iphone 10th anniversary

  1. jeff.noechel

    iPhone X Iphone X with or without case/screen protector

    Just curious how many will be going naked with their iPhone X.
  2. Tthomas612

    Carrier iPhone Upgrade Program vs Apple iPhone Payments

    Please help me on these 2... Do they work like carriers and give you a down payment in some cases? Does your credit score have to be at a certain point for the Apple iPhone payments plan? Idk if I’m just not good with reading comprehension today or what, but I’m getting... a HEADACHE
  3. dannys1

    iPhone X - The best iPhone i've owned for years.

    It's been just over 24 hours and I love this thing. For me it feels like the iPhone has it's soul back that went missing on the release of the 6. My favourite iPhones were both 5's, the 4 obviously as it was such a change and the original. The 6 was my least favourite. I hated the increase in...
  4. C

    iPhone X Supply and availability?

    Hey, I am a Student looking forward to X upgrading from broken not working iPhone 4s. I am really unsure of the availability of the iPhone X. I am from NZ and I am available to pre-order it the second it goes up for pre-order. But for us, we have to pay $1800 or $1200USD to get the 64GB...
  5. T

    iPhone X Stereo speakers?

    does the iPhone x even have stereo speakers? With that big notch in the top you’d sure think so. I haven’t seen anything about it though.
  6. T

    Love my 8+ and can’t wait for the iPhone X Plus next year

    I am loving the 8+ a lot. Coming from the 6+ this phone is a substantial improvement. The screen is amazing with tru tone. SO SPEEDY. Given my experience so far Idk how I could justify $200 more for the 256gb x basically the same phone except for the screen. I like the x but not the price for...
  7. T

    Apple Fans how do you defend yourselves after seeing this.......

    I love and own apple but this hurts. I don't see how iPhone can be defended with this comparison.
  8. T

    The iPhone X is cool BUT...

    I think the iPhone X is cool and good step forward but I think apple can make it much better next year including potentially a plus model and lower pricing. Hopefully next year they'll have the manufacturing process figured out better to allow for a quicker launch date. I would like to buy the X...
  9. honglong1976

    The notch!

    I love iPhone and have from day one but that notch and screen design is just awful! The annoying thing is, as bad as it is, other manufacturers will copy it. No uniformity, it's just plain odd. It looks like a bad screen protector. Everything else is perfect but the two ears at the top suck!
  10. T

    Apple Phone Upgrade Program

    I currently have a year left on my apple upgrade program, but I dont think I want to continue using an apple phone this year, rather I would like to switch back to blackberry. Is it possible for me to end service on the iphone but just continue to make the payments to honor the contract, and add...
  11. T

    Paying $200 for iPhone x with shorter battery life

    The iPhone x according to apples site costs $200 more than the 8 plus for virtually the same phone as far as internals goes. On top of that the iPhone 8 plus has hour longer internet use and video play back than the x. Kind of ridiculous that apple still has to charge $200 extra for an OLED...
  12. T

    SIM FREE iPhone 8 will be available at launch!

    unless I'm reading something wrong the iphone 8 looks like there will be a sim free version at launch! Not sure about iPhone X.
  13. T

    Sim free iPhone X at Launch?

    I need to buy an iPhone x compatible with cdma to work with my carrier. Will apple release the Sim free version right away? Have they ever done that? I would preorder a Verizon iPhone but I don't have carrier info as I'm not a customer. Could I use someone else's carrier info or would that...
  14. NYRob94

    iPhone 8 upgrade program AT&T

    I am on the every year uparade program for AT&T. I know we are still 6 days away from getting all the info on the rumored iPhone 8. I was just wondering if anyone knows how the upgrade program works? Do I have to purchase the new phone directly from AT&T? Is there a charge to do so? Etc...
  15. 4

    Upgrade to iPhone7+/7S+/8 from Galaxy S7 HELP!

    Heeey! So this is my first ever thread, hopefully I'm in the right place and this hasn't been asked before :) I'm thinking of upgrading my phone when the new 7s/8 comes out from Galaxy S7 purely because I really miss having an iPhone (even though I love my S7) and my contract is up in March...
  16. ET iPhone Home

    How will the new range of 2017 iPhones be named? [MERGED]

    Apple will offer 3 models: 7S, 7S PLUS and 7S PRO. The 7S PRO will offer a slightly different aesthetics with more features.
  17. ForumChick

    News on the iPhone 8 (or whatever it will be called)

    Why are those is the tech community so insistent on calling the OLED model the "8"? They will most likely stop the numbering system this year.
  18. D

    The launch event.

    On an undisclosed date in California, Tim Cook takes to the stage and delivers a lengthy, at times dry talk on the history of the iPhone. He talks of how, ten years before, people had been amazed at how a single device could do so much. He talks of the journey since then; the realisation for...
  19. S

    iPhone 7S and 8 UK Price speculation

    Here's my analysis: iPhone 7 / 32GB – $649.00 in US / £599.00 in UK / £5.168 premium iPhone 7 / 128GB – $749.00 in US / £699.00 in UK / £13.752 premium (+ £8.584) iPhone 7 / 256GB – $849.00 in US / £799.00 in UK / £22.12 premium (+ £8.368) Average premium: £13.68 Average change between models...
  20. janeauburn

    Which features tempt you to upgrade your iPhone?

    Which features will tempt you to upgrade your iPhone?