

    I bought my first Apple product a few days ago, an iPad mini 4 128GB. I'm hoping someone can give me a recommendation on a keyboard and/or a case that they like to use. The keyboards that I've found have such up and down reviews on Amazon.
  18. K

    iPad optimal size

    I have an iPad Pro 12.9 128GB, an iPhone 6s Plus and a 12rMb 512gb. I have given an older retina iPad 9.7 to my son. I have realized that I am not reaching for my 12.9 in iPad at all. I 'd rather open my rMB 12in instead. I like reading PDFs and browse the web on the bed or on the couch. The...
  19. Austin4321

    Best tweaks for iPad iOS 9.3.3

    Some days ago i was searching Tweaks for specially iPads running iOS 9.3.3, many tweaks are not compatible and there are no such videos solely for iPad Tweaks on youtube, etc. So i made a list of tweaks which are totally optimised and compatible with iPads on iOS 9.3.3, this is the video, hope...
  20. J

    iPad mini Mini 4 battery health issue?

    I bought two iPad Mini 4 devices; one on release day, one a few weeks later (at the time, I was running a large development team with a serious iPad shortage). We had many many issues with these devices, but that's another story. Recently both iPad minis have had absolutely terrible battery...